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Chapter 17: A Man’s First Steps into the Apocalypse

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Mi Dashuai
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Setting down the small dried fish with an awkward gesture, Lin Feng suggested, “Look in my backpack. Maybe there’s a snack you’d fancy. By the way, have you recently interacted with any animals?” He unzipped his bag, revealing an assortment of snacks.

Song Zhe peeked inside, then shook his head. “Nothing catches my eye. But, come to think of it, I visited a zoo last week. Encountered quite a range of creatures,” he added thoughtfully.

Chuckling, Lin Feng replied, “That’s vague. How are we to know exactly which animals you encountered?” He zipped up his bag, musing aloud, “However, we know you now have a form of night vision, though not as strong as my own, and–”

In a spontaneous test of Song Zhe’s newfound abilities, Lin Feng swiped at him, only for Song Zhe to deftly dodge.

“Whoa, what was that for?” Song Zhe exclaimed, slightly startled.

“Just assessing your reflexes,” Lin Feng said with a grin. “And they seem to be sharp.”

Internally, Lin Feng acknowledged Song Zhe’s enhanced reactions. “Humans are naturally quicker than zombies, but what zombies lack in speed, they make up for in stamina. Racing against them? A sure loss.”

“We should move downstairs to continue our exploration,” he suggested.

Noting the dimming sky, Lin Feng realized they needed to act swiftly, especially if they intended to inspect the power station and check on the principal at the same time. The number of zombies in that vicinity was intimidating, possibly in the hundreds.

Leading the way to the fifth floor, Lin Feng signaled to a classroom, whispering, “See that female zombie inside 5-2? We should approach silently. When the moment’s right, aim for the head. And if you miss, quickly pull back.”

Song Zhe hesitated, anxiety evident in his eyes. The reality of facing another person was overwhelming enough, let alone starting off with taking a life right away.

Seeing his apprehension, Lin Feng offered comfort. “Relax. I’m right here with you. You’re more powerful now, remember? These zombies don’t stand a chance.”

While Lin Feng’s ease around the undead could be attributed to his previous experience scouting and his strange movie tastes, he understood that Song Zhe, an ordinary man until now, would naturally be more apprehensive.

Gathering courage, Song Zhe gripped his spear and emulated Lin Feng’s stealthy approach. As he readied himself behind the oblivious zombie, a sudden voice disrupted the silence, “Hey! You two! Found any food?”

The sudden noise startled the zombie, causing her to turn. In panic, Song Zhe thrust his spear, which pierced her shoulder, but not lethally. She retaliated instantly, knocking him to the ground.

“Lin Feng! Help!” Song Zhe shouted, fending off the aggressive creature, its blood splattering on his face.

But as Lin Feng attempted to intervene, a strong grip halted him. It was Zhu Hanfang.

“Release me, Zhu Hanfang!”

“Listen, I’ve always said there’s no point saving the weak. In this apocalypse, they’re only fodder.” Zhu Hanfang’s laughter echoed, his gaze mockingly fixed on Song Zhe, who was barely holding on inside the classroom.

Lin Feng struggled against Zhu’s grip, eyes darting towards Song Zhe, who seemed on the brink of collapse. Blood pooled around Song Zhe, his eyes shut tight, his own name escaping his lips in a desperate cry.

“Enough! Get off me!”

At his wit’s end, Lin Feng, with an almost uncanny agility, sent Zhu Hanfang flying with a swift kick.

Zhu Hanfang, sprawled on the ground, looked up in disbelief at Lin Feng, who moved as if boneless.

Without sparing another glance at Zhu, Lin Feng activated his time-slowing ability. The world around him seemed to lag, every motion drawn out. With a firm grip on his spear, he channeled his strength, launching it with blinding speed straight into a zombie’s skull.

The sheer force drove the spear through, anchoring it to a wall, which started showing signs of fracturing.

Just then, a weakened Song Zhe found himself face-to-face with the remains of the same zombie’s head.


In a frenzied move, Song Zhe shoved the lifeless creature off him.

“It’s over, Song,” Lin Feng reassured, embracing his distraught friend. “There’s so much blood,” Song whispered, face a grotesque mask of red.

“I see it,” Lin Feng replied gently, pulling back to look at him. “Let’s get you cleaned up. Night’s falling. We’ll resume training tomorrow, okay?” He had intended for Song Zhe to face a few zombies, hoping to build his confidence. But he hadn’t anticipated Zhu Hanfang’s meddling.

“What if I’m infected? I don’t want to die, Lin Feng. My mom’s waiting for me.” Song Zhe’s voice cracked, tears streaming down.

“You’re fine. They didn’t bite you. Just clean up and rest.”

As they exited the classroom, the whereabouts of Zhu Hanfang remained a mystery. The earlier commotion had drawn several zombies. With one hand steadying Song Zhe and the other wielding his spear, Lin Feng dispatched them with lethal efficiency.

Upon reaching the staircase, he gestured for Song Zhe to ascend. As Song Zhe hesitated, Lin Feng, sensing the need for encouragement, said, “It’s a process, brother. Skill comes from practice. Few are born warriors. Your courage today? More than many ever muster. Countless have died without ever fighting back.”

“Thank you,” Song Zhe murmured, slightly comforted.

Lin Feng nodded, retrieved his spear, and continued on. As he approached the staircase leading to the next floor, a chilling sight met him: Zhu Hanfang and his gang stood there, bats in hand, menacing smiles directed at Liu Mengqi.

“So, you have a death wish?” Lin Feng’s icy voice broke the tense silence, his cat-like eyes, a shade of deep blue, gleaming with deadly intent.


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