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Chapter 46 to 47: Chronicles of a Certain Classmate

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Mi Dashuai
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Lin Feng cracked open the cartoonish notebook, his eyes dancing over the childish, slightly messy handwriting. “Wow, whoever wrote this is no Shakespeare, that’s for sure,” he thought, a smile tugging at his lips. Eagerly, he turned to the first page, where big, bold letters practically jumped out at him.

“If you’re reading this, it’s meant to be. This diary should find its way to a man named Paul in Chelya-bink City. If he’s still among the living, he’ll reward you, so that’s a plus.

As for me, I’m either a zombie at this point or still human. So there’s that.”

In my youth in country ‘E,’ school was pretty unbearable. I was labeled a ‘mutt,’ criticized for my mixed heritage. But I fought back and won the battle, sending those boys fleeing like scared rabbits.

However, they later rounded up some older kids to do their dirty work. I fought, but ended up in the hospital. It wasn’t a defeat, though; I bit one of the older boys hard enough to draw blood on his hand.

My parents then decided a school transfer was in order. Honestly, it was probably for the best. I couldn’t trust myself not to confront those bullies again. So off I went to another institution.

Upon arriving in country ‘Z,’ things took a turn for the better. People were kind, and nobody called me derogatory names. The only downside is that the language here is like solving a puzzle with missing pieces. Why can’t it be as straightforward as back home?

As Lin Feng continued to leaf through the diary, he found it laden with accounts of confrontations and near-confrontations. “Is this what they mean when they say life is a battle?” he couldn’t help but think. “At least write something normal once in a while.”

But one thing caught his eye. This young, feisty diary-writer was into martial arts and joined something known as the “Kungfu Community Club”. “Seriously? Aren’t most of those clubs total scams? She didn’t get duped, did she?” Lin Feng couldn’t help but wonder.

The rough handwriting, as raw and real as the emotions it captured, kept pulling him in. Besides, guarding the door from zombies wasn’t exactly a full-time job. Why not indulge in some light reading?

He plopped down on the stairs, ignoring the faded, ring-like bloodstains from some long-ago struggle. He skipped a few pages and his eyes widened as the diary shifted its focus to zombies.

September 3, Sunny:

“Locked in the bathroom, totally freaking out. My phone’s gone and so is my food. Just me and this diary now. It’s really cold… are the zombies gonna be the end of me? They’re clawing at the door. Who’s gonna save me?”

September 4:

“Mom, Dad, I miss you like crazy. Looks like I might die here. Dad, where’s the God you said would protect me? My martial arts did help a bit, but it’s just too much.”

September 5:

“Please, I don’t wanna die.”

September 6:

“Saved by this pervert girl today. She’s a Lily for sure, and she even stole my first kiss, but I owe her. Woke up and she was out hunting for food or whatever. This girl Yan Ao Xue’s been helping me. She’s really kind, and she’s a really good cook.”

Lin Feng’s eyes widened. “Wait a minute, this is Anna’s diary? Oh man, what do I do now?” A dilemma stared him in the face. Keep reading and get the inside scoop on Anna, or be the noble guy and put it down? She was the last person who would willingly let him into her world.

He sat there for a second, contemplating. Curiosity won. And with that, he flipped the page, diving once more into the unfiltered world of his classmate’s inner thoughts.

(End of Chapter 46)

September 7

I can’t believe I yelled at her. My intention was to express my gratitude, yet the moment her face came into view, words of anger inexplicably poured from my mouth. Dear God, what have I just done to my savior?!

On a side note: there’s another girl on the safe rooftop, and she looks just like my savior—the Lily woman. If you ask me, those two are sisters. They have to be – so how could that Lily girl prey on her own sister like that?!

I’ve sorely misjudged you. You’re not just any Lily; you’re a rotten Lily. Despite the life you’ve saved—my life—I vow that a day of reckoning shall come between us. Indeed, it shall.

September 11

Zhu Hanfang, that name ought to be blackened. He absconded with all our food supplies. He’s more contemptible than even the lesbian woman I can’t stand. Such a man should meet his end crucified and set aflame!

September 12

Lin Feng is gone! I can’t believe she lied to me. She said we’d stick together and then she runs into a mob of zombies. Lin Feng, I don’t hate you anymore. God, if you’re out there, please don’t let her die; I’d switch places with her if I could.

September 14

Are we to meet our end in hunger here? And yet—

She returned. Her very aura is electrifying. Could it be? Have I fallen for her? But my aversion for lesbianism persists. If only she were a man, love would undoubtedly be blossoming by now. She came back, valiantly vanquishing Zhu Hanfang. Perhaps… a touch of lesbian attraction isn’t entirely off-limits.

September 14(Night❥)

I went to see her, but two other students got there first. What could those despicable outsiders have said to Lin Feng? I gave her my fave candy, and she took it! Friendship, here we come!

Lin Feng scratched his head; but that candy was clearly picked up by him earlier, and she even proudly declared that if it touched the floor, it was worthless.

September 15

That lesbian woman must harbor some unspeakable secret with the doctor. I heard peculiar sounds and what seemed to be Lin Feng’s cries of delight emanating from the lounge. Never did I imagine Lin Feng would… No, lesbianism remains an enigma I cannot embrace.

Lin Feng nearly choked on his water; Dr. Hu had simply spanked him for neglecting him medical studies. “Cries of delight,” indeed!

The diary entries ceased here. Likely, she’d grown weary from her endeavors. Based on what he read, he came to a conclusion. That girl was probably scammed into joining some suspicious martial arts club and it just so happened that the apocalypse struck, and her dubious training gave her the confidence to take on a horde of zombies.

As Lin Feng prepared to close the book, words inscribed on the final page caught his attention:

Survival Register:

Surviving Males: Song Zhe, Liu Tao, Chen De, Principal, Old Man Liu

Surviving Females: Lin Feng, Liu Mengqi, Yan Ao Xue, Anna, Chen Ranran, Hu Han (school doctor), Ruolian, Yan Jie (Rotten!), Xiaoling, Chen Fang, Li Yixin, Yan Jie’s Rotten Friends 1 & 2


Females: Chubby, 8 girls from group 5.6 who failed to vacate the classroom, Class Leader Liu Lin

Males: Man dragged to his demise by Chubby


Males: Zhu Hanfang (Rotten!), Baldie Number Two, Flat-Head Number Three, Frog Man Zhang Yicheng, other unnamed male students

Females: Tan Xin

If I perish, let this diary stand testament to the fact that I lived.

Anna. Huai Youyun

“Woah, that’s a pretty poetic name for that loli – must be her Chinese name, but I wonder why she never mentioned it?”

“Finished reading?”

“Yup, mostly.”

“Would you mind returning it to me now?”

Lin Feng lifted his gaze, baffled.


(End of Chapter 47)


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