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Chapter 127: The Plan

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Mi Dashuai
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Observing Lin Feng’s delayed reaction, everyone around him let out a collective sigh.

“Quarantine station? Quarantine station?”

Lin Feng repeated to himself, pulling out his cellphone from his pocket.

“Where exactly is this quarantine station?”

“It was just mentioned on TV. It’s located under the bridge in E City, near that collapsed bridge. It seems they plan to use boats to transport us to the other side,” Liu Mengqi explained, glancing at her notebook brimming with neatly written news updates about the epidemic from the moment they heard about it on TV.

“The map doesn’t show it,” Lin Feng observed after a quick search, suggesting it might be a newly established government facility, not listed on older maps.

“Are you alright, Lin Feng?” Liu Mengqi asked, gently stroking his hair in an attempt to comfort him, noticing his anxious demeanor.

“I’m fine… I’ve gotten over it. I’ll head to the quarantine station tonight to see what’s going on.”

Lin Feng harbored doubts about the station, especially after recalling the military’s recent assault on the blonde man.

‘What if it’s a trap?’ he pondered silently, instinctively touching the scar.

“Maybe I should accompany you,” offered Hao Jian.

“I’ll consider it. You might struggle to see in the dark, and Song isn’t very quick. But don’t worry, I’m just planning to reconnoiter, nothing more,” Lin Feng assured them –if only they could keep in touch by phone; perhaps something had gone wrong with the broadcasting dishes. The TV was operational, likely because its transmitter remained intact. One of his textbooks had touched on this topic, but only barely, and he had long forgotten it.

“When you go out, be extremely cautious. In any encounter, whether with humans or zombies, hide first. Everyone’s become somewhat on edge after such prolonged hardships,” advised the doctor, who had abstained from drinking these past few days and now sounded like a concerned mother to Lin Feng.

“I get it, Doc. You’re young enough to be my older sister, but you act more like a nagging mother,” Lin Feng joked, feeling a bit guilty for having been a burden lately, despite not causing any real trouble. But that poor family…

“And if I don’t nag you guys, who will?”
“Fine, fine.”

At that moment, Anna emerged from a room with a rifle, presumably scavenged from military zombies. “Lin Feng, do you want to take this along with you?”

“No need for that, I’m just going to take a look and return quickly,” he said. The rifle would undoubtedly be a boon against the zombies, but it was untenably loud, and he wasn’t particularly proficient at it anyway.

“Hm? Actually, I have a plan.”


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