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Chapter 135: Brothers

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Mi Dashuai
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“Shut up and spill the plan!”

Lin Feng’s brows furrowed as he observed the smirking delinquent, Lin Feng, breaking into laughter.

“Relax, we’re not your enemies. We’re part of the legitimate underworld, not like those street thugs. You’ve seen it, right? The news? Those politicians want to abandon us, so…”

“Get to the point.”

“We’re planning to hijack the boat they’re sending for rescue. After that, we’ll escape along the main river. We’re just looking to make a quick fortune, nothing secretive. Come on, let me go. If the boss finds out, you’ll definitely be riddled with bullets, young lady.”

The gangster candidly repeated the plan to Lin Feng, his voice tinged with a hint of mockery.

Ever since Lin Feng’s transformation, his voice had softened and almost sounded feminine. Even with a strained tone, the gangster detected something unusual.

“Stay on topic. Have you encountered any refugees here before?” Lin Feng asked, slicing a tiny cut on the gangster’s skin with a dagger.

“I don’t know. When we arrived, there were some civilians, but we drove them away. We’re gangsters, but we don’t bother with killing. Besides, these days, you have to kill people twice, right? Of course, a few fearless ones were taken out by the boss. They brought it upon themselves.”

Killed! A chill ran through Lin Feng as he rummaged through his pocket, pulling out a family photo he had brought from home.

“Have you seen this family?”

The gangster glanced at the photo in the moonlight.

“I can’t remember. There were so many people that day; who knows if they were among them? But I think the dead didn’t include this family. Just a few too-idealistic young fools who thought they could save the world by killing a few zombies.”


Grabbing a frying pan that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, Lin Feng struck the gangster on the head.

The gangster swayed and passed out again.

Lin Feng dropped the pan, sighing in relief.

It seemed his parents hadn’t been killed by these gangsters. But now, with the quarantine station occupied, they had to either find a plane to escape or leave by boat. Knowing that safety lay beyond City E, escaping this disaster zone became the primary goal.

Lin Feng didn’t dare confront the gangsters directly. Their ability to defeat regular forces proved their capability, and their possession of AKs indicated they weren’t to be trifled with.

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With only 19 days left before the missile strike to obliterate City E, Lin Feng needed to find a solution fast.

The sound of clothing rustling stood out in the silent night. Lin Feng, with a twitch of his ears, hid behind an abandoned office desk.

Two figures emerged from the darkness, accurately leaping onto Lin Feng’s floor.

“Brother, they’re from the Hongmen.”

“I know.”

“Brother, should we kill him?”

“Of course.”

The two figures approached the unconscious gangster, exchanging glances before their machetes simultaneously descended upon the man in the chair. His head was split into three, denying him even the chance to turn into a zombie.

“Brother, how many now?”

“That makes eight.”

As if in sync, they flicked the blood off their machetes, creating a trail of droplets on the floor.

Lin Feng, disturbed by the scent of blood in the room, remained hidden.

“Hey there, companion in hiding, have you seen enough?”

“Wasn’t it spectacular?”

The two men sheathed their machetes and turned towards Lin Feng’s hiding spot, their blood-red eyes fixating on the space behind the office desk.


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