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Chapter 139: Yan Group

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Mi Dashuai
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Perched on a tree, Anna turned to Lin Feng beside her, curiosity in her eyes. Lin Feng, one hand steadying Anna to prevent her from slipping, held a telescope in the other, peering intently at the Yan Group building.

“It looks deserted,” Lin Feng noted, observing the surrounding area. Unlike the meticulously maintained quarantine station, zombies meandered aimlessly around the building. The building’s reflective blue glass panels made it difficult to discern any movement inside.

“Let’s go take a closer look,” suggested Lin Feng, helping Anna down from their vantage point. Despite the apparent absence of people, Lin Feng remembered vividly the helicopter that had taken off from this building, suggesting some form of external communication.

As they approached the Yan Group building, they encountered scattered zombies, but they were no match for the duo. Even so, Lin Feng couldn’t help but marvel at Anna’s combat skills. Her movements were precise and almost dance-like, making her seem more adept at their mutant abilities than him. In contrast, Lin Feng’s combat style seemed rudimentary and clumsy, often necessitating the use of his powers when overwhelmed by zombies.

Honestly, his abilities were wasted on him.

“Thanks for your help. But, Anna, do you have some sort of technique for fighting?” Lin Feng asked, catching his breath after a hectic fight.

With a hint of pride, Anna replied, “I learned from a book. See, reading does help,” she boasted, wiping her axe clean of blood.

“You weren’t always so disciplined with your medical books,” Lin Feng teased, recalling how she used to scatter textbooks haphazardly.

“You’re no better Lil– Lin Feng,” Anna paused midway, a trace of sadness in her voice.

“If it’s easier for you, call me whatever you’re comfortable with,” Lin Feng said, noticing Anna’s subtle discomfort whenever she corrected herself from calling him ‘Lily.’


“Yes. Just call me whatever you like,” Lin Feng assured her.

“Kitty, then” Anna said with a mischievous grin.

“…Please don’t pick up those weird nicknames from the doctor,” Lin Feng sighed, half-exasperated, half-amused. The once-prickly girl had clearly been picking up bad habits from the doctor, especially her obsession with kitties.

“Let’s go, Lily.”

“Hey, don’t run so fast!”

Before long, the duo reached the entrance of the Yan Group building. Their tag-and-zombie-slaying was anything but safe, but thankfully, the zombies were scattered enough that they did not pose a threat, even in Anna’s excited state.

The surroundings were quiet, with no signs of life inside. As they cautiously approached, Anna’s spirits were high, and she even started humming a tune in her excitement.

Humm Humm

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“Okay, that’s enough. Remember, we’re here to ask for help, not to have fun,” Lin Feng reminded her, straightening his attire and mentally preparing for their request. Despite not knowing why the Yan’s Group still had external communications, it was their best chance of escaping the city. They had to seize this opportunity, hoping the Yan Group would understand their situation, especially since Lin Feng had saved and protected their daughter, Yan Aoxue.


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