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Chapter 128: Setting Off

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“The optimal effective range of a walkie-talkie should be 4-5 kilometers. Send someone to communicate with me at five kilometers to cover my retreat,” Lin Feng said with a smile. In truth, Lin Feng was uncertain about the safety of this mission. Facing the army’s sophisticated weaponry, his special abilities seemed merely an addition, far from the game-like scenario where he could single-handedly take on a special forces squad. Under the barrage of rifles and machine guns, he felt no different from an ordinary person.

Moreover, he wasn’t invulnerable; a single bullet still could damage a part of his body. But, if things went awry, at the very least, he could convey the message that the army wasn’t the people’s ally. Then, the school doctor and others could discuss with the principal a strategy for departure.

Of course, Lin Feng wasn’t foolish. He wasn’t just throwing himself into danger. The reason he chose the night was obvious – to conceal his movements. This was an opportunity at the quarantine station! He couldn’t miss this chance to return to civilization.

Most importantly, were his parents and Liu Mengqi’s parents at the quarantine station? Lin Feng was a little doubtful of this information. His team had only recently learned of it from the news. As for when this news was released, that was still a mystery. Plus, they hadn’t heard any other news since leaving the mall.

A few days might seem short, but it was possible that his parents had left during this time. At least for now, he could only guess, or more accurately, pray.

“I’ll do it,” Hao Jian said with a smile.

“Okay,” Lin Feng agreed without dispute. After all, only the school doctor and Hao Jian knew how to drive. They certainly couldn’t rely on a drunkard to bring back information. Who knew if she would forget everything after a can of beer?

“Let’s get ready to leave. We’ll lie in wait near the quarantine station, 5 kilometers away, by this afternoon and set out in the evening,” Lin Feng said, stuffing a piece of so-called high-quality steak into his mouth and speaking to Hao Jian.

“Alright. Doc, here are the car keys. Lin Feng and I will find a faster vehicle, just in case we need to make a quick escape,” Hao Jian said, handing the keys to the school doctor before going to gather his weapons.

Lin Feng checked his bow and arrows and the katana left to him by the blonde uncle. Observing the blade, he noted it had been freshly sharpened unevenly.

Swinging it, Lin Feng tested the feel. It was good, though he was unsure of its effectiveness against zombies. To be cautious, he carried a spear on his back as well. Unfamiliar weapons required time to master, a conclusion he reached while learning archery.

“I’m ready,” Hao Jian announced, arriving with a large army-green bag slung over his shoulder and an assault rifle hanging across his chest.

“You can use this?” Lin Feng asked doubtfully, knowing Hao Jian was more of an archer.

“You underestimate me, junior. I’ve only studied it briefly, but I can still operate it. Let’s hope it won’t be necessary,” Hao Jian replied, awkwardly adjusting the heavy weapon around his neck.

Lin Feng didn’t take one; the weapon was cumbersome and interfered with his preferred agile combat style. For now, his mission was reconnaissance, not a frontal assault.

“We might not return tonight. Stay safe,” Lin Feng said as they left.

“Take care of yourselves,” the school doctor waved, acknowledging their departure.

The pair headed to the basement and found a decent-looking sedan. Although they were unsure of the make, its large front hinted at its usefulness.

“Junior, I… have something to tell you,” Hao Jian began, his face reddening slightly as they got into the car.

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