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Chapter 133: Infiltration

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Mi Dashuai
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Regardless of what the truth might be, Lin Feng knew he would find answers tonight. He meticulously checked his clothing, wrapping some rope around his coat to gather the loose fabric, ensuring ease of movement.

Tonight, he was determined to uncover the mysteries of the quarantine station. The image of the helicopter taking off from the Yanshi Group’s rooftop that morning was still vivid in his mind. It was illogical! The military wouldn’t normally allow private helicopters to fly in and out during such a critical time. There had to be an underlying motive.

However, his immediate concern was the quarantine station and unraveling the issue with the soldiers stationed there.

After a final radio check with Hao Jian, Lin Feng adjusted his bow and arrows and inspected his silenced pistol’s ammunition. With everything in order, he bid Hao Jian farewell and rode an electric bike towards the quarantine station.

The bike, picked up casually that afternoon, was ideal for the three-kilometer journey. Following Hao Jian’s advice, Lin Feng decided to ride halfway and run the rest.

Along the way, he encountered a few small zombies wandering by the roadside. With his excellent night vision, Lin Feng skillfully navigated the bike through them. The closer he got to the quarantine station, the fewer zombies he saw, affirming the military’s effectiveness in containing the crisis.

Seeing this, Lin Feng believed more firmly that the end of the zombie era wasn’t far off. The news had mentioned 20 days; now, it must be close to the 19th day.

He understood the high command’s decisions. Eradicating the source would cut off the infection, but Lin Feng wanted to survive and return to a society of order.

That morning, through his binoculars, he had seen the scene across the big river.

The “clean” city, with its billboards still shining atop buildings, especially at night, seemed to be living in an eternal nightlife. In contrast, his side was shrouded in endless darkness, enveloping people in despair or awaiting death.

Parking the electric bike, Lin Feng continued on foot, swiftly running on the ground. Luckily, without zombie interference, his journey was extremely safe. In fact, Lin Feng felt he could have navigated between buildings with his jumping ability, but for some reason, this cat-like Lin Feng was a bit… afraid of heights, perhaps a remnant of his human consciousness.

He planned to train later; otherwise, his abilities wouldn’t be fully utilized.

With a scuff of his shoes against the ground, Lin Feng slowed down as he approached the quarantine station, illuminated by searchlights from the rooftop. The area was surrounded by a three-meter fence, leaving only the main entrance as an accessible path for an ordinary person.

But Lin Feng was not ordinary.

Circling from a distance, he found an old, rusted car parked near the fence, obviously abandoned before the apocalypse. He leapt onto the car’s roof, then over the fence, his black silhouette gliding along its top.

Sticking close to the wall, Lin Feng moved forward cautiously.

Suddenly, footsteps approached from his right. Instinctively, Lin Feng leaped up, barely grasping the edge of a second-floor window.

“Brother, do you know why the boss keeps us stationed in this godforsaken place? It’s so dull,” one of the two soldiers, in military uniform, complained as he began to relieve himself against the wall opposite Lin Feng.

“I have no idea. We just follow the boss’s orders, and that’s it. He’s never deceived or mistreated us in all these years. I heard we’re going to be shipped out soon,” the other replied.

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“Really? Hey, did you see the cash the other day? Ma Liu, following the boss’s orders, used an excavator to dig out several banks’ ATMs. We’ve got enough money to last us several lifetimes!”


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