Chapter 2 – Reunion Between the Two Best Friends

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 566 words

After they passed through a narrow back street with no signs of people around, they entered a building made of simple stone brick. It was a two-floor building with a total of twenty rooms being lent out.

The room that the dark elf led Schenna to was the one on the corner of the second floor and had her sit at the living room’s table.

“Welcome to my house, Kouta-kun! I know it’s not that big but I hope you don’t mind”

“Hey… let’s stop calling each other by our old names? It kind of brings this feeling of melancholy.”

“… Okay. After all, it has already been eighteen years since we were reborn right, might as well introduce myself again! My name is Kishana Ustey”

“I’m Schenna Urablatt. Being able to meet my best friend in another world after that tragic incident really makes me happy”

“Although our appearance is nowhere near what it was before”

As Schenna and Kishana exchanged a handshake, a spark of memories from the previous life got to them, reminding both of the good times they spent together, all the sweat from the football club activities, and spending their holidays together playing, talking about pretty much anything in the very close friendship they had.

“But Schenna, with those looks and that long silver hair, I bet you’re quite popular amongst men aren’t you”

“I couldn’t stand that anymore, that’s the reason why I left everything behind and decided to come here”

Kishana listened carefully as Schenna talked about the troublesome life she had lived so far in this world.

“With that serious personality of yours, you sure have been carrying quite some heavy responsibilities in this life. On top of not being able to return to our previous world, living as Schenna Urablatt… Are you sure you’re ready to start a new life here and live by yourself?”

“How about you?”

“At first I was just as lost and confused. As you may already know it’s common sense in this world for dark elves and elves to be on bad terms with humans right? Back in my hometown where I was born, people would pile up corpses just for training, teach how to create poisonous mixtures and ways to deceive men. That’s pretty much why I ran away and ended up here. After that, I’ve just been living as a normal woman… I feel like my life as Kishana Ustey began here. I may be poor but way better than having a life over at a place where piling up corpses is considered daily life.

“I’m sorry.. Made you remember some horrible things. Compared to the way you have been living here I feel like I was blessed instead”

Tears fell from Schenna’s eyes.

That crybaby personality is something she inherited from her previous life, said Kishana with as she laughed.

“The usual crybaby I see haha. I’m… I’m okay1. Unlike our previous life, my gender might not be the same, I might not even be the same race anymore but still being able to talk to my best friend like in the good old times is more than I can ask for. Schenna Urablatt’s life can start right here, it’s never late. And in order for that to happen, I’ll help in what I can!”

Schenna hugged Kishana’s chest tightly, letting out all the emotions that had been piling up.

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  1. Here she made a mistake wherein she said 俺 / ore; one of the Japanese ways of referring to males, mostly young ones, then she noticed it and fixed it straight away, using 私 / watashi; not a feminine way of saying “I”, but for some reason in animes it seems to be considered feminine

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