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Chapter 7 – Tonight’s Menu

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 639 words

To show Kishana some gratitude for the clothing and food, Schenna decided she would take care of all the cooking for tonight.

For that she first needed to go shopping and finish the residential contract, since sharing a room would be cheaper, and it would avoid the same situation as she had gone through before.

The citadel of Shalteux was divided into the administrative district, the commercial district, and the three residential districts.

Schenna attached a robe to the top of the chainmail armor, then left the residential area as she headed towards the administrative district.

The residential area was designed for every species to be able to live in peace.
Luxurious buildings surround the middle part of the city, the rent for those buildings are naturally extremely expensive. The further the house is from the center, the cheaper it gets. In Kishana’s case, her rent is quite low due to the fact that she lives far from the center.

In the administrative district, it’s mostly just government offices, and where people can find places to rent and take care of the paperwork. Both the courthouse and the guard station are located in this district as well.

To get the resident certificate, people need to visit the residence department and fill in the required forms in order to be able to live here.

Back when Schenna was still part of the knight corps, she did more than just swing her sword around. As the commanding officer, she had to take care of reports both for her higher ranks and lower ranks so she was well used to filling in paperwork.

Comparing the title of a commanding officer to something in the previous world would be something akin to a company worker, in a position that requires passing information from the boss to the personnel and the other way round, not the most enjoyable job, but it is unavoidable.

Schenna sat on a chair while waiting for the application to be passed, and got called by the receptionist after a while.

“There are no problems with the documents. We also have permission from the landlord to share the room with Ms. Kishana Ustey, here is the resident certificate.
These identification documents can also be used to register at the merchants guild so please, do make sure you keep them safe and don’t lose them”

“Thank you very much”

Schenna thanked the receptionist, then had a sense of relief as soon as she got her hands on both the certificate and the documents.

Next would be a visit to the merchant district so that she could get all the ingredients she needed for tonight’s dinner.

In the merchants’ district, there were guilds from every nation of the continent of Halcentius,
from “Sword of the Goddess” to “Ancient Archives” and much more. All these big companies had a representative here, along with the merchant guild being in charge of passing on requests from both individuals and organizations to adventurers.

Alright so I already have the dish planned out, all I need is to gather all the necessary ingredients.

“First of all, I want to get some strong flour, next up are some eggs, salt, and olive oil…. or not. Guess I’ll have to use a different kind of oil.”

As she looked around with the main ingredients in mind, she instantly came across the flour for making bread. She soon got her hands on eggs and salt, as well as olive oil despite having very few shops that sold it.

“Seek and you shall find right. Lastly comes the sauce, shouldn’t be hard to find.”

The remaining ingredients were tomatoes, onions, garlic, and pepper but these were everywhere.

“There we go, we’re having tomato sauce pasta for dinner!”1

Schenna enthusiastically headed back to the residential district to prepare the meal.



  1. I’m not the best with cooking terms / dishes in any of the 4 languages I speak so if this dish is too weird, let me know haha
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