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Chapter 170: Big or Small

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Mi Dashuai
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Arriving at the museum, Lin Feng and Anna gazed at the airplane in front of them, which seemed more like an antique than a functional aircraft. Lin Feng knocked on it, questioning its reliability.

“Can this piece of junk even fly?” Anna, equally doubtful, kicked at the old machine, eliciting a series of echoing clangs.

“I’m not sure, but for now, it’s one of our only hopes,” Lin Feng replied, reflecting on another possible escape route via Yan Group. However, finding a specific person in E City was like finding a needle in a haystack, and Yan Aoxue’s whereabouts were anyone’s guess.

Deceiving Yan Group to send a helicopter might bring assistance or a sniper’s bullet – Lin Feng couldn’t be sure. He pulled out a caller device he had taken by force from a chubby man earlier. The device, still active with its blue light blinking, seemed to have an incredibly long battery life. Despite his efforts, Lin Feng couldn’t find any port to recharge it.

“What’s that?” Anna curiously peered at the caller in Lin Feng’s hand, reaching out to grab it. Lin Feng quickly withdrew it, leaving her puffing up her cheeks in frustration.

“Kids shouldn’t worry about such things. And that odd car outside, did Hao Jian give it to you?” Lin Feng recalled Hao Jian’s peculiar yet practical modifications, making Anna’s spiky car seem less useful.

“I’m not a kid! I keep telling you, we’re about the same age! And yes, Hao Jian rigged that car. Whatever he did, it just rockets forward when I press the accelerator,” Anna huffed, her hands on her hips. She then scampered off to curiously explore the museum’s exhibits.

“You’re still a child in some ways,” Lin Feng muttered under his breath. Hao Jian’s bizarre modifications, combined with Anna’s rudimentary driving skills, had nearly resulted in disaster.

“I’m still growing! And what’s the use of being big? It’s not like it helps in a fight. Hmph, those shameless cows…”

Donning an animal skull as a helmet, Anna playfully channeled her inner barbarian.

“Crackle, Ruo Lian, can you hear me?” Lin Feng adjusted the frequency to speak with Ruo Lian, disregarding Anna’s antics.

“Crackle, I can hear you, Lin Feng. What’s up?”

“Ruo Lian, can you get the Principal for me? I need to discuss something with him.”

“Sure, Lin Feng. Hold on.”

“Hello, Lin Feng?”

“Principal, we’re initiating our plan. Could you get the students ready to clear the zombies? Anna and I will attempt to retrieve the plane.”

“Understood. Just remember to be cautious, Lin Feng. That’s the only plane we know of in E City. Finding another one now might be too late. It’s more delicate than it looks.”

“I got it, Principal. I’ll do everything I can to bring it back safely.”

Lin Feng examined the plane, noting its worn appearance and green paint job. The model number was written in English on the side. Whether the Principal and his team could repair it was a matter of concern.

He gazed at the zombies in the distance, pondering the risks. It seemed perilous to attempt the retrieval with just the two of them.

With this in mind, Lin Feng turned on the walkie-talkie once more.


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