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Chapter 134: Interrogation

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Mi Dashuai
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“Indeed, the boss is incredibly cunning, haha. Just wait until those foolish soldiers send ships our way. Then, armed with our cash, we brothers will escape to a life of luxury.”

As their voices faded into the distance, Lin Feng jumped down from the second-floor window, rubbing his fingers marked by the windowsill’s impressions.

He had anticipated a challenging mission, having to overcome numerous obstacles. However, he stumbled upon vital intelligence right upon entering: these were not real soldiers, but a gang masquerading as the military.

It seemed these imposters dreamed of quick wealth. Their plan was quite clever; they likely eliminated the original military presence and now awaited the arrival of military ships to hijack them, taking both people and money to escape and live lavishly in any country they chose.

Lin Feng speculated that they hadn’t commandeered just any ship due to fear of being intercepted by the military. With limited exits along the river and only large cargo ships at the port, which weren’t just slow but difficult to maneuver, their choices were constrained.

Perhaps these thugs were also planning to capture the pilots of any rescue ships?

Normally, Lin Feng would retreat upon learning this. Since this wasn’t a safe quarantine station, he and his team would have to find another way out, possibly through the Yan Shi Corporation’s aircraft. However, Lin Feng needed to know if his parents had reached the quarantine station and whether the thugs had taken any hostages.

He scratched his head, pondering how to capture one of the thugs for interrogation.

Seizing a brick, Lin Feng leapt back to the second-floor window and tossed a small stone towards the wall where the two thugs had just been. Curious about the faint noise, one thug approached.

“Sudden brick attack!”


“Ah!” The thug collapsed, eyes rolling back.

Lin Feng checked his breathing; thankfully, he hadn’t killed him. He hoisted the unconscious thug over his shoulder.

After finding some items to step on, Lin Feng threw the thug outside and vaulted over the fence.

Carrying the unconscious thug, Lin Feng cautiously headed towards an abandoned-looking office building.

The building seemed older than its surroundings, with weeds sprouting around its base.

He tied the thug securely to a dilapidated chair.

Pouring water from a pouch over the thug’s head, the cold shock gradually revived him.

“Where am I?”

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“I’ll ask the questions here, you live if you answer correctly. You know what happens if you don’t,” Lin Feng threatened, pressing a cold dagger against the thug’s neck.

“Okay, I’ll tell you everything.”

Lin Feng was surprised by the thug’s calmness but didn’t ease his grip on the knife.

“Who’s your leader? What was his previous occupation?” Lin Feng asked, tightening his hold on the knife.

There was a brief silence.

“Liu Qiang, known as Brother Qiang. He controlled most of the city’s underworld.”

“Tell me about your plan in detail.”

Lin Feng, who had been just a regular college student with no knowledge of this underworld, listened intently to the unfamiliar name.

“Our plan? You really want to know?” The thug laughed eerily, seemingly indifferent to his own fate.


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