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Chapter 8: Aloe Vera Soup

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Listening to Song Zhe’s footsteps fading away outside the door, Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel disdain for his troublesome friend’s raging hormones. Sigh, what a regrettable choice of friends.

He looked at his now delicate little hands. Come to think of it, Liu Mengqi’s hands were so beautiful. He had never paid attention to this before, but she should really consider being a hand model with hands like these. A terrible waste, really. Lying on the bed, he rubbed his icy-cold feet with his hands.

His feet had shrunk to a size 36. They were dirty and grimy because he had been walking barefoot.

After his body had shrunk, he couldn’t fit into any of his clothes or shoes. He could forcefully bind the clothes and pants to barely wear them, but the shoes were impossible to put on. Without a stove in the warehouse, Lin Feng’s feet were turning from white to red, unable to bear the cold weather.

“I wonder if my little brother is still around,” Lin Feng said with a mix of anticipation and nervousness. If he had suddenly become a girl, he wondered how his mother would react.

Looking at his flat chest, he thought about Liu Mengqi, who had already reached a D cup– those wicked existences. At least he didn’t have to lug two lumps of fats around.

Feeling a little nervous, Lin Feng reached for his “little brother.”

Joy all around, tears of happiness, and an overwhelming sense of relief so great that he couldn’t speak. He got out of bed and burst into laughter.

His “little brother” didn’t abandon him. Mum, looks like there’s still hope for your grandchild, after all!.

Picking up the chopsticks, he happily finished the inexplicably delicious dried anchovies and rice, before surrendering to blissful slumber, hand wrapped around his fluffy tail, for whatever scant amount of time there was left.

Sunlight passed through the transparent glass and illuminated the top floor corridor. The birds’ singing accompanied the zombies’ howls as the survivors on the top floor started a new day.

Lin Feng had a dream, a dream where he was hugged and petted until his fur exploded, lost his fur, and even started questioning his furry existence.

Painfully, he opened his eyes, only to be greeted with the dazzling sunlight that made him cover his head with his oversized clothing.

Huh? Hmm~ Hmm!!

“Liu Mengqi! What do you think you’re doing?” Lin Feng sat up from the folding bed and snatched his warm tail, smoothing the fur angrily while glaring at a decidedly pleased Liu Mengqi.

“Petting a ***** cat, of course.”


“Pet yourself, then! Aren’t we practically identical? Get lost!”

“Well, you have a point. Looks like we can’t be siblings anymore. At most, we can be sisters. Haha, just consider it a playful pat,” Liu Mengqi said with a serious expression as she touched her chin.

“Well two can play that game! Take that!” Lin Feng lunged for the grinning girl’s white stockings.

However, this time Liu Mengqi didn’t push away Lin Feng’s hand. She allowed him to do as he pleased.

“You need to change your attitude. We’re both girls now, how can you be so inappropriate?” Snatching back Lin Feng’s tail, Liu Mengqi slowly stroked it while chiding him in the most serious tone she could muster.

“Like heck I’m a girl! I’m a male cat!”

“Nani?” Her small face was filled with great disappointment.

“It’s mealtime,” Yan Aoxue pushed open the door and found the two of them playfully rubbing each other, much to her envy.


“Yup, there were some aloe vera amongst the plants Liu Mengqi grew. Though we don’t have much, we can make a meal of aloe vera soup. We don’t have sugar, but we can use candy or something similar as a substitute. At least it will be warm.”

Hearing that there was something to eat, Lin Feng’s eyes lit up. He wasn’t sure if it was because of his newfound abilities, but the two packs of biscuits he had eaten were digested unusually quickly. Even with Tan Xin’s delicious dried anchovies and rice, he began to feel a slight pang of hunger around 5 o’clock. It seemed his enhanced abilities came with a price, and he had best not use it without a source of sustenance.

I wonder if that big lug of a frog is feeling the same right now? Or perhaps even more? He seems like a strength type; wouldn’t he be an apocalypse glutton then? Yeesh!

With a warm meal waiting for him, Lin Feng got up and tied his oversized clothes tight once more, while a very disappointed Liu Mengqi watched from the sides.

Back at the exhibition hall, a pot of boiling water mixed with aloe vera was already bubbling away.

Fortunately, the top floor was the teachers’ resting area, and there was a microwave for reheating meals. The principal even thoughtfully provided teachers with a pot. Some teachers lived far from the school and didn’t have a school-allocated dormitory. Having classes in both the morning and afternoon would make it quite troublesome for these teachers, if they wanted to catch some rest in-between. Once this room was built, they could just come here to watch some TV, warm up some food, or perhaps catch a nap. The principal even installed a clock-in machine here, planning to hold future meetings in the top floor rest area.

Several students grabbed a disposable bowl and chopsticks from the nearby pantry and filled up on the soup, praising Yan Aoxue’s culinary skills after a mere spoonful. There was nothing more comforting than having a warm meal after a day of fright.

“Try it,” Yan Aoxue handed a bowl of soup to Lin Feng.

“Aren’t you supposed to be the young lady of the Yan family, why do you even know how to cook?” Taking the bowl and chopsticks, Lin Feng stared at Yan Aoxue with some doubt.

“That’s just prejudice. Although we have many servants at home, and I don’t need to cook my own meals, people always have some small hobbies. And mine just so happens to be cooking,” Yan Aoxue said with her signature smile, signaling Lin Feng to taste the soup.

