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Chapter 123: Grabbing Medicine

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Mi Dashuai
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Lin Feng had witnessed harsh realities: on the school track, in pitiful train carriages, and even on a hotel bed where broken bodies told tales of suffering.

But this story was different from the past ones; it was a tragedy he had seen with his own eyes.

“How are the weapons prepared?”

“They’re ready. Oh, maybe you should use this silencer,” Lin Feng pondered, taking out a pistol to hand over to the middle-aged man.

The man waved his hand, showing off his samurai sword and the assault rifle hanging on his chest.

“Keep it, really. I don’t want you to turn into a zombie later. Think about your wife and kids.”

Lin Feng’s words broke the man’s confidence. He nodded and took the silencer.

“What about you?” The man expressed concern upon seeing Lin Feng’s comparatively rudimentary equipment.

“Worry about yourself, uncle,” Lin Feng said, skillfully twirling a long spear in his hand without making much noise.

“Cough, cough, gag!”

“Honey, come look!” A woman’s anxious voice came.

Lin Feng and the man entered the room to see the girl, who was worse than the day before. Continuous vomiting had left her convulsing and curled up on the bed despite a hot compress on her stomach.

Lin Feng checked the girl’s mouth, ignoring the smell of vomit and sourness. He put on disposable gloves from the hotel and examined her tongue.

“Youhuai! Youhuai!” The woman wiped her daughter’s mouth and called out nervously.

“Mmm… Cat… it hurts, kitty,” the girl said upon seeing Lin Feng.

“Hold onto this until I get back,” Lin Feng said, placing a cat toy by the girl’s side.

“Quick, uncle, we need to go.”

They took the elevator downstairs.

“Keep an eye on the door, don’t let any zombies in,” Lin Feng instructed Hao Jian, who was eating something at the entrance.

“How’s my daughter?” the man asked, following Lin Feng.

“Not good. We need to move quickly.”

The girl’s condition was serious, likely from eating something harmful.

“Why is this happening? We tried everything before giving it to her, and we barely ate ourselves.”

“That’s the problem. You gave her all the food, which might have caused her illness. Food combinations can be harmful, from brown sugar and eggs to chicken and beef. We need to get back before nightfall.”

Lin Feng praised the foresight of doctors who taught them medicine and hurried off with the man.

“My daughter, will she…” The man looked down in guilt, not knowing such things as they had only fed their child what they thought was edible.

“Let’s go. Now we can only hope to be quick,” Lin Feng said, patting the despondent man’s shoulder.


Zombies aimlessly wandered around.

Whoosh, snap.

A row of zombies of similar height were impaled like candied hawthorns, an arrow feather sticking out of the last one’s head.

“Amazing, young lady.”

“Humph, never underestimate a bow. Let’s go.”

In less than an hour, to the man’s astonishment, Lin Feng cleared 20-30 zombies outside the pharmacy.

“It’s clear, let’s grab the medicine.”

A rumbling sound came from afar.

A zombie horde!

Recognizing the sound, Lin Feng grabbed the man searching for medicine and rushed towards the rooftop.

“Put your hands up and get on the ground!” A voice from behind Lin Feng, who was about to jump, made him pause.

“The army?!”

Seeing the tanks behind him, Lin Feng couldn’t help but exclaim, tears of joy in his eyes.


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