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Chapter 21: Antipyretics? Liu Mengqi and her Medicine

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Mi Dashuai
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Song Zhe’s face turned a shade of pink as he averted his gaze from the school doctor.

“Is my friend alright? Did the zombies bite him?”

A realization flickered in the school doctor’s eyes. Swiftly, she zipped up Lin Feng’s ample jacket, her expression tense as she noted the glass-inflicted scratches on Lin Feng’s hand.

She was well aware that the infection from these zombies was transmitted via blood. If any contaminated blood had splattered onto Lin Feng’s fresh wound…

Gently caressing the face of the young girl, the doctor chided herself for her momentary weakness. When Lin Feng had left her earlier to get the antipyretics, she had briefly welcomed the thought of liberation. However, Lin Feng had exemplified the most primal instinct: the will to survive.

To keep pushing forward!

“Dr. Hu? I’m relieved to see you’re still among the living,” Old Man Liu remarked, setting aside the ladder he’d been carrying. His gaze settled on the two figures crouched on the ground.

Drawing nearer, his eyes widened at the sight of Lin Feng, who was now unconscious.

“Has Lin Feng… been infected?”

Unable to speak due to an injured vocal cord, the school doctor gestured to her throat. Quickly grabbing a paper and pen from a nearby classroom, she scribbled:

[At this moment, I can’t determine if Lin Feng’s infected. She once saved my life, so I’m staying by her side. Mr. Liu, could you find a room for me?]

“I’d like to join you,” interjected Song Zhe with palpable concern.

[That won’t be necessary. I’m prepared.]

With calm assurance, the school doctor revealed the pistol that Lin Feng had previously stowed away in his jacket.

“Ahem… right. Understood,” Song Zhe replied, his eyes darting between Dr. Hu and the gun she held. A mix of apprehension and curiosity played in his gaze.

“However, if you find yourself in need, don’t hesitate to ask. Lin Feng and I go way back.”

“It’s decided then,” the old man chimed in. “Song Zhe, ensure both Dr. Hu and Lin Feng are well-accompanied. The 7th-floor storage room is available, which originally belonged to Lin Feng anyway. And, Dr. Hu, just so you’re aware, Lin Feng is male.”


Perplexed, Dr. Hu’s eyes roved over Lin Feng’s youthful features cradled in her embrace. The delicate, almost porcelain-like complexion and those pinkish lips didn’t strike her as typically masculine.

Together, Dr. Hu and Song Zhe shifted Lin Feng to the lounge. Adhering to the doctor’s directive, Song Zhe positioned himself as a sentinel outside the restroom. Inside, armed with disinfectants and medical supplies, Dr. Hu attended to Lin Feng’s wounds.

Emerging a short while later, Dr. Hu appeared slightly flustered. Her professional acumen notwithstanding, she couldn’t help but be taken aback by certain peculiarities of Lin Feng’s physique – the enigmatic tail and the pointed ears.

Song Zhe’s anxiety waned when he laid eyes on a cleaned up and bandaged Lin Feng, whose ears fluttered ever so slightly.

However, when Song Zhe’s gaze shifted to Dr. Hu, freshly tidied up, a warm blush tinted his cheeks. Involuntary thoughts wandered, constructing scenarios of what might have transpired in the restroom.


The sharp snap to his head jolted Song Zhe from his reverie. Dr. Hu motioned, indicating that it was time to move Lin Feng to the storage room.

Sighing, Song Zhe bent down, ready to assist. Dr. Hu then carefully positioned Lin Feng onto Song Zhe’s back.

What’s that fragrance?

Confused, Song Zhe inhaled, the aroma beckoning him to glance sideways. Spotting Lin Feng’s serene face resting against his shoulder, his cheeks reddened further.

No way, I haven’t… right?

Lin Feng is my bro.

I am Lin Feng’s wingman.

He’s a lad, but with such delicate features… He bears a striking resemblance to Liu Mengqi. Yet, those distinctive ears just amplify his endearing charm, don’t they?


He’s just a little on the fishier side, thanks to his snacks… Song Zhe muttered in his head. But that fragrance… wasn’t fishy at all…

Walking down the hallway, Song Zhe arrived at the storage room. He set up a foldable bed beside Liu Mengqi’s and placed Lin Feng on it.

The sight was odd: two nearly identical young girls on beds, with the only distinction being their cat ears and their chests.

The school doctor, upon seeing Liu Mengqi next to Lin Feng, hesitated for a moment, then understanding dawned. She began searching Lin Feng’s backpack. ‘Lin Feng was looking for medicine for this girl, wasn’t he?’

Children’s fever suppositories!

Dr. Hu scratched her head, thinking, ‘out of all the fever remedies, Lin Feng chose this? But, considering the encroaching zombies, Lin Feng didn’t have the luxury of choice.’

After instructing Song Zhe to get some water, Dr. Hu approached Liu Mengqi. Gently tapping her reddened face, she slowly opened her eyes.

“Are you allergic to aspirin?” came Dr. Hu’s strained voice.

Liu Mengqi, still groggy, shook her head.

“Drink some water,” said Dr. Hu, noting her fragile state. The medication had to be used immediately, but its prerequisite was that the user had to be clean internally.

After making Liu Mengqi drink a few sips, she assisted her towards the restroom.

On reaching the door, she indicated that Song Zhe could attend to Lin Feng.

A few minutes later, Dr. Hu emerged, supporting Liu Mengqi who was mumbling and covering her behind.

Song Zhe scratched her head, chuckling inwardly, ‘She’s still such a child, fussing over taking medicine.’

Dr. Hu hesitated for a moment before urging Song Zhe out. She then quickly stripped Lin Feng, donned her clothes, and wrapped Lin Feng in a blanket from the lounge.

Holding her empty pistol, Dr. Hu sat next to the two youngsters.

Meanwhile, Song Zhe, with his phone in one hand and a spear in the other, found a seat at the warehouse entrance, engrossed in a familiar anime.

“Doctor, Doctor,” echoed the voice of Old Man Liu, accompanied by footsteps.

[What is it?] Dr. Hu showed her notepad.

“We need to talk about our current situation…” Glancing at Song Zhe, Old Man Liu pointed towards the lounge.


Suddenly, a zombie’s head burst with a clear sound, splattering brains everywhere.

“Zhu bro, when are we going to have some fun with the girls? The guys are getting restless,” a young man in a classroom puffed out smoke. Another with a cap placed his cigarette down and questioned Zhu Hanfang, seated on a lecture desk.

Zhu Hanfang stamped out his cigarette on the desk, creating a burn mark, as the wisps of smoke curled up.

“Yeah, Zhu bro, those girls upstairs act so high and mighty. If not for Lin Feng and Old Man Liu, they’d already be ours,” commented a crew-cut fellow, swinging his bat covered in zombie gore.

The atmosphere outside was growing tense. Some groups had ominous intentions. Staying safe inside was crucial, and they’d need a plan to ensure everyone’s protection.

“I mean, did you guys see Liu Mengqi’s large chest? So thrilling, I swear. Now that she has fainted, I secretly checked her out the other day. She was utterly defenseless. If not for that guy Lin Feng suddenly returning, I almost had my way,” the man with the cap said with a smirk as he approached the former class monitor, Liu Lin.

Liu Lin, now turned into a zombie, saw potential prey approach and strained to stretch her neck towards him. She had been restrained here with a curtain by others and hadn’t moved since.

The man with the cap, breathing heavily, reached out his hand.


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