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Chapter 67: Anna Problems

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Mi Dashuai
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Blushing just a touch, Lin Feng swiftly yanked his hand from his tummy and hopped over the wall. Thanks to the rain, the zombies were moving like they were stuck in a quagmire, letting him pass without a second glance. He beelined to the nearest supermarket, grabbing bags of milk powder and milk tea. And just for good measure, he snagged a Titan 666 graphics card from a tech shop he spotted– perfect for Hao Jian’s PC.

Lin Feng’s mind buzzed with possibilities. With this new upgrade, he could level up Hao Jian’s setup, turning the archery hall into a legit gaming den.

For now, tranquility prevailed, granting Lin Feng a short-lived peace before his impending rendezvous with Mr. Spider.

As the rain threw the zombies into confusion, Lin Feng moved with relative ease through them. But how he longed for warmth of the brazier back at base; the wet rain was horrible on his furry ears and tails.

As he neared the archery hall, the terrain became muddied. Unlike the firm asphalt roads elsewhere, this area was dominated by dirt tracks. A few zombies, caught off-guard by the downpour, were swept into a nearby river. Their desperate flailing was soon overcome by the inexorable pull of the currents.

“I’m back! Let me in!” Lin Feng knocked on the archery hall’s door.

A wary but familiar voice from inside asked, “Who is it?”


“Lin Feng? Is that you?”

The door slowly edged open, revealing Ruolian’s eyes peering through the sliver of space.

“Are you on duty tonight, Ruolian?”

After stepping in, Lin Feng gratefully took the towel Ruolian extended, wiping away the raindrops clinging to his hair.

“Yes, it’s my shift,” Ruolian answered.

Noticing his bare feet, she quickly retrieved a pair of sterile slippers from an adjoining hallway.

“Thank you. But aren’t you on medical care? Why are you on door duty?”

As he slid into the slippers, Lin Feng appreciated the comfort they provided. He silently thanked whoever had the wisdom to keep such basic necessities around, making the harsh circumstances slightly more bearable.

Ruolian bit her lip, “Anna was initially scheduled for today’s shift, but…”

“Did she skip out on her duty? Is that why you’re here? I swear, sometimes she can be such a handful.”

The slippers nestled comfortably around Lin Feng’s feet. He silently praised Ruolian’s attentiveness. Indeed, she and Liu Mengqi shared a bond that made her predict such nuances.

Ruolian sighed, “It’s not that. Anna might be impulsive, but she never shirks her responsibilities. However, after you were away last night, something went awry. She got involved in a fight this morning.”

“A fight?”

“Yes, and it was intense. Yan Jie and her friends even took out weapons.”

Lin Feng’s eyes widened, “Are you serious?!”

Lin Feng’s surprise was palpable. He gripped Ruolian’s shoulders tightly, astounded that Anna and Yan Jie had clashed so violently during his short absence.


Noticing Ruolian’s discomfort, he quickly released her.

“Ah. Sorry, Ruolian. Can you tell me exactly what happened?”

A furrow deepened on his brow, regret tingeing his voice. He had hoped the discord between Anna and Yan Jie had been put to rest. Clearly, Yan Jie’s spite was deeper than he’d estimated.

If they were both men, a quick brawl and a handshake and it would all be water under the bridge. At the worst, they would have just split up. But they clearly weren’t, was Anna the instigator then? She always was the headstrong and brash girl.

… Perhaps it really was her.

“And now? What’s the situation?”

“Anna’s recuperating in her room. As for Yan Jie, she’s being…”


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