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Chapter 119: Prescription

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Mi Dashuai
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Sometimes, Lin Feng really doubted whether the school doctor he had just saved was the same person he knew before.

The school doctor he had rescued was gentle, considerate, and somewhat strict. However, the current one seemed different, obsessed with bizarre research when not engrossed in petting cats or burying herself in alcohol.

Although she retained her gentleness, she now appeared more like a drunkard. Was this a new form of post-apocalyptic syndrome? Indeed, some people resorted to drinking under stress, but…

After a period of observation…

“It’s just food poisoning. Haven’t I taught you this before, Lin Feng? You couldn’t have forgotten such a simple matter, could you?” she chided.

“Cough cough, of course, I haven’t forgotten. I just wanted your confirmation,” he replied sheepishly.

“You already know what medication is needed then. I’m off to sleep,” said the school doctor, giving a nod to the couple in the room before heading to her adjacent room.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Lin Feng thought, ‘Seems like Doc is back to her usual self,’ and decided it might be best to let her drink.

“Is she even reliable?” asked the golden-haired man, glancing at the school doctor who was ignoring the pistol in his hand and walking away.

“Absolutely, she’s a seasoned doctor,” Lin Feng reassured, jotting down a specific prescription, a 25% glucose solution, and methylene blue.

Suddenly feeling a gentle touch on his tail, Lin Feng turned to see a curious girl stroking it. Catching Lin Feng’s gaze, she withdrew her hand, slightly embarrassed.

Sitting on the bed, Lin Feng placed his tail in the girl’s lap, thinking over the medicine names before completing the list.

“We’ll also need some oral vitamin C supplements. Make sure she drinks plenty of water, dehydration is common with food poisoning,” he instructed, handing the note to the man.

“Thank you.”

The man took the prescription, tenderly patting his daughter’s head as she continued to stroke Lin Feng’s tail.

“Here’s a map. I’ll lend you my phone to check the locations of pharmacies,” Lin Feng offered, not wanting to risk his people going out in search of medicine. He sympathized with the girl, but his group had been traveling all day and needed rest. He wasn’t keen on unnecessary risks, especially in unfamiliar territory.

Truth be told, Lin Feng felt he had done his duty. He had already copied the map files from Chen Ranran’s phone and, using a paper map, marked the pharmacy locations for the man, saving him unnecessary detours.

“If you have more weapons, I could trade you a bow and arrow for better mobility. I don’t know if you’re skilled with them,” Lin Feng quipped, recalling the man’s expression when he had asked for a pistol earlier. It was evident the man had more weapons, and while Lin Feng’s group mostly used melee weapons, firearms could sometimes be more useful.

“No need,” the golden-haired man said triumphantly, pulling out a silencer from his pocket with a smile.

“On the other hand, if you want a silencer, how about you or one of your male companions, or one of your kind, accompany me to the hospital tomorrow?” he proposed.

Hearing this, Lin Feng fell silent, weighing whether the deal was worth it. His group, trained and experienced in combating zombies, were all proficient zombie slayers, except for the school doctor, who seemed to be hiding her true abilities, especially evident in how fiercely she had fought when they went to get alcohol from the store.


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