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Chapter 144: Covered-up Past III

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Mi Dashuai
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A wave of pain crossed Hu Han’s face as she looked at the girl standing before her.

“We have to go, now! He’s already dead!”

There was a momentary silence before the doctor replied, “Under the entrance mat, there’s a spare key. It works for both locks.”

The girl in front of Hu Han seemed to be brimming with a yearning for life, a stark contrast to Hu Han’s own sense of defilement and lifelessness, akin to a wilted flower devoid of vitality. Was there even a point in living anymore?

Clutching a pair of scissors, Hu Han directed them towards herself in a desperate act.

However, she didn’t succumb to her attempt. Instead, the girl before her intervened, grabbing Hu Han and leaping out the window with her. Once more, the girl’s yearning for life drew her in –perhaps this was for the better? Helping her was still something she could do.

Embracing the girl, they both found their way back to the top of the classroom building. As they surveyed the familiar structures and faces around them, the school doctor was struck by a profound sense of displacement and nostalgia.

— Change of Scene —

Liu Mengqi silently watched the school doctor, who had once again succumbed to sleep, with a complex gaze. She gently touched the school doctor’s face, marked with trails of tears, feeling a sense of empathy. As the school doctor recounted her experiences, Liu Mengqi’s tears joined hers, mingling in shared sorrow. There were questions nagging at the back of her head, but as a fellow woman, she knew not to ask them.

Her curiosity about the nature of the school doctor’s feelings for Lin Feng had led to an understanding that the situation was far more intricate than she had initially thought. Emotions, she realized, were an enigmatic and unpredictable force.

The meal was already prepared in the dining hall, kept warm in an upscale warming cabinet, so there was no concern about the food getting cold. But their feline friend was always one to return late, so perhaps it would be better to delay cooking with the school doctor.

“Would you mind organizing the research report for me, Mengqi?” asked the school doctor, her head resting on Liu Mengqi’s legs. She playfully nuzzled toward Liu Mengqi’s belly, eliciting a blush from her.

The research, in fact, had its beginnings right within the confines of the classroom building. The school doctor, despite her limited facilities, had been diligently experimenting. Liu Mengqi attentively perused the school doctor’s medical reports, spanning from the initial investigations on zombies to the more recent focus on individual case studies like Lin Feng. The dense handwriting and intricate details consumed much of Liu Mengqi’s time.

The reports were filled with various types of analyses, but they repeatedly lamented the lack of proper facilities and subjects for testing. The document even mentioned the school doctor’s thwarted effort to exhume the body of the cat-girl archer.

The lack of medical recording instruments meant that only basic diagnostics and analyses could be carried out. There was a noted absence of key equipment for physicochemical property testing, such as high-performance liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy, nucleic acid electrophoresis machines, and more.

The same was true for microbiology and immunology tests, where essential tools were missing. This greatly limited the scope and depth of potential research and findings.

As Liu Mengqi read through the list of unknown and complex terminologies, she felt increasingly overwhelmed. Yet, at the same time, her fascination with the school doctor grew. Why would someone so knowledgeable and skilled choose to work as a mere school doctor?

Unbeknownst to her, Liu Mengqi found herself gradually getting drawn into the school doctor’s world of seemingly dull books and challenging concepts that she had previously thought beyond her understanding.

“What secrets are you hiding from us?” she whispered softly, stroking the school doctor’s face. The school doctor’s uneasy head movement caused Liu Mengqi to blush once more.

Then, unexpectedly:

“Ah! Doc, you’re throwing up!” Liu Mengqi cried out in alarm.


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