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Chapter 101: Stirrings

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Mi Dashuai
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“What’s your take on this ‘Rumor Man’ incident?” The TV host asked, handing the microphone to a middle-aged woman beside her.

“People like him need to be held accountable. Talking about a contagious zombie virus? The government only mentioned a mild illness in the E district with some coughing and fever,” the woman remarked.

“Absolutely. We all need to challenge such misleading stories. That’s it for today’s segment,” the host wrapped up.

“This is ridiculous!” Liu Tao blurted, thumping the table and glaring at the TV.

“Total nonsense! Can’t the government see through it?” Chen Ranran chimed in, her trust in public service now a distant memory.

“Lin Feng, thoughts?” Liu Tao asked casually, sipping his Sprite.

“The host? Something felt… off,” Lin Feng replied with a hint of uncertainty.

“Seemed the same to me,” Liu Tao shrugged, trying to recall the segment.

“It wasn’t just the host. The whole segment felt strange,” Lin Feng said, his tail giving a subtle twitch.

It all sounded so scripted, almost too perfect.


“Is this really all right?” Li Ying pondered aloud, pulling out her notes, a hint of concern clouding her face.

“But hey, you’re getting promoted soon, right?” the cameraman said with a wink, packing up his gear.

“Yeah, I am,” Li Ying replied, her gaze resting on her microphone. A slogan flashed almost sarcastically:

Swift. Direct. Truthful.

Lin Feng took off his hat, shaking it to relieve the cold press on his ears. The recent chilly rains had turned patches to ice. In the sewers, everyone had been extra cautious, avoiding any icy slips.

The lull in danger had afforded him and his friends time to settle down, sharing food and stories. Although the meal wasn’t steaming hot, the company and the view outside created a warm atmosphere. It reminded them of their school days, now overshadowed only by the memory of zombies lurking about.

Back then, amidst the chaos, few had the presence of mind to appreciate the scenery. Lin Feng, however, had always been an exception.

“Lin, your ears must be freezing without your hat,” Liu Mengqi teased, glancing at Lin Feng’s exposed ears.

“They’re furry, so not as cold as you’d think,” Lin Feng chuckled, gesturing to his jacket. Despite its playful color, it was snug and warm.

As they laughed and reminisced, a distant rumble interrupted their banter.

Could that be a tank? Or maybe an earthquake?

Lin Feng’s brow furrowed in concern. Was it the military? They hadn’t heard any announcements.

“We should head back to the sewer, just in case,” Lin Feng suggested, rising to his feet.

Anna groaned, “Just when things were getting comfy.” Reluctantly, she set her biscuit aside, grabbing some milk candies for the road.

The friends made their way swiftly back into the sewer. Lin Feng secured the entrance and peeked through, trying to identify the source of the growing noise.

Whatever it was… it was getting close.


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