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Chapter 141: Let Her Cook

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Mi Dashuai
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The restroom door splintered under a powerful blow, flinging shards of wood across the walls in a chaotic spray.

“Out! Out! You’re fired! Die, die, die!”

A hulking figure emerged from the restroom’s wreckage, a grotesque parody of a corporate executive. The zombie, adorned in the tattered remnants of a business suit, bulged with excess flesh, making a mockery of its former attire. Its snout-like nose dominated a face contorted by mutation, and its colossal frame loomed over Lin Feng and Anna like a behemoth. Lin Feng, with his usual agility, quickly scooped up Anna and leapt back, narrowly evading the rampaging figure. The wall buckled under the force of the zombie’s charge, forming a significant indentation

Having faced the relentless peach zombie at school, Lin Feng found this one repulsive but not particularly intimidating. This zombie, though menacing, lacked the chilling resilience of the peach zombie.

“Sir, please hear me out, I—”

His plea was cut short as the zombie, with astounding strength, uprooted an office desk as if it were a feather.

“Lin Feng! We need to get out of here, that pig is too much for us!” Anna yelled in terror, hastily smacking Lin Feng’s backside in desperation.

“I get it, stop hitting my butt,” Lin Feng responded, setting Anna down and deftly sidestepping the zombie’s assault.

He swiftly unsheathed his spear, aiming a thrust at the grotesque form, but the spear barely penetrated the thick layer of fat.

“Blast, all fat and no flesh!”

As the zombie prepared for another charge, Lin Feng drew his silenced pistol, firing two shots into its swollen head. The bullets tore through, leaving deep wounds, yet the zombie remained unfazed.

— Transition to the school nurse’s quarters —

The school nurse, garbed in a homely fashion with an apron wrapped around her waist and her hair coiffed elegantly, was a picture of domestic grace in the kitchen. She skillfully sliced through the greens, while Liu Mengqi approached with curiosity.

“How do you even eat this?” Liu Mengqi asked, examining the unfamiliar vegetable.

“They are like bamboo shoots – delicious stir-fried or combined with garlic, mushrooms, and sliced meat,” the nurse explained, sorting the freshly washed greens.

“You have a wide range of ingredients, Aoxue’s cooking is completely different from yours,” Liu Mengqi observed, cutting the vegetables under the nurse’s guidance, intrigued by the assortment of sauces on the counter.

“Yes, Yan Aoxue’s style is too rigid, almost like replicating recipes verbatim. I don’t have that kind of discipline in my cooking,” the nurse admitted, taking a sip of white wine, her cheeks turning rosy in the cool room.

“Damn this hotel,” she mused with a chuckle after a sip, “Once our cat returns, we’ll have to move to a better place. This one can’t even keep the heating working, ha!”

With a light chuckle, the nurse tossed the shrimp into the searing oil. Liu Mengqi edged back as the sizzling intensified. Without warning, the nurse playfully splashed wine into the pan, igniting a dramatic flare as she expertly flipped the contents, the flames dancing under her masterful control.

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