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Chapter 7: The Best of Brothers

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Mi Dashuai
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“Excellent, students. I’m relieved to see that you’re all still alive. I won’t beat around the bush, our situation is dire, but we’ve managed to gather the following information, which I hope everyone will take to heart.”

“First, the only way to kill these zombies is to damage their brains. Do not let your guard down until they are completely incapacitated. Even if they lose half their bodies, as long as their heads are intact, they can still move. This infection is primarily transmitted through blood. Please pay attention to the health of your classmates around you.”

“However, some infected individuals may retain their intelligence, and zombies may attack them as well. So please exercise caution and avoid killing recklessly.”

“Second, there are mutated spiders in the school; spiders and zombies do not attack each other. While they are more dangerous due to their corrosiveness, they won’t approach you if you have fire or torches. I advise all students to carry a lighter and some sort of inflammable item. In emergencies, you can use mobile phone batteries. Remove your phone battery and connect the positive and negative terminals with wires from inside the phone; they will burn when connected repeatedly.”

“Also, the spiders seemed to have stopped attacking, perhaps they have stored enough food, so please avoid approaching the pool area unnecessarily as it’s already occupied by spiders.”

“Lastly, I hope everyone can unite and overcome this disaster that threatens our collective survival. The school’s power generator can sustain us for 2-3 months, so there’s no need to worry. I will start the generator every day from 2 to 4 pm. I hope everyone can hold on until rescue arrives.”

The principal’s voice gradually faded away.

The crowd displayed a mix of emotions, and surprisingly, nobody found the principal’s speech boring this time.

Although they were relieved to know that some survivors were still in the school, it was disheartening to learn that out of tens of thousands of students, the number of survivors might not exceed a thousand. This disaster was truly horrifying, and the thought of tens of thousands of starving zombies within the school grounds sent shivers down Lin Feng’s spine.

“Let’s go to sleep. We all heard the principal’s words just now. Lin Feng is safe. But as a precaution, we will sleep separately. Song Zhe, you can use the couch, even though it might not be very comfortable,” Old Liu said, setting down the flashlight and addressing the people in the exhibition hall.

“Alright, Teacher Liu,” Song Zhe glanced at Lin Feng and headed towards the resting room.

Lin Feng noticed the eyes fixed on him and decided to head to the warehouse. Some things were best left unexplained, and time would eventually reveal everything.

In his room, Lin Feng laid on the bed, hugging his furry tail as he pondered the principal’s words.

“Zhang Yicheng…” ,that unfortunate boy’s name suddenly crossed Lin Feng’s mind.

He ran away when he couldn’t cope with the stress, but considering the principal’s speech, he could still be in danger, even if he had mutated. I wonder where he could have gone…

His froggy appearance would imply some sort of frog genes; explosive jumping power and strength, so I doubt ordinary zombies would be able to take him down. But aren’t frogs known for having bad eyesight? Last I heard they were practically near-sighted, and weren’t they only able to notice moving objects?

Or so I remembered…

Thump, thump, thump.

Someone was knocking on the door. Who could it be?

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Tan Xin?

Before him stood Tan Xin, dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt, with a black-and-white shoulder bag slung over her shoulder.

Tan Xin was Zhang Yicheng’s girlfriend, and she was the one who Zhang Yicheng saved during the zombie attack at the spiral stairwell, eventually getting infected in the process. Before that unfortunate event, they were the envy of the entire class—a couple that was inseparable, always together. Zhang Yicheng’s family ran a restaurant, and Tan Xin’s family dealt with frozen food; both families prospered thanks to their children’s hard work.

Eventually, even the teachers accepted their relationship. After all, their romance didn’t affect their studies; it actually improved their grades.

“Why are you here? Please, come in,” Lin Feng said, though he already had a hunch about Tan Xin’s visit.

“I’ll… It’s okay…It’s just that…” Tan Xin looked around nervously – there was no one – her knees gave way that very instant.

But just before her knees hit the ground, Lin Feng caught her by her shoulder , displaying a newfound alacrity that surprised the girl.


“Please, I beg you to save Yicheng. It’s all my fault. When Yicheng mutated, I didn’t stand by his side. I was just scared… so I hid behind the teacher.”

The girl half-wept as she confessed the guilt that had crushed her dainty shoulders this whole time.

Lin Feng lightly sighed. Would I have been like him if Liu Mengqi hadn’t accepted me right away with a hug, Lin Feng thought to himself. I probably would’ve ran away as well, after all, their gazes were already harsh enough as is.

“Do you want me to save him?”

“No, I won’t let you do something so dangerous. It’s my fault, and I won’t allow others to risk their lives for me. But I’m not clever enough to think of a way to contact him, so I was hoping you can help me find a solution,” Tan Xin pleaded anxiously.

“Where’s his phone?”

Tan Xin shook her head and took out a man’s phone from her pocket.

After some thought, Lin Feng said, “Alright, I have two ideas. First, we can call the principal and ask him to make a broadcast announcement. Second, we can take a torch and head to the swimming pool.”

“The swimming pool?”

“Yes, I know it’s not an ideal plan, but your boyfriend, uh, I mean, frogs, in general, feed on spiders, right?”

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Lin Feng immediately regretted his choice of words. If a glare could kill, her eyes would have skewered him by now.

