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Chapter 9: Wild Game?

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Mi Dashuai
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“Sigh, why is the internet disconnected?” A female classmate shook her phone in confusion, looking at her W-Chat.

Just this morning, everyone had established a survival group on W-Chat, but now a prominent message indicated a network connection failure. The network showed “out of service area.”

“Mine too.”

Following the girl’s voice, everyone noticed the signal blockade.

“Mom? Mom? Hello? Why is the phone disconnected?”

One by one, students holding their phones began to panic, shaking their devices furiously.

Lin Feng took out his phone and saw the dreaded “no signal” notification at the corner.

Trouble. And big. Now we can’t contact our families. That means the zombies have already breached most of the important buildings in the city?

Looking across at Yan Aoxue, he saw the girl frown as she tried to dial something but failed.

“Is your phone affected too?”

“Yes, and my phone is specially customized, too. Unless all the signal base stations in this city have been destroyed or the signals have been blocked, otherwise… It’s really strange,” Yan Aoxue sighed and stopped trying with her phone.

They had already established contact with all the survivors within the school. In the morning, the principal had used the loudspeaker to instruct everyone to join the W-Chat group. In the group, they consoled and encouraged each other. But only half a day later, the signals were unexpectedly gone.

After creating the group, they had gathered a lot of information about the situation inside the school. For instance, there was an inexplicable pollen cloud at the school’s entrance, and the spiders seemed to have gotten into a skirmish with the scorpions. The rooftop of the cafeteria was blocked off due to strange sounds. There were suspected gunshots near the library last night, and the number of survivors in the whole school was probably not more than 200.

Initially, everyone rejoiced in this age of information sharing, where they could stay informed without stepping outside. Yet,at around 3 p.m, everything went dark; no one had any signal.

In this age when everyone relied on information, losing the internet was terrifying.

In just two hours, some students began to feel restless.

Meanwhile, Lin Feng kept swapping Gomoku opponents between Yan Aoxue and Liu Mengqi. Gradually, even that started to feel tiresome. After a big yawn, Lin Feng walked to the window and looked outside at the zombies.

There were several zombies vigorously eating the intestines of a body on the ground. The body being devoured seemed to have been subdued and struggled to wave its hands, producing a hoarse, howling sound.

“Hey, Lin Feng,” hearing the voice, Lin Feng slowly turned his head to find Liu Mengqi approaching him.

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Liu Mengqi hesitated for a moment, looking at her identical looking childhood friend.

“You… won’t abandon me, will you?”

“Of course not. I feel like I can take on a whole herd of cattle now. Protecting you won’t be an issue at all,” Lin Feng confidently declared, feeling the changes in his body’s abilities.

Indeed, he now had night vision, enhanced jumping ability, and most importantly, time dilation. It was a skill similar to bullet time in movies, though not as powerful. Currently, perhaps only those with special abilities or firearms could harm him. Lin Feng wondered if he could dodge bullets like in some superhero movies, but it didn’t seem realistic. Handguns traveled at around 400 meters per second, while rifles reached about 800 meters per second.

His current time dilation could probably extend to about 3-4 seconds per second, even if he used it to the limit. Therefore, even with handguns, he could only react by activating the time dilation before the shooter raised the handgun.

“Speaking of which, your eyes have become so beautiful,” Liu Mengqi looked at the sunset glow on the bedside and glanced down at the playground. Her smile turned into a scowl when she saw the corpse.

“Yes, probably the same as the cat that day. Now I feel like I can see things clearer than before,” Lin Feng blinked, revealing a pair of sapphire blue eyes. He opened the window slightly.


“No worries. Even those spiders can’t escape my gaze. And it’s a little suffocating here without some fresh air. Besides, it seems those spiders don’t like hunting during the day. Yesterday’s mutation might be the reason.”

“Alright, I’ll trust you for now. By the way, your adaptability is really strong. How are you able to accept so much change in just one day?”

“What else would you have me do? Cry like those girls in the corner?” Lin Feng pursed his lips, referring to the teary girls in the corner crying since yesterday.

“They are just distraught that they couldn’t contact their parents, and now they have completely lost the chance to communicate. I thought if I looked reliable enough, you would be willing to be my little imouto in the apocalyptic world. Pity. If only you were the only one who mutated, I could have kept you as a pet at home,” Liu Mengqi stretched and said playfully.

“What did I just hear? And what kind of fetish is that, wanting to keep yourself as a pet?” Lin Feng pointed to his own face, which was a copy of Liu Mengqi.

In truth, Lin Feng was somewhat concerned about his current appearance. After all, he used to consider himself somewhat handsome, but now…

However, seeing the mindless zombies below, he felt a little relieved. Although he had turned into this, gaining the ability to survive was a blessing in disguise.

At least his little brother hadn’t left him, right?

Clap, clap, clap.

“Alright, everyone, tidy up and get ready to sleep. Tonight, just like yesterday, we take turns to keep watch. Of course, Lin Feng, you are no exception. Oh, and tell Zhang Yicheng to move to the warehouse as well,” Old Liu gestured with his hands to signal everyone to prepare for sleep and then looked at Lin Feng.

