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Chapter 137: Discussion

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Mi Dashuai
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Lin Feng, after a few agile leaps, returned to his little electric scooter, dubbed “Little Lamb.” He started the scooter, and after ensuring no one was following, he breathed a sigh of relief. Those two brothers seemed to harbor a deep hatred for humans but didn’t seem to have the same animosity towards mutants. Lin Feng certainly didn’t want to draw their attention to his team.

He rode the Little Lamb back to the spot he had agreed upon with Hao Jian. Seeing Lin Feng approaching on the scooter, Hao Jian, who was idly stargazing, looked surprised.

“Back already, junior?” he asked, a hint of surprise in his voice.

Lin Feng, stowing away his equipment in the scooter’s trunk, settled comfortably into the passenger seat. The car’s warm interior provided a welcome respite from the cold, causing Lin Feng’s ears, which had been numbed by the chill, to twitch contentedly.

“We should sleep in the car tonight,” Lin Feng suggested, considering the risk of driving with lights on during the night. “It’s too risky at night, and turning on the lights could easily give us away.”

He hadn’t anticipated his reconnaissance mission to the quarantine station to be so brief. The station, surprisingly, was under the control of a gang rather than being heavily guarded by soldiers. This unexpected twist had saved him from a more complicated and dangerous infiltration.

Had the station been under the control of the military, he highly doubted whether he could have even gotten a single answer. After all, catching a soldier alone was a lot harder than a gangster. And that soldier probably wouldn’t have told him anything even if he found one.

“Sounds good,” Hao Jian agreed, retrieving a pair of thin blankets from the car’s trunk. Though not the thickest, they would suffice to keep them warm with the heater on.

The following day, Hao Jian drove Lin Feng back to the hotel, where the group convened around a table, faces etched with concern.

“The quarantine station has been taken over by a gang?!” the doctor exclaimed in disbelief, her expression a mix of shock and contemplation. On the table lay a countdown notebook, grimly reminding them of the 18 days remaining. Without a clear exit strategy from the city, their best bet might be a boat. However, was that even an option? The gang’s lack of attempts at escaping by boat suggested otherwise.

“We might try leaving by air,” Lin Feng suggested, recalling the helicopter he had seen at the Yan’s Group building. “I saw a helicopter depart a few times, so there must be a route out.”

The doctor, however, expressed skepticism. “Yan’s Group has always wielded significant influence. They likely have official channels that allow them such liberties. Just because you saw a helicopter doesn’t guarantee it’s a viable option for us.”

“Still, we should check it out,” Lin Feng asserted, seeing no harm in exploring the possibility.

With a consensus reached, the group agreed to Lin Feng’s plan. They also resolved to investigate other potential escape methods involving planes or boats. The unexpected occupation of the quarantine station had disrupted their initial plans, leaving them scrambling for alternatives.

After resting until the afternoon, Lin Feng donned his usual black down jacket and a white scarf, armed himself with two pistols – one equipped with a silencer – and meticulously checked his gear before setting off.

“I’ll come with you,” announced Anna, her voice echoing her customary imperious tone.


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