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Chapter 8 – Menu Completed

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 623 words

First of all, let’s start with pasta.

She put the eggs on a glass bowl, added in a large spoon of olive oil and began to mix them together. On the other glass bowl, she put the flour with the right amount of salt, then adding the mixed eggs, blending everything together as it started to gain shape.

After it was solid enough, she took it off and placed it on top of the table and mixed it with her fingers. To conserve its texture, she wrapped it around with a cloth towel and let it be there for about an hour.

Up next was the tomato sauce.

After removing the tomato’s stem and peeling it off, she put it inside a glass container filled with water from the well in the residential district, lit it up with her fire magic and boiled it.
After having it boil for a bit, she picked it up to cut it into small slices and put it back in.
She then cut the garlic in very thin layers, put it on an iron fry pan, added some olive oil and once again used her magic to light up the fire carefully so that it wouldn’t burn.

As the scent of the ingredients reached her nose, she mixed in the onions cut in slices with the tomato and added some salt and pepper.

The sound of the front door opening was heard and Kishana was back home.

“Woah, I smell the sweet scent of tomato.”

“Welcome back! Today is my turn to treat you to a wonderful meal, just wait.”

“Getting a meal made by a woman for you sure feels good, even knowing that in reality, it was made by my best male friend from our previous life, haha. Just by having someone to greet me this way already feels like the whole room is somewhat giving away a better feeling.”

Kishana took a seat at the table, supporting her face with both hands while staring at Schenna.

Meanwhile, Schenna who was looking over the food cooking, decided to talk to Kishana about the lack of payment for the rent.

“So today… the landlord came here to collect the money that you owed him. A lot happened and I managed to deal with the situation, but if the same were to happen again you know we’re in trouble right? I signed a contract to live with you from today onwards so I’ll help you out.”

“Oh… I’m so sorry, I promise I’ll get you the money back. To think I made my best friend pay up for what I owe, I’m really the worst…”

“Don’t blame yourself like that! I also got here in order to run away from my problems so, let’s just make the best out of the situation and help each other.”

Schenna pulled out the towel and extended the flour even further, with a thickness of around two millimeters and kept pulling it until it became thin enough.

After she was done with hand-pulled noodles, she proceeded to boil it. As the noodles floated all the way up, she poured them onto a plate and covered them with the tomato sauce which was the final touch.

“Sorry to keep you waiting! Tomato sauce pasta, I hope you enjoy it!”

“Pasta!? I never thought I would see this plate in this world.”

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“Remember I had made this before in our cooking class? I know I somewhat messed up here and there in terms of quantities but try to enjoy it.”

“Oh yeah now that you mention it, I do remember you making it.”

Schenna joined Kishana at the table with the plate of pasta and both of them started digging in.


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