Chapter 49: A Place for the Demon King

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 657 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus, Silva

When it was a little past noon, the restaurant was still filled with customers and showed to be a profitable business.
By that time the influx of merchants and adventurers increased heavily since every restaurant had all its seats occupied.

“The fried chicken for table 3! And the Gyudon for tables 1 and 7 are ready!”

Kishana swiftly prepared the orders one after another and Grana served them.
Schenna and Luthors helped Kishana too, preparing some of the meats or the desserts.
They would also take turns to rest for half an hour, and it was Reesha’s turn to rest at that moment.

“Reesha should be coming back to work in a bit. When she’s here you can go rest, Luthors!”
“I don’t need to rest. If I do, that would leave you alone making all the desserts! That would be the same as cowardly leaving someone who’s surrounded by monsters behind.”
“Don’t say that. I’m okay, so please go take a rest.”

As the manager, Schenna could not let someone work without breaks.
And she might just be exaggerating, but she wanted to avoid doing anything that could lead to death caused by overwork as much as she could.

“Taking a rest at adequate times is something important as well. We would be in problems if you force yourself too much and your body gives in.”
“…I understand. I’m glad you’re thinking of our wellbeing so much.”

The break room was located further deep from the kitchen, and as soon as Reesha came out, Luthors went in.
Schenna realized that managing a restaurant was harder than she had initially thought of. As the sky dimmed and evening came, the ingredients had finally been depleted and they closed the restaurant.
All of them gathered in the dining hall then, and Schenna thanked everyone.

“Thank you all for working so hard today. We were able to use all our ingredients and sold out! It was only our first day too, and our customers looked satisfied so I believe we’ll see many of them return tomorrow as well.”

The ingredients for the next day were supposed to arrive later in the night, so Schenna and Kishana remained in the restaurant to confirm they were delivered, and then prepare in advance all they could.
Schenna also handed out two envelopes with money to Reesha and Grana.

“Thank you. These are your wages for helping us out today.”
“Keep it, I don’t need it. And also, I don’t think I need to remind you I’m your guild leader, do I?”

Unless for special cases, a guild leader was not allowed to directly receive money from one of their members.

“Give my part to Grana-kun. And also, could you hire him to continue working like today in here?”

Schenna and the other two girls reacted in surprise to everything Reesha had just said.

“You see, he looked way more lively working here than he ever looked back in the palace.”
“…That would be good by me, but Grana, you don’t have any problems in working here?”

Would someone who used to be known as a Demon King really accept working in a restaurant?

Even though she was born in a lower rank noble family, there were still some things she knew from that society. There, it was really frequent for fights to break out between families just for honor or pride, and since Schenna did not have much interest in social ranks or fame, she would avoid coming out in public as much as she could.

So maybe a Demon King like Grana would also prefer something corresponding to a higher social rank?

“I don’t mind at all. Or rather, you seem to have an interesting group here so I’m really interested in being here. So it’s me who should be thanking you for accepting me here.”

Grana accepted immediately and shook Schenna’s hand.

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