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Chapter 117: A Family in Trouble

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Mi Dashuai
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“Uncle, I didn’t mean any harm! Besides, how am I supposed to harm in just my underwear?” Wrapping the towel around himself tightly, he shivered from the cold – What kind of hotel doesn’t have a radiator?!

Keeping a wary eye on the man, he walked to the side and started dressing, placing his weapons in a pile. Lin Feng decided not to reach for them again. It seemed the cautious man wouldn’t relax otherwise.

“First, explain what’s going on with your body!” The man’s tone eased slightly upon realizing Lin Feng had no intention of attacking.

“Mutation, uncle. Haven’t you seen one before?” Lin Feng, rolling his ocean-blue eyes, was somewhat exasperated with the man still holding a gun.

“Mutation?” The uncle was taken aback.

Seeing the uncle’s surprised expression, Lin Feng frowned, realizing that mutations weren’t as common as he had thought. Only in densely populated areas like schools did he encounter several mutants.

“It’s simply a genetic mutation. But don’t worry, I’m still human. Anyway, is there something wrong with your child? Maybe I can help.”

Dealing with overly cautious people required offering help first. Their wariness had probably kept them alive until now. Fortunately, Lin Feng looked like Liu Mengqi; otherwise, the man might have interrogated him for much longer.

“Do you know medicine?” The woman spoke up upon hearing Lin Feng’s offer of help.

“I’ve learned a bit under a doctor. I might be able to assist, especially since you don’t have other options right now,” Lin Feng said with a smile, glancing at the man who was gritting his teeth.

“Then come with me,” the woman said, leading Lin Feng by the hand towards the guest room.

Halfway there, she turned and called out to her husband, who was still in a daze. “Aren’t you coming, you fool? How could you make this young lady strip down to just her thermal pants?”

“Dear, you saw she had a gun…” the man replied helplessly, following them into their child’s room.

Inside the luxurious suite, a 15-16-year-old girl laid on the bed, her cheeks flushed and her body covered in a thin layer of sweat. A towel, obviously used for wiping the girl’s body, laid beside her. Her small eyebrows were tightly furrowed, and her eyes were closed in distress.

Lin Feng thought the cautious man’s daughter looked quite cute. He approached the girl’s bedside, looking at her tender face, and felt an odd urge to bite it.

Feeling someone nearby, the girl opened her eyes.


“What are her symptoms?” Lin Feng turned to ask the woman.

“She’s been in pain for two days now, with diarrhea and vomiting. We thought it was just a simple stomach bug, but she didn’t get better even after taking medicine. Now she’s in constant pain and sweating.”

“Stomach pain?”

Lin Feng pondered for a moment. It seemed to be a typical human illness. After examining the girl and finding no abnormalities in her organs, he stroked his chin thoughtfully.

It sounded like food poisoning, probably from the varied and possibly unhygienic food they had been eating while living rough.

“Gently,” Lin Feng consoled the girl, touching her forehead. “It looks like food poisoning, but…”


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