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Chapter 118: Diagnosis

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Mi Dashuai
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“However, food poisoning usually requires an IV drip, and I must admit, my diagnosis may not be accurate.”

“If it’s not accurate, why even mention it?” the man said, his gun still in hand, though no longer pointed directly at Lin Feng.

“There’s a doctor downstairs. If you could be less hostile, I could ask her to come up and take a look,” Lin Feng suggested, eyeing the man in front of him.

The man stroked his chin, weighing his options.


“Alright, fine. But only the doctor and you can come up. Those male students from earlier are not allowed; they have too many weapons on them.”

“So, why should I help you?” Lin Feng’s tone shifted as he squinted at the man, noticing his considerable arsenal of weapons. Maybe he could negotiate a share…

“What… what do you want?” the man asked, experienced in making deals and understanding Lin Feng’s implication.

“I’ll take what you have in your hand,” Lin Feng stated. He could have forcefully taken everything from this couple and their daughter, or even… But he couldn’t bring himself to do it, thinking of how his own parents would be equally frantic if he were ill.

But the man’s wariness irked him; not taking some advantage would feel unsatisfying.

“Okay, I can give it to you, along with a box of 30 rounds, 9mm bullets. All yours,” the man said, visibly relieved that Lin Feng only wanted his gun.

Lin Feng saw the man’s relief and knew he could have asked for more. Yet, contentment mattered. Just for arranging a doctor’s visit, he would acquire a handgun and 30 bullets. Why not?

“I’ll go call the doctor.”

He picked up his weapons, under the watchful eye of the man, and entered the elevator.

“Lin Feng! You’re finally back,” his friends exclaimed with relief as he reached the car.

“Now that Lin Feng’s here, let’s go,” Song Zhe hurriedly said, opening the car door.

“Wait, I’ve found a deal.”

Lin Feng pulled the school doctor out of the car and turned to his friends. “We’re not leaving tonight. We’ll stay here.”

“What? Isn’t that golden-haired guy upstairs? Aren’t we changing hotels?” Song Zhe asked, baffled, looking at Lin Feng carrying the school doctor.

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“No need. They’re just a down-and-out couple with their daughter. I’ll go up and meet them, then one of you come to the first floor. We’ll keep in touch via walkie-talkie.”

Each had grabbed a walkie-talkie when they left the mall. Although special signals blocked their phones, the walkie-talkies worked fine, though they only had a 5-kilometer range. The ones left at Liu’s store were out of reach, being about 30 kilometers away.


Lin Feng, with the school doctor on his back, stepped out of the top-floor elevator to the man’s puzzled gaze, placing the doctor beside the girl’s bed.

“Are you kidding me? This is not a doctor, clearly a drunkard! Get out!”

“Uncle, could you calm down?” Lin Feng wiped the school doctor’s face with a towel used for the girl’s body.


“Hey, hey, Doc, time to wake up. Zombies are biting your butt,” Lin Feng said, tugging at the doctor’s ear.

“What! Where are the zombies!” The slightly sober school doctor jolted upright.

“Oh, it’s just a joke, don’t tease me,” the doctor complained, hugging Lin Feng and rubbing his hair with his head, ready to go back to sleep.

“Get. Up. Now.”


“Ow! Lin Feng, why are you biting me!”

“Stop messing around, get up and check the patient beside you.”

“A patient?”

“Yes, right beside you.”


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