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Chapter 120: Common Understanding

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Mi Dashuai
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“I’ll ask for their opinion. By the way, we can stay here tonight, right, uncle?” Lin Feng spoke as the atmosphere eased with the deal’s conclusion.

“You can, but please stay on the floor below and ask your friends to keep it down so as not to disturb us,” the man with golden hair nodded, weighing the difference in their weapons.

“Then, I wish you a pleasant evening, sir,” Lin Feng nodded to the golden-haired man and gently extracted the tail from the little girl’s embrace.

“Kitty,” the girl said, looking at Lin Feng with a hint of reluctance.

Hearing the girl’s wistful voice, Lin Feng smiled and took out a cat keychain that Hao Jian had insisted on attaching to his bow and arrow. He handed it to the little girl.

“What’s your name, little sister?” Lin Feng asked, holding up the keychain with a smile.

“My name is Ya Youhuai.”

“Be good and drink plenty of water tonight. Here, this is for you.”

He handed the cat keychain to Ya Youhuai, gently stroking her sleek black hair.

Understanding the gesture, the girl nodded. She held the white cat keychain tightly in her palm, her little furrowed brow easing a bit from pain, revealing a smile that accentuated her adorable dimples.

After kissing the little girl’s forehead and nodding at the golden-haired man, Lin Feng left.

“What a good child. You’re being too cautious, honey,” the woman said, patting Ya Youhuai’s head and lightly chiding the man.

“Perhaps,” the man replied, without elaborating, as he holstered his pistol. He had always tried to shield his daughter and wife from the monsters, wondering if the girl they had just met was also a mutated creature.

Perhaps, in this post-apocalyptic world, there were still good people left.

Lin Feng picked up his walkie-talkie.

“Hello? Can you hear me?”

Static crackled through.

“Loud and clear, junior,” came Hao Jian’s voice, clear despite the static.

“Alright, head to the 41st floor. It looks like we’ll be giving the 42nd floor to that family tonight.”

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“Roger that. We’re on our way.”

After hanging up the walkie-talkie in his front pocket and switching off the safety on his firearm, Lin Feng felt relieved. Peaceful coexistence was always preferable. He then hoisted the unconscious school doctor onto his back, grabbed his dagger, and headed towards the fire escape stairs.

Descending a floor, he encountered no zombies. The hotel was eerily devoid of them, and the fire escape was similarly empty.

Lin Feng began to check the floor. The hotel was circular, with a tall fountain at its center, surrounded by glass barriers for protection. After circling about eight rooms, he chose two near the fire escape and entered.

Inside, the rooms were tidy, with linen bedding and several wool pillows that felt extremely comfortable.

He opened the bedding, found the air conditioner remote, and tucked the school doctor in, undoing the elastic band from her hair and removing her glasses. He then skillfully removed her outer clothing, revealing the usual lace undergarments – a sight he had grown accustomed to.

Back when he first started escorting the school doctor, Lin Feng would blush. Now, it was just mundane. The school doctor’s black lace garments appeared comfortable, probably chosen for ease during her research.

The ding of the elevator snapped Lin Feng back to the present. He made sure the school doctor was well-covered and, with his dagger in hand, approached the elevator.


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