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Temporary Hiatus and Suggestion

Well, I should have posted this one week ago but I was just so busy and tired that I just can’t be bothered to do anything as soon as I got home.

Anyways, readers of World of Immortals may already know, but due to some circumstances with work, I will not be having any free time to translate for the next few weeks to come, I have to work even on the weekends since these few months are supposedly the busiest months of the year. I will most likely be occupied by work until late April or early May at latest.

So with that said, I will put translating on hold until then, but here’s a suggestion. Would you rather I read ahead and provide a summary of the stories instead of a full translation? After I’ve posted summaries for the entire series I will then take my time translating the full story at a carefree pace. Since there are 680+ chapters, it will take way too long to completely translate this at my current pace, so having a summary of the stories is better than having nothing in my opinion, what’s your thought regarding this? Cast your vote below:


Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Schedule Change

Hey everyone, Selutu here. Well, I’m back… Sort of.

I have not actually settled in properly yet. Due to the nature of my school, I actually have to spend my weekdays working, then at the end of the day, I will pretty much collapse onto the bed whenever I get back to my room.

That brings us to the point of this post. The number of chapters for Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel per week will remain the same, however, I cannot guarantee to post it on Monday to Friday due to the reason I have stated above. Instead, I will just post it whenever I finish the chapters and have time, so do check back frequently for the chapters.

Now, more information. Since Switzerland’s living cost is far higher than that of in Hong Kong, I’mm going to increase the price of sponsored chapters from $10 per chapter to $25 per chapters. Please understand this.

Also, on some more… annoying topics. During my absense, our site and discord have been swamped by posts asking stuff like “OMG IS VPNA DROPPED!?”, “Where the hell are you!?”, “If you don’t post them I’m going to commit suicide etc.” I’m going to be blunt here, be respectful. I’m not here to put up with people’s tantrums. I might be a translator, but I have a real life to deal with to. What’s more, just read the damn announcements, instead of posting stuff like this. Heck, if you asked in a nice and respectful manner, then it wouldn’t have been an issue, just don’t be a dick about it.

Scheduled Maintenance

We have just ended our trial period this week. The tests have shown favorable result. Although there were many ups and downs during the first few weeks of the trial period, the site has been running smoothly for a while now after we pin down some of the most troublesome issues. Therefore, we’ll be moving our site from the trial server to the official server soon, preferably on tomorrow afternoon if everything went smoothly.

There shouldn’t be any downtime during the move, but if any unexpected issue occur, we expect there to be a little downtime.

This move wouldn’t have been possible if not for the kind soul supporting us on Patreon, and to everyone who turned off their Adblocker while reading on our site. So once again, allow us to offer our most heartfelt gratitude to the sponsors and supportive readers.

Fan Art Contest Winners Announcement

Hey everyone, Selutu here! Remember the Very Pure and Ambiguous – The Prequel fan art contest we had not long ago? Well, I’m very pleased to announce the winners today! I had initially hoped to get more entries, but alas, I suppose 3 is good enough!

Without further ado, let me present to you the winners and a few simple words from them! Continue reading Fan Art Contest Winners Announcement

New Series Pickup – Slutty Chivalrous Woman

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Nope, sorry to disappoint you, there is no mass release for Very Pure and Ambiguous – The Prequel today, however, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting anything.

Spread the love, spread the joy, spread the smut. Embrace the lewdness within you on this special Valentines Day. Please come join Qin Mengyun as she explores her inner self on her path to vengeance!

Yep, here’s a new novel pickup by yours truly (i.e. me). This is going to be an R18 published novel titled “Slutty Chivalrous Woman (浪情侠女)”, I hope you’ll enjoy the first two chapters!

Novels Page
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

[MVK Arc 3] Chapter 87 Mass Release + Update

Click here to read now!

I am really excited since I can see the end of book three closing in. So I am releasing 4 chapters each week on Tuesday-Friday until Arc 3 ends. I am also reducing Sponsored chapters to 5$ and promise to release sponsored chapters on the weekend of the same week they are sponsored.

As for the update. I previously named Arc 3 as Heavens Realm. Apparently I didn’t know where the story was actually going to go so I am renaming Arc 3 as The Black Rose.

Welcome to traveller2694 and Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles

Though we may just be a fledgling translation group on the verge of rising, Re:Library is definitely growing. Today, I am happy to announce that a new translator has just joined our library! Give a round of applause to traveller2694 and Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles!

After many years of reading translations, traveller2694 thought it’s time to return something to the community so he looked into this series. However, what he found was only found the machine translations, so as a fan of the series, he decided to re-translate it from the beginning.

The “Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles” is a Japanese web novel written by  Passing Villagers (通りすがりの村人), it is a story about a boy who was reborn in another world and build a kingdom all the way from the scratch.

Starting as the Leader of the Orphan ⇒ Village Chief ⇒ Head of a Great Clan ⇒ King of a Nation ⇒ Emperor

News Regarding the Recent Downtime

Well, this is a rather embarrassing story. It was smooth sailing for a while since we moved to the new server, but soon after I told a “friend” that our site was not experiencing any downtime since the move, our site crashed exactly one day later.

The cause of the downtime was an overload of PHP requests that crashed the PHP. According to statistics, there were hundreds of thousands of PHP requests within few seconds. It could be a badly configured server, but since it happened in two consecutive days and at roughly the same time, there’s a high possibility that we might be under attack by hostile parties.

We won’t deny the possibility that it might be a scheduled process from our server that somehow overloaded the PHP, however unlikely that is, so we looked into it and found that there’s no scheduled process in that time frame.

With that said, we will keep DDoS Protection enabled for a foreseeable future. If that actually helps…

Scheduled Maintenance (Completed)

Heh… heh-heh-heh… heh-heh-heh-heh-heh…

…… ahem… Pardon me, I was just utterly shocked at how much memory our site is actually consuming.

Our site was able to survive on a 256MB shared hosting server, albeit just barely, so we thought moving to a 1GB Virtual Private Server was more than enough, but lo and behold, our website alone is already consuming 1.3~1.7GB of the memory! And that’s not all, with the OS caching, monitoring, and Web admin control panel, it consumed up to 3GB of memory at most.  Continue reading Scheduled Maintenance (Completed)

Welcome to Refresh Translations and Aspirations for Nation and Beauty

I feel like a hegemon who keeps targeting new translators lately. First, it was KonnoAren. Next, it was Sarah. And now, it’s Refresh Translations!

Refresh Translations is a fledgling translation team consists of a two-person cousin team who enjoy anime, manga, and reading light/web novels. As per our agreement, they agreed to host their translated stories on Re:Library in a collaboration effort. They will rightfully remain an individual group of their own devices, and Re:Library do not possess any exclusive rights to their translated contents.

Anyways, the story they will be bringing us today is Aspirations for Beauty and Nation! It is a war story similar to “A Step into the Past” or “Anatolia Story” without the actual historical basis itself. I hope everyone will enjoy their work!