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Lin Feng knew that the idea of assigning separate rooms must have come from Zhu Hanfang or that girl. Although Lin Feng’s appearance was not frightening, Zhang Yicheng was somewhat terrifying. However, his abilities seemed no weaker than Lin Feng’s. Lin Feng recalled how Zhang Yicheng could jump directly from the first floor to the sixth floor last night. That was a display of extraordinary strength.

Lin Feng was fortunate that he had only been punched yesterday, not kicked. He suspected that if he had been kicked, he might have been pierced through.

“Well, that’s not a good idea,” Lin Feng touched his belly, feeling somewhat apprehensive.

Zhang Yicheng was now in a half-zombie state, only with an additional mutated attribute. Perhaps it was due to being a mutant, this guy still retained a hint of consciousness. He had been staying by Tan Xin’s side, protecting her. If Lin Feng and Zhang Yicheng shared a room, who could guarantee that this guy wouldn’t go crazy and attack him at night?

“Isn’t it fine to have monsters stay together? Haha,” Zhu Hanfang immediately mocked the slight trace of fear he noticed as he sat on the newspaper,

“Forget it,” Lin Feng sighed. He knew it wouldn’t be very realistic to have Zhang Yicheng sleep with others. After all, that appearance even made him feel uncomfortable. It might be one thing to see it in a movie, but encountering a creature like that in reality was a different story.

The green, sticky skin, coupled with those exaggerated double eyelids, did look eerie. He probably would be scared when going to the bathroom at night. Apart from his girlfriend Tan Xin, most of the other girls in class were keeping a distance from Zhang Yicheng today.

With that in mind, Lin Feng was somewhat grateful that he had turned into Liu Mengqi’s appearance. Both boys and girls were just curious to see him and didn’t show any fear. Even a few of the girls came over to secretly touch his tail while he was napping on the newspapers in the exhibition hall at noon. Of course, he ignored them.

“Sorry, I troubled you,” Tan Xin came over apologetically, knowing that Lin Feng was still upset about yesterday’s incident.

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault. But, um, if possible, I hope you can make your boyfriend understand that I’m not his enemy.”

He definitely didn’t want to take another punch like that.

Tan Xin went back and said something to Zhang Yicheng. Although he wasn’t sure if it would make a difference, Zhang Yicheng’s gaze did seem less hostile. In fact, prior to this, Zhang Yicheng had been staring at Lin Feng with animosity throughout the entire day.

Lin Feng could feel that intense hostility, as if giving life to the saying “a single mountain has no room for two tigers”. However, because Tan Xin was always by his side, this mad dog, or rather frog, didn’t make a move.

Tan Xin placed her folding bed in the warehouse room, and Lin Feng carefully moved his own bed a bit further away.

Seeing that there was no violent intent from Zhang Yicheng, Lin Feng tiptoed around the frog boy and laid down on the bed restlessly.

“Hey, Zhang Yicheng, are you really gone?”

“Gurgle, gurgle.” Zhang Yicheng didn’t answer Lin Feng’s question and made a gurgling sound, staring at Lin Feng with that thick neck of his.

With no chance for meaningful communication, Lin Feng took out his phone and looked at the last news article before the internet went down.

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Epidemic Report:

September 3rd

At 8:23 am, the E City Police Department received an epidemic report.

6 hours later

According to the Statistics Bureau, 800 people have been infected. Everyone is advised to cooperate and stay home. Do not go out lightly.

12 hours later

The city has become a disaster area, with 7,000 people infected. Everyone is advised to cooperate and stay home. Do not go out lightly.

24 hours later

A national emergency meeting has been held. E city residents are asked to wait for further instructions. Please stay away from the infected, including your family, friends, and relatives. If infected, please evacuate immediately.

31 hours later

The military has blocked all E City intersections. The military has blocked all E City intersections! Citizens are warned not to leave the city lightly; otherwise, soldiers will shoot on sight! Please do not attempt to leave the city! Otherwise, you will be shot unconditionally! All citizens, please stay at home and wait for further instructions. Trust the strength of our country!

36 hours later

This district has been defined as a severely infected area. Please wait for further instructions.

Lin Feng looked at the hastily written last line of the news and furrowed his eyebrows slightly. It seems that the level of infection has surpassed the control of the country.

He randomly scrolled through some cached news articles.

The epidemic was suspected to have been caused by a citizen eating wild animals. The citizen, Liu Mou, claimed on a livestream that he gained strength and health by eating bats, but he suffered a mutation. Currently, Liu was one of the infected and could not be sentenced.


Netizen 1: Damn, if you had another chance, would you still eat wild game?!!!!

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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Netizen 2: Say no to wild game, let’s start with ourselves!!!!

Netizen 3: Bull bile detox pills can treat symptoms, tested and proven!!

Netizen 2: Really? I’m going to the hospital to buy some!

Netizen 1: Is that true? I want to buy them too!



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