Chapter 20 – Dark Core

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 815 words

Three days later, Schenna and Kishana began experimenting with pancakes over at the restaurant.

They grabbed a glass bottle, put in milk, eggs, yogurt, and mixed it all together.

Apart from pigs, there were plenty of other things that didn’t exist in this world such as wheat flour, baking powder, sugar, and salad oil, so they prepared a different oil as a substitute, added it to the bowl and started stirring.

With this, they managed to get the uncooked dough ready, warmed up the bowl with butter and scooped the dough with an egg, as both sides get cooked slowly.

“Quite a fluffy pancake. This time I used yogurt but it can be done with mayonnaise as well.”

Kishana then proceeded to pour the jam she had made the previous day on top of the pancake.

Schenna took a bite and felt that the jam was a really good addition to it, as it gave the pancake a feeling of ‘completion’.

“This is quite tasty! I bet it would be popular amongst women if served with tea.”

“Thanks, I did it a lot in our previous world since the girls kept asking me to, also I find it pretty fun to make pancakes haha. Alright, next up is the crepes.”

Schenna was taken away by Kishana’s knowledge in making desserts.

As for the chores in the restaurant, the roles were pretty much decided. Kishana was in charge of buying the ingredients and making the food, while Schenna was in charge of the finances and management. The main focus for the restaurant during daytime was based around light desserts, while at night it would be more on the line of a tavern where adventurers could eat and drink their beverages after a long day of hunting.

It was Schenna’s first time managing something, not to mention something as big as a restaurant so she felt quite nervous.

The opening was set for the next day which would be the day that the freezer arrived, so they went out to post advertisement papers all over both the commercial and the residential district.

Over by the entrance of the restaurant, a sleep-deprived looking elf spoke out to Schenna.

“So this is the restaurant huh, it seems to have quite a good atmosphere.”

“Welcome, Sareenea! This is Kishana, our previous classmate, you might know him as….”

Sareenea gave Kishana a look of contempt, then raised her head and shouted—

“A Dark Elf who looks like she’s married to a beautiful female knight who’s in charge of the restaurant. Why the heck are both of you, previously males, reborn as beautiful women with large breasts while I’m a loli elf!!”

“Sareenea, calm down…”

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Schenna tried to calm her down but she kept going.

“What would be BL for both of you is now yuri, how amazing isn’t it? At best, I’m just going to end up as an old hag with a child’s body along with Reesha-san!”

‘What is this person saying’ — Schenna thought to herself as she made her shut up by stuffing her mouth with a pancake.

Sareenea then started chewing the pancake and calmed down.

“I’m sorry, I’ve been pulling off all-nighters to finish up my work these last few days and haven’t had anything to eat or drink, so all the stuff in my head just came out without me thinking. Here’s the freezer you guys ordered, just like the one I made for Reesha-san. I came here today with the purpose of explaining to you guys how the machine works and eat some delicious meal.”

Sareenea handed over the freezer box and a compact machine to Schenna.

The way it worked was pretty much the same as the ones they had in their previous world, however it wasn’t powered by electricity.

Instead of electricity, it used a type of energy called ‘dark core’ .

The dark core was mostly found inside the bodies of monsters, which could be extracted using a specific machine.

Sareenea finished eating the pancake and stood up from her seat.

“That compact machine is the dark core extractor, so basically you can extract the dark core from a monster just by simply placing it next to the body and it will automatically do it for you. So for the most part, extracting the dark core power from four Orcs should be enough to keep the freezer running for a day.”

The box had a quantity display on it so it would be easy to know when they needed to hunt for monsters.

That being the case, not hunting monsters is no longer a choice since they absolutely needed to keep it running at all times.

However, if Schenna were to be in charge of the monster hunting, Kishana wouldn’t be able to run everything by herself so it was necessary to hire someone to work for them as a dark core supplier.


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