Chapter 24 – Breakfast

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 597 words

As Kishana brought the breakfast upstairs in a tray, Schenna thanked her.

“Thank you so much. I’ll take care of her from now, so go and get some rest Kishana.”

“I’m feeling fine, don’t worry. I want to do some experimentation with food for our menu so I’ll be heading to the commercial district to get some ingredients. I want to let Luthors try my delicious dishes as well.”

“Okay, don’t push yourself and be careful!”

Schenna then saw Kishana to the door and began eating her sandwich.

It was an egg sandwich with finely cut onions, salt, pepper, and homemade mayonnaise.
The other one was a sandwich with butter along with a homemade peach jam.

Both of them were really tasty, filling up Schenna’s empty stomach. After she was done with the meal, she heard Sareenea’s voice coming from the ground floor.

“Good morning! Is anyone home?”

“Yeah, I’m on the first floor!”

Schenna put her hand on Luthors forehead to check for fever. Her temperature was much lower compared to yesterday.

After that, all she needed to do was wait for her to heal naturally and regain her strength by eating something when she woke up again.

Sareenea went up to the first floor and asked Schenna with a worried expression—

“What happened to that person?”

“A lot happened, for now, I’m just taking care of her. So what brings you here today?”

“This is a restaurant right? I just came here to get breakfast. Where’s your dark elf wife?”

“Kishana went to get some cooking ingredients. I’ll take care of making you breakfast, just look after this girl for a bit.”

“Ok. I’m expecting something delicious!”

Schenna headed downstairs to make a sandwich and potato salad. The sandwich would be made according to the aforementioned recipe.

As for the potato salad, the potato had to be well washed. Then boiled, have it peeled, smashed and sprinkle salt on it.

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Next would be mixing the egg paste with the potato, move it all to a bowl and cover it all with homemade mayonnaise.

Schenna carried the food upstairs on a tray and caught a glimpse of Sareenea sketching very enthusiastically.

“Breakfast is ready! What are you drawing?”

As Schenna took a look at the sketch out of curiosity, she saw the drawing of two characters.
One of the characters was a fully-armored Schenna lying on the ground, then the other was Luthors, who was raising Schenna’s chin and looking into her eyes.

Schenna placed the tray on the table and asked Sareenea about the drawing.

“Sareenea, what the heck is this…”

“Look, both of them are quite the beauties right? I have another one with the dark elf lifting your chin and staring at you.”

“… You know, these won’t probably get you anywhere.”

“It’s okay, I just do this as a hobby so it’s all good.”

Sareenea grabbed the breakfast that was on the tray, then praised Schenna’s cooking with a contented smile.

She had left the sketch on the ground, which left Schenna quite embarrassed. She tried to pick up, but before she could, a weird glance fell upon her. That weird glance came from Luthors who just happened to open her eyes and stood there staring at the drawing.

“Wait, this is… this is not what you think! It’s not what you’re thinking!!”

Schenna desperately tried to let Luthors know it was a misunderstanding but Sareenea butts in and said— “Judging by your reaction to the drawing, it feels like this is, in fact, the reality,” turning it into quite an awkward situation.


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