Chapter 41: Requirements for the Rice Cooker

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 761 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Schenna accompanied Luthors to the workshop to show her the way there.
She was also worried about what could happen if Luthors were to meet Sareenea alone.

Kishana wished she could make a rice cooker, so Schenna planned to ask about that at the same time as they brought her breakfast.
When Schenna mentioned Sareenea to Luthors, she understood it was the girl who made the drawing before.

“Sareenea is the elf girl who drew that portrait of you and me before, isn’t she?”
“She’s also a reincarnated person like me and Kishana.”
“Wait…so there was even a third one like you.”
“She was a weirdo even in our past life. That drawing was something she made because of her hobby.”
“That’s quite a good hobby to have then.”

Luthors had really liked that drawing, so much in fact that she framed it and hung it in her room.
And while she did not want to criticize other’s tastes, Schenna still felt embarrassed that a drawing of her with someone lifting her chin was being decorated that way.

Schenna and Luthors had sworn loyalty to their country as knights, but Schenna had only become a knight because she was trying to find a place suitable for herself, so her sense of loyalty was not as strong as a regular knight’s. That was also why she had been able to go along with Sareenea’s conditions to get the freezer for free, though if that was known to another knight from her same order, she would inevitably be branded a failure of a knight.

When they arrived at the workshop, the ‘open’ sign was displayed on the entrance.

“Good morning.”

Luthors followed Schenna as she entered the workshop and looked around the interior.
Sareenea was pouring a liquid into what looked like a test tube standing on a pedestal in the middle of the workshop, probably working on her alchemy.
When she noticed the two girls, she interrupted her work and came to receive them.

“Sorry about that. When I’m focusing on alchemy I tend to lose sight of what happens around me.”
“You seemed to be busy. But we prepared salted rice balls.”
“Rice balls huh. Were you the one who made them?”
“It was her and Kishana.”

Schenna then proceeded to introduce Luthors, who just named herself and shook Sareenea’s hand.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better. And I know this is rude, but what did you use to do before you came here?”
“I was a Dark Knight for Gafenna. Now I’ve vowed to be Schenna’s knight.”

She did not try to conceal her past and then kissed Schenna’s hand as proof of her new occupation.
Sareenea stared dumbfounded at that scene unfolding in front of her as Schenna desperately tried to avoid any misunderstandings.

“An affair after being married to a dark elf, now it’s a yuri between fellow knights or what…”
“I’m telling you that’s not it! Kishana and Luthors are both really important partners for me, but not in that way.”
“…Well, who cares. I’ll gladly have the rice balls.”

Taking one of Luthors’ small and awkwardly shapen rice balls, Sareenea started to eat.
It was still hard to say if the misunderstanding had been cleared but Schenna chose to change topics and express her gratitude for the freezer.

“The freezer arrived without any problems. Thanks a lot.”
“Well, it’s my job. If you need anything else just tell me. I always welcome female knights like you two.”

After what had happened the last time, Schenna really wanted to avoid going through something that embarrassing, so she decided she would pay with money this time.

“Kishana said she would like to have a rice cooker, though this time I’ll pay with money”
“A rice cooker huh. I can make that in three days for 50 gold coins, though like last time, you can get it for free if you act out these lines!”

She took out some note papers, with a script for each of them written in them.
As soon as Schenna saw that she shook her head to refuse, but surprisingly enough, Luthors agreed to it.

“Luthors! Are you serious?”
“That way we can get the rice cooker for free, right? If it’s for you and Kishana, I don’t mind at all.”
“…But your honor as a knight?”
“I value my honor a lot, but if it’s for our goal then I don’t mind.”

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Schenna really wished she would want to keep her honor in that situation.


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