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Chapter 122: Trust

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Mi Dashuai
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Lin Feng looked at the golden-haired man kneeling before him and couldn’t help but think, “A parent’s heart is the same everywhere, even in the apocalypse.”

“Please,” the man uttered, his head bowed down.

Despite seeing the mutated Lin Feng last night, the man remained vigilant. However, this morning, he was woken up by his daughter’s pain and ended up vomiting stomach acid, causing the proud and cautious father to lower his head.

“I…” Lin Feng had planned to set off this morning. Last night, they had discussed that it wasn’t worth risking their lives for a silencer, given the unpredictable dangers of the outside world.

Catching a glimpse of the little girl trembling at the door, clutching a plush toy, Lin Feng’s heart softened. Perhaps he was never a cold person.

“Get up,” Lin Feng said with a heavy sigh, shielding the sight from his wife and daughter.


“I agree, get up. But this doesn’t involve my companions. I’ll help you,” Lin Feng stated and returned to his group.

“Wait for me on the first floor. Once I’ve helped them get the medicine, I’ll catch up,” he told his friends.

They sighed, knowing Lin Feng’s character well from their time in the school building.

“Be careful,” the school doctor said, hugging Lin Feng, understanding that his nature wouldn’t change easily. Everyone had witnessed the scene earlier – the middle-aged man kneeling for his daughter since early morning, which was heart-wrenching.


Lin Feng turned to the golden-haired man still kneeling. “Let’s go,” he said, helping the dignified father to his feet and smiling reassuringly at his wife and daughter.

“Thank you… thank you for being here. If it were those bastards before…”

Gaining the golden-haired man’s trust, he led Lin Feng to a storage room in the corner. Lin Feng was surprised when the man opened the door with a key.

Guns! Shotguns, assault rifles – a total of four, along with grenades, bulletproof vests, and more, all displayed inside.

“There’s only one silenced pistol. You can have it if you need,” the man said, pulling out a pistol from his pant leg, pointing to its silencer.

As if to prove its trustworthiness, the man handed the pistol to Lin Feng, seeming very pleased to receive his help.

Holding the pistol with the silencer, Lin Feng felt a flicker of joy. In the apocalypse, a silenced weapon could bring great hope in danger. Although it wasn’t a rifle, it was still a valuable gift.

“Thank you.”

“No, I should be thanking you. I checked this morning; the pharmacy is overrun with zombies. I doubt I would have stood a chance. You’re an archer, right? Your aim must be very good,” the man noted, seeing the bow and arrows on Lin Feng’s back, smiling as the wrinkles on his face smoothed out in the sunlight streaming through the roof.

Lin Feng felt a pang of sorrow.

Father, are you protecting Mother? Please, please be safe.

“Let’s go then, young lady,” the golden-haired man said, standing up and extending a hand to Lin Feng, who was still crouched down.

If not for the apocalypse, this family would have been so happy.

If not for the apocalypse, he wouldn’t have…

Died before me….


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