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Chapter 70: Question and Answers

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Mi Dashuai
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The spacious archery range allowed for ample room, providing the girls with shared accommodations — four to a room, and yet, some space was still left. The current arrangement consisted of three rooms filled by the girls, one for the boys, and another specifically designated for the Principal and Old Liu.

“Do you believe assaulting Anna was a mistake?” Lin Feng probed.

Her face flushed with guilt. “Yes, I deeply regret it. Swayed by Yan Jie’s words, I acted without thinking. I sincerely apologize,” she said, her face whitening with distress.

“Lastly, even if you were sanctioned for your actions, would you be open to joining the combat squad in the future?”

She hesitated, searching for words. “….”

Lin Feng shifted his attention to the second girl, a bit fuller in figure, as she shook the rainwater from her shoes. “Do you believe attacking Anna was a mistake?”

“Mistake? Anna was the first to go after our Yan Jie. Don’t you know? Yan Jie was once a renowned dancer,” she responded with a hint of defensiveness.

“So you’re suggesting Anna provoked it?”

“Without a doubt. Isn’t the person who starts the conflict usually to blame?”

“Then why didn’t Yan Jie apologize when she hit Anna before?”

She rolled her eyes, “Old Man Liu has already given us an earful, what more does Anna expect? If she chooses to wander off and gets hurt, she only has herself to blame. Who knows if she could become one of those monstrous beings? And sure, Anna might strut around the class flaunting her charm, but beauty is subjective, isn’t it?”

Lin Feng nodded, taking in her viewpoint. “Let’s head back.”

He opened his raincoat, offering her shelter from the rain. As they began to move, she giggled, “Your tail is incredibly soft.” She reached out, attempting to caress Lin Feng’s tail. He was already irked by previous encounters, and her grimy hand left a smudge on his immaculate white tail.

“We should get moving,” Lin Feng said, hiding his irritation as he guided the girl back to the storage room.

“Now, Yan Jie, it’s your turn. Come out.”

“About time, huh? You do take your sweet time,” she laughed.

“Oh? Seems you’ve untied yourself. Come over here.”

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Lin Feng opened his raincoat, gesturing for Yan Jie to join him underneath. She complied with a playful chuckle, nestling herself comfortably under the raincoat’s shelter.

“Do you believe it was wrong to attack Anna?” Lin Feng asked, casting a sidelong glance at Yan Jie who had now settled on a cushion.

“Do you think my actions were incorrect?” Yan Jie countered, avoiding a direct answer.

“You wielded a knife.”

“Do you realize how painful it was when she struck me? Everything I did before was for our collective safety. And yet I was treated with such disdain. Even Liu had the audacity to reprimand me.”

“So, in your view, the initial incident was a misunderstanding, and this time was merely self-defense?” Lin Feng studied Yan Jie, feeling perplexed. Despite not being present during their initial confrontation, wielding a weapon seemed a tad overboard to him.

“Lin Feng,” Yan Jie began seductively, “I’ve heard whispers about your… preferences. Are you up for some fun? Just help me deal with Anna.”

Suddenly, Yan Jie began loosening her top, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of her figure beneath the delicate lace. Aside from the freckles dotting her face, Yan Jie was undeniably alluring.

“Wait, hold on! Yan Jie!” Lin Feng blurted out, taken aback by her forwardness, as she advanced towards him.


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