Chapter 31 – Schenna and Sareenea Pt. 2

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 469 words

After lighting up the pot with fire magic, Schenna then proceeded to put in the consomme, along with rice and water.

As soon as it boiled to the perfect temperature, she added in milk as well as the right portion of powder cheese and salt.

To wrap it up, she added in some pepper and the risotto was now complete.

“Sorry for the wait. I tried making risotto today.”

“The smell from the cheese is already making me hungry.”

“The truth is I actually wanted to add in some ham and bacon, but sadly we don’t have it in this world.”

“Uh? They do produce it over at the elves’ dairy farms. Lately they have been available in the market as well, if we ask Holy Bow it should be quite easy to get.

“Oh really?”

Schenna was quite surprised after finding out they did breed pigs after all.

Lately, humans began visiting the elves’ farms in order to learn more and more about what they were able to do since they were gifted with the divine protection from the forest, giving them quite dexterous hands.

“But this is quite delicious. A female knight who’s good at cooking and swordsmanship, I’m sure you will turn out to be a great wife!”

“A wife…”

“In your case it’s not a compliment right… Well, if you were to tag along with that dark elf I’m sure it would work out very well.”

Sareenea gave Schenna her approval of the food while feasting on the plate of risotto.

Schenna was happy for having her cooking skills complimented, but at the same time, she was holding back her words, trying not to say anything that could be misunderstood and recorded by Sareenea. She stared at the cute little elf finishing her meal and thought to herself – “If only her behavior wasn’t so deplorable…”

“I’ll make sure the refrigerator gets here tomorrow, did you decide where you’re going to place it yet?”

“Yeah, right here in this kitchen!”

“Alright then, expect it to arrive during the morning. Also as for the guarantee, if anything happens within a year, I’ll take care of it for free. I’ll send the papers along with the refrigerator tomorrow so make sure you don’t lose it.”

“You kind of start to sound like an electronics seller.”

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“Well, it is business after all so I have to make sure the basics are covered. If you want some more service from me, you and your dark elf wifey need to provide me with some stronger motivation.”1

Schenna put aside the need for any extra services, making Sareenea’s expression seem somewhat sad.

After they were done with their conversation, Sareenea raised her hand to Schenna saying goodbye as she headed back to her shop.


  1. Silva: for her doujinshi I suppose

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