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Chapter 112: Doc and her Thoughts

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Mi Dashuai
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“What are you–” As the grogginess faded from Liu Mengqi’s mind, she glanced at the school doctor, her attention unwavering from the road ahead.

“It’s medically baffling, the fusion of cat and human genetics,” she remarked, lost in thought.

Liu Mengqi exhaled in relief at catching just the tail end of her reflection.

“Yeah, baffling,” she concurred with a nod.

“Yes, and what a shame for Wan Yun, the cat-girl. If Lin Feng wasn’t so insistent on burying her body… But that’s history. It’s not like we have the tools to conduct any experiments now anyway,” the school doctor lamented, her voice tinged with regret.

“These zombies are a lost cause, what with E City under quarantine. But those mutants with their consciousness intact still have hope, finding a cure would be the least I can do to repay Lin Feng for saving me,” she said to no one in particular.

Admiration for the school doctor swelled within Liu Mengqi. Even amidst the chaos of a zombie apocalypse, she remained committed to her quest to heal the mutants—a testament to her unwavering resolve.

Amidst that, another question plagued the school doctor’s mind. A cat’s average life ranged between 13 to 17 years while humans lived up to 80 in this country. So what about Lin Feng? Was there a trade-off between Lin Feng’s agility and longevity? Could he enjoy a normal human lifespan, or was his time dramatically shortened?

This puzzle was the driving force behind the school doctor’s survival. Her journey from a timid nurse to a hospital director and now a school doctor was a testament to her lifelong commitment to medicine.

Now, even as the world crumbled, she wouldn’t falter – not for his sake!

(TL:????? How old is she? Anyway, nurse was specifically stated, so I can’t really do much about this.)

“I’m determined to prolong Lin Feng’s life. He believes the epidemic will pass, and so do I. When it does, I’ll unravel the mysteries of these mutations, maybe even the zombies,” he declared, glancing at Liu Mengqi, who had just settled into a relaxed posture.

The school doctor saw promise in Liu Mengqi. Had the world not been upended, she would’ve soared academically. She didn’t possess Yan Aoxue’s brilliance, but her tenacity was unquestionable.

Planning to take her under her wing, she knew that she could be Lin Feng’s ally in this fight for survival, should the worst befall him.

“Lin Feng’s lifespan?” she queried, her voice tinged with concern.

“Do you know how long cats live, Mengqi?”

Her palms dampened with anxiety at the implication.

“I do… are you saying?!” she asked, her face blanching. “So we should neuter him?”

Suppressing a chuckle, the school doctor replied, “I’m just theorizing. If you want to try neutering, be my guest, but I doubt he’d take it well.”

A burst of laughter threatened to escape her, but remembering the sleeping figures of Ha Jian and Song Zhe in the backseat, she composed himself.



“Teach me. Teach me everything about medicine. I want to—”

She interrupted with a knowing smile, “Say no more, I understand. But this won’t be an easy journey, especially not with a zombie apocalypse on our hands.”

With that, she raised her beer in a half-toast, a wry smile playing on her lips. The lawless land they navigated cared little for drunk driving.

If there’s a zombie traffic cop out there who had a problem with her driving, they can say hello to the underside of her tyres.


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