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Chapter 91: Unity

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Mi Dashuai
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‘Ah~ how can death smell so sweet?’

‘A last supper of fish snacks, at least this spider has some decency left in it,’ Lin Feng thought sadly to himself. ‘Or maybe that itself is an illusion. Ah~ I just want some fish snacks…’

Upon finishing the snacks, Lin Feng lifted his little head.

“Would you end it quickly for me?”


The school doctor’s heart lifted slightly upon witnessing Lin Feng, coaxed from his elevated hideaway. It was evident that ingrained habits couldn’t be fully extinguished, even amid a psychological breakdown. However, why did Lin Feng’s expression, following the finishing of the fish snacks, bear such a stark resignation to death?

“Hey, what are you doing?!”

Feeling a pair of hands gently cup his face, Lin Feng sharply shoved the school doctor away.

“A swift end, is that it?”

“Doc, I know you’re also a figment of my imagination, aren’t you? Sigh, why did my mind create such a tiny doctor?”

It was all an illusion anyway, right? Lin Feng, unrestrained in his admiration of the school doctor, stroked his chin, preparing himself to indulge in a visual feast.

Two minutes later…

Tenderly massaging the pronounced bump on his head, Lin Feng bowed apologetically to the audience.

“I’m sorry for worrying everyone. I…was previously caught in the spider’s illusion, so I thought I was still in it,” Lin Feng spoke, a hue of red subtly coloring his face, casting a mock glare towards Song Zhe, who was thoroughly amused, rolling in laughter.

“As long as you’re okay. I’m going to cook; let’s all enjoy a hearty meal later,” Yan Aoxue conveyed, smiling softly at the now-stabilized Lin Feng, then headed towards the kitchen.

“Meow~ha!” Imitating Lin Feng’s earlier mournful meow, Liu Mengqi chuckled with playful mischief.

“Damn Liu Mengqi, you’ll pay for that!” Lin Feng declared, reaching playfully for Liu Mengqi’s ponytail.

“See ya, I’m going to help Aoxue.”

Liu Mengqi nimbly sidestepped, aligning herself with Yan Aoxue, as they headed toward the kitchen, leaving Lin Feng bathed subtly in the ambient light, his cheeks a soft hue of rose.

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“Alright, no more laughter, everyone. Each of us has our own problems. Let’s clean up and prepare for dinner,” advised the school doctor, clapping her hands gently. She signaled Lin Feng, whose fresh blood was seeping through his bandage, to approach for a change; thanks to his little adventure, the wounds had reopened on his chest.

Returning to the room he’d previously shared with Anna, Lin Feng found himself nestled back in his own bed, under her inquisitively puzzled gaze.

“What happened to you? Did you get into a fight?” Anna asked curiously, eyeing the blood-stained bandage on Lin Feng.

“Young ones shouldn’t pry,” Lin Feng replied, cheeks slightly blushing as he thought about recent events.

“Meow~Ha!” The school doctor, having finished tending to Lin Feng’s wound, let out an inexplicable meow.


“Alright, no more teasing. Anna, let’s head for dinner,” the school doctor gently laughed, helping Anna to her feet. Anna’s stomach wound was nearly as severe as Lin Feng’s; the two were practically half-disabled.

“What were you two talking about? What’s with all the ‘meow~ha’?”

Anna, whose hair had grown to her shoulders due to being untied during her recovery period, scratched her head curiously, her eyes fixed on a blushing Lin Feng.

Interestingly, Xiaoling, once timid, had unexpectedly become the team’s hairstylist. Although most team members were girls whose hair didn’t require frequent cuts, the occasional trim, like maintaining bangs, was needed. The boys’ hair also grew longer and needed care, Lin Feng being the exception.

Everyone found their place within the group. Ruo Lian’s gentle and skilled treatment of injuries had earned praise. Even the girls, not adept in combat, had found their roles. The team, in comparison to the past, had become much stronger and more united.

“Come on, what are you daydreaming about?” Anna, looking back at Lin Feng, who was lost in thought on his bed, called out.

“On my way!” Lin Feng responded with vigor.


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