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Chapter 138: Dinner at Doc’s

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Mi Dashuai
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“Actually, I can handle it alone…”

“I can help you!” Anna insisted, gripping her battle axe, which she had somehow managed to modify herself. The handle was wrapped with a red cloth for added stability, and a sharp dagger was cleverly attached to the top of the axe.

Lin Feng sighed, seeing her determined expression. He reluctantly agreed, knowing this mission was more about seeking help from the Yan’s Group and not about engaging in conflict. Having Anna along might speed up dealing with any zombies they encountered.

“Make sure to mention that we’re Yan Aoxue’s classmates, if necessary.”

(I’m not sure who is talking…)

“Understood. How’s Hao Jian’s preparation going?” Lin Feng asked, referring to their plan of sending Hao Jian to check on the principal. They were initially going to wait for help at the camp, but that was no longer possible since the military decided to just blow up the city entirely.

Given the unexpected takeover of the quarantine station and the impending danger, they had to reassess their escape strategy. Yan Aoxue’s presence with the principal could be crucial in gaining support from the Yan Group.

“Will you and Liu Mengqi be alright?” Lin Feng asked, concerned about leaving just the doctor and Liu Mengqi at the hotel. He had grown fond of the doctor, even surpassing that of a sibling’s fondness. Without Anna to help guard the place, there was barely any combat strength left.

“Don’t worry about us,” the doctor reassured him. “It’s safer for Anna to be with you. We’ll manage here and have dinner ready when you get back.”

With the plan in place, Lin Feng and Anna set off for the Yan Group building. The journey should take no more than forty minutes. They planned to clear any zombies along the way and return in time for dinner.

“Alright, then. You’re in charge of dinner tonight,” Lin Feng said to the doctor before leaving, glancing at Liu Mengqi, who was preoccupied with something inside.

Since Yan Aoxue’s departure, Liu Mengqi had tried her hand at cooking for the group, but her culinary skills often resulted in unrecognizable dishes.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep Liu Mengqi out of the kitchen. Tonight, you’ll taste my cooking,” the doctor promised, ensuring a more palatable dinner experience.

Thinking back on it, he had never tried the doctor’s cooking before. Most of the time, she was the one eating someone else’s cooking, while drinking her night away.

At least he had something to look forward to later.

“Aren’t you cold in that outfit?” Lin Feng asked, noticing Anna’s comparatively light attire against his own thick down jacket.

“I’m fine, I don’t really get cold,” Anna replied cheerfully, her mood clearly improved by being allowed to accompany Lin Feng.

Watching Anna’s energetic twintails bounce as they walked, Lin Feng couldn’t help but marvel at how much time had passed since they met in that bathroom.

Upon reaching the Yan Group building, Anna, with her cheeks flushed from the cold, pressed close to Lin Feng for warmth, and asked while peering intently at the building, “Can you see anyone inside?”

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