Lin Feng cautiously stuck out his tongue and prepared to take a sip of the aloe vera soup.

Just a few millimeters away from the soup, Lin Feng stopped himself. His cat instincts told him that if he licked this, he would definitely get burned.

Inexplicably, he touched the side of the bowl. The temperature around the bowl wasn’t hot enough to scald his mouth, and the soup inside should have cooled quickly in this weather. Based on his human experience, the soup in his hand was ready to drink.

“What’s wrong?” Yan Aoxue looked puzzled at Lin Feng, still standing there with his tongue stuck out and a soup untouched.

“Animals generally don’t eat food and drink liquids that are hotter than their body temperature,” Old Liu laughed and pointed at Zhang Yicheng.

Indeed, Zhang Yicheng sat there with dull eyes, only eating the soup after Tan Xin had cooled it down for him.

“All creatures’ tongues are sensitive to heat. Humans are just accustomed to eating food that’s cooked at higher temperatures compared to other animals. Unlike humans, animals don’t cook their food, so the temperature of the food they eat is usually equal to the ambient temperature. You probably inherited part of that cat’s traits, making you feel danger from the hot soup,” Old Liu explained with a hearty laugh.

“Oh, is it time for your big sister to step in with a quick blow or two?” Liu Mengqi looked at Lin Feng, who was still hesitating, in a comical way.

“No need, I’m good, imouto-san. I can handle it just fine, unlike someone.” Lin Feng glanced at Zhang Yicheng in the corner, then drank the soup in the bowl. He still remembered the punch from last night; his stomach was still cramping and uncomfortable until now.

Zhang Yicheng didn’t react at all from his little corner. It was Tan Xin beside him who nodded awkwardly at Lin Feng.

“Terrible, what even is this stuff?” The discordant sounds of a plastic bowl being crushed and soup splattering about immediately caught the attention of those present. Displeased, Zhu Hanfang tossed the disposable bowl in his hand and walked toward the staircase.

Underneath the staircase, a mish-mash of zombies with missing limbs snapped to life when they saw the fresh food approaching them, frantically waving their hands and howling like rabid dogs.

As if trying to remove the displeasing taste from his system, Zhu Hanfang picked up a stick and swung hard at a nearby zombie’s head, causing its brain to deform strangely before crumpling to the ground. Seeing this, Zhu Hanfang showed a satisfied smile.

“Hey!” Liu Mengqi snapped, but Lin Feng held her back.

“Why did you stop me? Look at that inhumane *******, those are our classmates down there,” Liu Mengqi continued unhappily. In the first place, she never liked that scum, Zhu Hangfang, ever since he caused trouble with Chen De.

Shaking his head, Lin Feng didn’t explain. Although Zhu Hanfang’s behavior was not appropriate, it was also understandable. Firstly, his actions helped to eliminate everyone’s fear of zombies. After all, during the panic before, they were all hiding from zombies. Secondly, accumulating experience was equally important.

“Hey, if the country ever develops a cure, he will be a murderer,” Liu Mengqi said, glaring at Zhu Hanfang, who kept smashing zombie heads.

“That won’t happen. Even if a cure is developed, it won’t help those poor souls whose innards have all but been eaten. Besides, what we fear most now is internal conflict within the team. Most of the danger in zombie movies is due to internal disputes within the safe zone. Unless Zhu Hanfang goes too far, let’s try to coexist peacefully for now,” Lin Feng analyzed rationally as he drank another bowl of aloe vera soup handed to him by Yan Aoxue. Although Zhu Hanfang’s current behavior was not suitable during meals, it made sense.


As expected, one of the students couldn’t hold in the disgust he felt while eating in front of that bloodbath. The rest of the students were similarly affected by Zhu Hanfeng’s wanton killing.

As the infection only occurred yesterday, the skin color of the zombies were still human-like, but the blood flowing out of their veins had started to decay, and their brains had become dark and mushy.

“Hey, we can continue fighting after everyone is done eating,” Liu Tao walked up to Zhu Hanfang and tapped his shoulder. The burly student spun around to face Liu Tao, who was a full head taller than him, and coldly snorted, a look of displeasure written all over his head. Still, he relented. He spat at the zombies then retreated quietly to a corner with his stick to admire his handiwork from afar.

“A bully who is afraid of the strong,” Liu Mengqi sneered at Zhu Hanfang as she watched him walk to the corner.

“Mengqi, do you want another bowl?” Yan Aoxue asked.

“No, I’m not in the mood anymore,” Liu Mengqi returned the disposable bowl to Yan Aoxue and sat next to Lin Feng, hugging Lin Feng’s tail as if nothing had happened.

Although they were using disposable bowls and chopsticks, no one knew how long they would stay here, so everyone planned to wash and reuse them.

“Liu Mengqi, can you stop hugging my tail? It feels weird,” Lin Feng willed his furry tail out of Liu Mengqi’s embrace.

“In this cruel zombie world, this tail is the only thing that brings me a little warmth,” Liu Mengqi grabbed Lin Feng’s tail again and refused to let go.

Yan Aoxue finished cleaning up the bowls and chopsticks and walked over to Lin Feng with a box of Gomoku.

“How about some Gomoku to lighten the mood, if you don’t mind, Lin Feng?”


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