“Haha. Ha. It’s just a guess. Right, just a guess. Perhaps the mutants haven’t changed their dietary preferences,” he said awkwardly, looking at Tan Xin, whose expression darkened by the second.

Suddenly, he caught a whiff of something delightful. A scent so tantalizing it made his heart stir, or rather his stomach. His eyes darted to Tan Xin and the lunchbox she just took out of her shoulder bag.

“I… This is my lunch. I don’t have anything else to give you. It’s the only thing I had with me when I ran away. I know food is scarce now, but I love that man, and it’s because of me that he became like this. I wasn’t thinking clearly at that time, but now I want to make it up to him.”

Staring at the mouth-watering lunchbox, Lin Feng’s eyes gleamed for a moment, then he shook his head, questioning what had come over him.

However, he still couldn’t resist reaching out and taking the lunchbox, slowly opening it.

Oh my god! Dried anchovies and frog meat! I almost forgot that their family ran a restaurant, Lin Feng exclaimed in his head.

He swallowed his saliva, resisting the temptation, and closed the lunchbox. “No, I can’t accept such a generous gift. In these extraordinary times, food is life,” he politely pushed the lunchbox back into Tan Xin’s arms.

“You take it. It’s my way of thanking you for that solution. I’ll call the principal now,” Tan Xin said as she took out her phone and searched for the number.

“No, no, I’m sure you would have figured it out on your own, if you weren’t so anxious. A bystander like me would naturally look at the situation more objectively.”

“You take it, I don’t think I can stomach that at this point.”

Thinking about the tender frog meat inside, Lin Feng felt somewhat conflicted.

Well, the frog meat is basically the species as her boyfriend now, so I doubt she will be eating frog meat anytime soon. In that case, I can’t very well waste a perfectly good box of food, can I? As Zhou Shuren said, ‘Who knows the hardships behind the frog on a plate, every leg’s a fruit of someone’s labor.’

“In that case, I won’t stand on ceremony. Hahaha. Oh? Looks like you won’t have to inform the principal anymore.”

Staring at a tall tree at a distance, Lin Feng chuckled to himself. Ah, the power of love.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Look, even now, your boyfriend is guarding you from afar. You might have rejected him, but he’s always been there.”

Lin Feng pointed to the tree in the distance, and with his enhanced night vision, he could clearly make out Zhang Yicheng crouching on that tree.

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Confused, Tan Xin looked towards the dark branches when suddenly Zhang Yicheng’s lips cracked into a bloodthirsty grin. He gathered strength in his legs and jumped with astonishing speed from the first floor to the sixth floor.

“Your boyfriend is coming. Get ready—huff.”

Before he could finish his sentence, Zhang Yicheng had sent a fist flying his way.

“I must protect her. She’s mine, don’t touch her. I must protect her. She’s mine, don’t touch her,” Zhang Yicheng repeated these two sentences while shielding Tan Xin behind him and glaring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng fell against a cracked wall and onto the ground, dropping all the dried anchovies in his hand in the process.

“I… What the hell, Zhang… Yicheng, have you gone mad? I was just talking to her, why did you do that?” Wiping away a trace of blood from the corner of his mouth, as he griped, Lin Feng steadied himself before looking up at Zhang Yicheng, only to be greeted with another surprise.

Zhang Yicheng’s eyes, which were originally white when he first transformed, were now blood-red, and the blood vessels in his body gushed with a fell black hue.

“Yicheng, what’s wrong with you? I was just discussing how I might locate you with Lin Feng. Don’t misunderstand,” Tan Xin hugged Zhang Yicheng’s tightly tensed muscles. That act seemed to have stabilized Zhang Yicheng’s emotions, and he didn’t attack Lin Feng again.

“Hey, say something, Zhang Yicheng. Don’t just punch a person and leave them hanging” Lin Feng stood up and wanted to pat Zhang Yicheng’s shoulder, but the moment he took a step closer, the frog boy raised his webbed hands as if to attack him.

Realizing that his friend was acting abnormally, Lin Feng didn’t approach recklessly.

“Hey, Tan Xin, talk to him. Did his brain rot away when the zombies bit him? Why would he attack me?”

“Um,” Tan Xin blushed as she took off her coat and tied it around Zhang Yicheng’s waist. Leading the half-naked Zhang Yicheng away, she walked towards the room.

Zhang Yicheng obediently followed Tan Xin, having seemed to have lost his mind as he soullessly followed behind.

As Zhang Yicheng passed by Song Zhe, the two of them avoided each other. Surprisingly, Zhang Yicheng didn’t attack Song Zhe.

“What are you up to?” Song Zhe walked over and asked on behalf of the whole class. It was midnight, and some shut-eye would be nice.

“Nothing. That silly frog’s back,” Lin Feng felt somewhat annoyed as he laid down on the bed. Even if his temper was good, he couldn’t tolerate being inexplicably punched. That ruthless ******* didn’t hold back at all; my stomach is still cramping from the pain.

“Alright, by the way, I have something to ask you, my good buddy.”

“Go on.”

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“Did you turn into a woman?”

“Get lost.” Picking up a nearby box, Lin Feng bonked Song Zhe on the head and walked to the door, closing it shut.

“Hey, we’re good brothers, aren’t we? At least let me have a go. You know how hard it is to score nowadays; can you bear that let your good buddy die a virgin?…”

“Scram, what kind of a brother even says that?!”


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