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Chapter 69: Questioning

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Mi Dashuai
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Upon reviewing the voting form, Lin Feng quickly surmised the recent events. In his absence, Yan Aoxue had spearheaded a vote. Aside from him, only a select few, including the principal, Yan Aoxue, and Old Man Liu, held significant sway in the team.

Both Old Man Liu and the principal, being educators, would certainly not advocate for the outright killing or expulsion of Yan Jie. The two votes favoring Yan Jie’s execution likely came from Anna and Chen Ranran. Another six votes were from the more resolute girls, while the principal, Old Man Liu, and four other girls appeared more reluctant.

Indeed, the ramifications of banishing Yan Jie and the two girls would be akin to a death sentence. Lacking previous training that the combat team went through, their odds of surviving outside the safety of their current environment were grim.

Yan Aoxue’s voice, filled with unusual sternness, broke his reflections. “Now that you’re back, Lin Feng, the decision rests on you.” It was clear she’d had a disagreement with the principal and Old Man Liu.

Curious, Lin Feng turned to Doctor Hu, who had been lost in contemplation. “Doctor Hu, which way did you lean?”

“They might have overstepped, but life offers hope, doesn’t it? They might still change. Lin Feng, think twice before deciding.”

Doctor Hu’s words painted a clear picture of his stance. Lin Feng himself had persevered with a similar hope. To sever that hope from Yan Jie and the others would equate to indirect manslaughter. Yet, their actions were undeniably severe.

“Lin Feng, you should…”

“I need to see the three of them first,” Lin Feng interjected, cutting Yan Aoxue off. He needed clarity of conscience for this decision, so he proposed visiting Yan Jie and her companions before deciding.

“Alright, but remember not to let their pleas sway you. The moment they drew their knives against our comrades, they branded themselves as traitors.” Yan Aoxue said, extracting a key from her pocket and offering it to Lin Feng, her gaze filled with a mix of hope and apprehension.

“I’ll make my decision based on my own convictions,” Lin Feng assured her.

With the key secured in his pocket, Lin Feng made his way to the corridor. True to form, the dreary rain outside only seemed to magnify the day’s troubles; even the slow-moving zombies appeared to be affected by the downpour.

Donning a black raincoat, Lin Feng proceeded to the courtyard’s center and unlocked the entrance to the central storage shed.

Inside, three young women, their wrists tied, exchanged furtive glances and gestures. Their movements halted abruptly upon Lin Feng’s entrance.

“Come,” he instructed, untying the wrist of one girl positioned next to Yan Jie. Leading her by the hand, he securely closed the storage room behind them.

Lin Feng had resolved to interview them individually. After the previous fight between Anna and the trio, he became acutely aware of the unique dynamics underpinning their relationship. While the three of them portrayed themselves as inseparable, something about their bond felt askew. It was as if their camaraderie was a façade masking underlying tensions.

He sheltered the girl under his raincoat, allowing her to huddle beneath. A touch of red crept up her cheeks as she nestled against Lin Feng’s waist, seeking refuge from the rain.

This particular girl had fostered a bond with Yan Jie in the aftermath of the catastrophe. Perhaps they had been drawn together by shared interests; all had distinctive colored streaks in their hair, hinting at a shared affinity.

“We’ve arrived,” Lin Feng noted, gesturing to the girl who remained closely tucked to his waist and tail.

After a brief pause, she reluctantly let go.

“Step inside,” Lin Feng beckoned, “I’ve got questions for you.” He opened a room, which echoed with emptiness, not a single piece of furniture in sight.


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