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Chapter 140: Emptiness

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Mi Dashuai
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There was nobody to be found. Not here, not there, and not there either. Lin Feng and Anna conducted a thorough search floor by floor, only to be met with disappointment each time. Failing to find anyone, they eventually pressed the button for the top floor in the elevator.

Upon reaching the top floor, their search yielded no better results, uncovering only a few office zombies, but no human presence. The office area was a mirror image of the desolation they had seen at the logistics base: computers, scattered keyboards, and mice all around. Adding to the eerie scene was a broken window pane, its shards bearing traces of blood – a silent testament to a tragic end from a high fall.

In the manager’s office, they found a zombie in a suit, struggling against wires that bound him. His name tag read “Vice Manager Yan Yan,” – was he wrong about that day’s activity? Even the vice manager of Yan Group had succumbed to zombification. What about Yan Aoxue’s father? He was the general manager, if his memory served him right.

Curiosity led them to the rooftop helipad, but their path was blocked by a reinforced glass door, marked by a small crack. Despite their attempts, the door resisted their efforts to break through without proper tools.

“Are you sure you saw a helicopter here, Lily?” Anna asked, her skepticism evident as she gazed at the desolate rooftop through the glass.

“I’m certain I did,” Lin Feng replied, although doubt began to creep into his mind as they prepared to depart.

Then, a voice echoed from the top floor’s restroom, breaking the silence: “Work, work, work! Everyone must work overtime!”

“There’s someone!” Lin Feng exclaimed, a spark of hope igniting within him. He quickly made his way to the restroom, with Anna trailing behind, slightly hesitant. “Don’t tell me he’s really hiding in a cubicle, just like I was.”

Approaching the source of the noise, they heard thumping from a cubicle, drawing the attention of a few zombies.

“Whoever’s in there, hold on for just a bit longer, we’re coming!”

Lin Feng efficiently dispatched them with his bow and arrows, but just as Anna was about to rush in, he prevented her from rushing in by grabbing her ponytail.

“Ouch! Lily, why did you pull my hair?” Anna complained, rubbing her head.

“Don’t be so hasty, wait a second” Lin Feng apologized, turning his attention back to the restroom door. “Sir, inside the cubicle, the zombies are cleared. You can come out now.”

Holding his silenced pistol at the ready, Lin Feng was prepared for any scenario, his experience with that blonde man still fresh in his mind.

Suddenly, a loud voice bellowed from the cubicle: “You’re fired, fired!!!”

The intensity of the banging inside the cubicle grew, prompting Lin Feng and Anna to exchange a look of concern.

“Maybe we should… leave?” Lin Feng suggested, sensing something was not quite right.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

“Lin Feng, should we…” The knocking grew ever louder.

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