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Chapter 114: Boy

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Mi Dashuai
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After confirming that the surrounding rooms were devoid of zombies, he secured the main door and approached the bathroom with bated breath. With a swift motion, he flung the door open.

A guttural growling broke the silence.

Lin Feng frowned at the sight of a zombie before him – thankfully not one of his parents. Relieved, he silenced the creature permanently with a dagger to its skull.

Surveying the bathroom, he noticed the zombie’s leg was clearly broken, likely his father’s handiwork.

With the immediate tension subsided, Lin Feng wandered through the rooms. Where were they?

The family portrait that once hung on the wall was gone, signifying that his parents had evacuated on their own accord. In the kitchen, the food supplies had been taken. Lin Feng turned the tap on at the sink.

As expected.

The absence of empty bags meant there were still supplies left when his parents departed, implying the lack of water drove them away. The pipe spat out a black liquid, riddled with unidentifiable solids – undrinkable.

Reflecting briefly, Lin Feng returned to his room, pocketing a family photo. Without his parents, this place could no longer be called home.

But where could they have gone?

“Lin Feng, are your parents gone too?” Liu Mengqi’s voice, tinged with sorrow, reached him around a corner.

“Yes, they must have left together, though I’ve no idea where to. The community’s water is contaminated; they had no choice but to leave,” he replied.

“As long as they’re alive, there’s hope, brother. We’ll find clues eventually. It’s time we headed back,” Song Zhe interjected, glancing at his Rolex. It was time.

That day, each of them had received a Rolex, beginning a life of unexpected luxury. Lin Feng had also found an appropriate black down jacket in a large mall, a welcome change from his usual attire.

With a nod, they began their return journey, knocking on the car window upon reaching the vehicle.

“You guys are back,” Hao Jian greeted them, rolling down the window, observing their grim expressions.


“As if –our parents are just not at home. The water’s contaminated,” Lin Feng snapped, tapping on Hao Jian’s head poking out of the window before opening the back door.

Inside, the school doctor lay sprawled across the back seat, with Anna disdainfully pushing her away for using her as an unwilling pillow.

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“Lily girl, you’re back. Help me prop her up.”

“Coming. But really, why is she drinking again, Hao Jian? Couldn’t you stop her?”

“I tried, but she said she was bored waiting for you,” Hao Jian replied innocently, tossing some empty cans from the passenger seat.

The school doctor, notorious for her increased ‘battle strength’ when alcohol was involved, had single-handedly fetched a couple of crates of beer. Lin Feng got into the back seat, lifting her up while listening to Hao Jian’s account of the day.

The car started slowly, heading towards a hotel.

“By the way, Anna, could you please stop calling me ‘Lily girl’? I’ve told you, I’m a boy.”

“I don’t—”

In the midst of Anna’s protest, Lin Feng grabbed her hand and placed it over his chest.


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