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[Female Knight and Dark Elf] Chapter 6 – 10

Hey everyone, I’m the new translator for the team and I’m in charge of the translation for this new novel!
I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoy translating it & getting feedback, either it be good or bad ^^

Here’s the new batch of chapters for this week

Silva: Heya, it’s Silva here~ Starting from this week, I will let Zzonkedd publish this novel on my behalf, this is literally his first time making any sort of public appearance, so treat him well 🙂

I will still pop in every once in a while like this to make a little announcement: The Patreon page for Female Knight & Dark Elf is now live, so if you have the ability to, we’d appreciate any sort of monetary support for this project! Once we reach a certain milestone on said Patreon page, we might even be able to expand into other Japanese Gender Bender webnovel translations.

Best Regards to all and enjoy the read~

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[New Series] Female Knight & Dark Elf

Remember the talk last month about hiring a Japanese translator to pick up a Japanese Gender Bender series? No? Well, don’t worry about it if you are new to Re:Library. I will fill you in on the details.

At Re:Library, we have initiated “Project Gender Bender” around late July. Our ultimate goal is to gather supporters on Patreon and use that money to hire translators that will pick up the ongoing Gender Bender series and keep the project alive while the original translator, namely me, will go hunt for new Gender Bender webnovel to translate.

However, since I am a Chinese translator, I cannot do anything about Japanese Gender Bender series, so when I happened to see a Japanese translator for hire, I chatted him up and somehow or another, the talk progressed to the point where I have now hired him to translate this series for me. Of course, since this is an unforeseen circumstance, I haven’t had the chance to gather any patrons to back up this project yet. In other words, I am paying for this series out of my own allowance.

I do plan to slowly gather patrons to support this series and will make the Patreon account available in the coming week. With my current allowance, I can only commission up to 2 chapters per week. Mainly due to the short chapters, the commission fees are also lower (but in reality, the fees for two chapters added together are actually higher than a single chapter with three thousand source word). However, only for the first two weeks, I will be releasing them in a batch of 5. That is an entire month worth of batch! So enjoy the read, and if you have the ability to, please support us on Patreon!

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∴ Disclaimer: There is no official art for this series, both the featured image and cover art are taken from the world wide web.

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