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Chapter 126: Higher-ups

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“1st floor.”

The chime echoed from the elevator as the doctor gazed at the group before her.

“What about the little girl? Is she…”

“I need to take a shower,” Lin Feng interjected, striding towards a guest room, his hand smeared with blood from the dagger he silently dropped to the floor.

Watching Lin Feng’s retreating figure, the doctor turned, puzzled, to the two others who had just emerged from the elevator.

“What happened?”

“The girl turned into a zombie. Likely food poisoning; no wounds on her body. Her mother didn’t struggle and was devoured. Now both, turned zombies, have been killed by Lin Feng,” one of them explained, gesturing towards the dagger on the floor before picking up a beer the doctor was about to drink.

In the bathroom, Lin Feng stared at the bloodstained cat pendant in his hand, which he couldn’t clean thoroughly. Overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness, he lamented silently.

“It’s not your fault, Lin Feng,” the doctor’s voice resonated from outside the bathroom. “You can’t save everyone.”

Receiving no response, the doctor sighed, understanding that Lin Feng needed some time alone.

“Can’t save everyone, huh?” Lin Feng mused, placing the uncleanable pendant in the soap dish. As the showerhead washed away the blood, tinting the water a faint red, he became agitated and began to vigorously scrub his tail with shampoo.


“Do you have any updates regarding the recent disappearance of high-ranking officials?” a reporter asked, thrusting a microphone towards a muscular government official, his bulk barely concealed by his suit.

“No news. We have no idea why he vanished. The military is currently conducting a thorough investigation,” the official replied curtly.

“Is this incident connected to what’s happening in E City?”

“Absolutely not. Do you journalists have any sense at all?” the official retorted, visibly annoyed.

“Is it true that E City is going to be demolished?”

“What do you think? If you media hadn’t sensationalized this, we could’ve saved more lives. Everyone in E City, please head to the quarantine station under the E City Bridge for evacuation. We’re initiating the E City Purge Plan in 20 days. You have that time to evacuate before we launch the missiles!”

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“So, you’re disregarding some people’s lives?” the reporter prodded further.

“We’ve done our best by offering these 20 days. The financial and human costs of the lockdown are beyond your comprehension. We can’t risk the virus spreading further. That’s all, no more interviews.”

The official briskly walked to his car, flanked by bodyguards, leaving the reporters behind as the car sped away.

Song Zhe, watching the news on TV, spilled his drink, letting it drip onto the floor.

“Damn, they’re going to blow up the place! Damn it!”

“We need to head to the quarantine station,” Hao Jian announced, turning to Lin Feng in the corner.


“Huh? What is it?” Lin Feng looked up, startled.

Everyone sighed. Lin Feng had been in a daze for two days, lost in his thoughts and seemingly unaware of his surroundings.

Liu Mengqi approached Lin Feng and hugged him. In his current state, he didn’t resist; sometimes, he even purred contentedly.

“The news said they’re blowing up this place in 20 days. We need to get out of here.”

“Oh, blowing up this place, yeah! What! They’re blowing up this place?” Lin Feng bolted upright from the leather sofa, his shock evident in his wide, azure blue eyes.


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