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Alchemist Startover

Alchemist Startover Alchemist Startover ~The unloved alchemist that died alone was reborn as a little girl~ (アルケミスト・スタートオーバー ~誰にも愛されず孤独に死んだ天才錬金術師は幼女に転生して人生をやりなおす~) is a Japanese Web Novel written by Eltria (エルトリア) and translated by Mui.

Category: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Psychological, Shoujo-Ai

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Once an orphan turned street child, and later almost killed by a foster father, the genius alchemist Glass Dimelia had walked a life of misfortune. Ravaged by illness at a young age, Glass devoted himself to his final research in a desperate bid to defy death, only to be sentenced to execution by a Kamut, the agent of the goddess, for touching the forbidden.

Unable to resist, Glass was condemned, but was praised by the goddess Aurora for his achievements in alchemy during his lifetime and given the opportunity to “reincarnate.” Although he was supposed to be reborn as a new life with all memories erased, due to the unilateral decision of another goddess, Fortuna, he was allowed to reincarnate while retaining his memories.

Glass reincarnated three hundred years after his death. Born as a baby girl, Glass was named Leafa by her parents and embarked on a new life.

This is the story of a lonely alchemist who didn’t know what happiness was, coming to know love, and seizing happiness with her own hands.

Volume 1

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