Chapter 4 – Beverage Accompanied Chat

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 766 words

After both of them finished washing the plates and putting everything back in its place, Kishana took out her special wine and poured a cup for each.

“Time for the essential beverage that comes after dinner”

“Hey, we’re both 18 and underage… nevermind, these rules were only binding us on our previous world, not here right”

“That’s right! A toast to our reunion! The night has just begun so I’ll have you accompany me for quite a while, get ready”

Kishana lifted her arm while holding the cup for the toast followed by Schenna, filling the air with a good quality wine smell that tickled their noses.

Schenna had drunk with her Knight Unit before, but she was weak to alcohol so every time she could she would keep her distance.

This time it was different though, it was both recommended and offered by her best friend who she had just reunited with so she didn’t mind at all and drank as if it was nothing.

“Drinking rather fast, aren’t you. Alright, let’s do what fate prohibited us from doing and continue our high school trip. I… I mean I, back then was in love with Fukuhara Shizue from our class”1

Surprised by the confession out of nowhere, Schenna sat there with her eyes wide open.
Fukuhara Shizue was a girl who used to accompany both Kouta and Yasuhiro on the way to school. She was a quiet girl who didn’t stand out much as far as I remember, but to hear her name here and now was completely unexpected.
Yasuhiro was dating Takajou Saki at the time so I didn’t expect him to have someone else in mind at all.

“I broke up with Saki right before the school trip. I tried dating her after she confessed to me but we just weren’t made for each other. I didn’t talk much to Fukuhara-san either but I just had this feeling whenever I looked at her in school, she seemed to be a good and honest person”

“You’re not even shy! So, do you regret not being able to confess to her in the end?”

“I guess I do regret it a bit… But it’s not that easy to confess to a girl you really like out of the blue you know? Well, I lost my chance anyways after so much hesitation. I bet she would be surprised if I were to confess to her with my current appearance heh”

The dark elf’s expression changed into a somewhat sad face as she stared into the mirror.
Kishana who had a tomato-like red face finished her entire cup in a single gulp and sat on Schenna’s lap with an evil smile.2

“This time is Schenna’s turn! I already finished my speech so, don’t you dare tell me you have nothing to say!”

“You drank too much already…”

“Hey hey, don’t try to avoid the topic. Or should I move on and do ‘whatever’ I want to you?”

Said the attractive dark elf as she bit the knight’s chin.
Schenna couldn’t handle it anymore and just gave in as Kishana approached her lips to kiss her.

“I’ll say it okay!!! Kashiyama Madoka from our class”

“Kashiyama… Oh, that Kashiyama! I mean she was quite attractive but she was just as weird”

Kashiyama Madoka was a girl blessed with both beauty and intelligence, however she would take out her phone in the middle of the class just to take care of her market share and FX3 transactions, skip every single gym class by using her period as an excuse, basically what the teachers considered to be a problematic kid.

Kouta had asked her once in his previous life why she kept on doing all those things that just brought her trouble, as to what she firmly replied: “I do whatever gets me money, everything else is irrelevant.”

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“Even though she behaved like that, I’ve always thought she had some sort of sense of duty or something to it. She ended up skipping the school trip so she avoided the disaster of the plane crashing… I wonder if she’s doing well over at our previous world.”

“So… you say you were in love with her?”

“It’s because I loved her that I asked her why she kept doing those things! I was simply attracted to her appearance, even at night when I sleep I could never forget about her. Wasn’t this enough of a reply!”

By the end of this conversation, Kishana was already sobering up and tried to cheer Schenna up by saying “don’t mind4“, leaving her even more confused.


  1. She starts off with “I – ‘watashi’ , then changing over to ‘ore’ due to feeling more comfortable that way when talking to Schenna
  2. By evil smile it doesn’t necessarily mean evil, it’s just kind of a playful evil
  3. Reference to Foreign Exchange, also known as Forex
  4. This “don’t mind” is one of those “donmai” you probably recognize from animes and such

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