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Chapter 39 – The Refrigerator Arrives

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Aurum English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 543 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The next morning Schenna was feeling back to normal and made preparations to leave the palace.

“Morning, how’s your body feel?”
“Good morning, fortunately, I don’t have any issues moving.”
“Well, that’s good, as for me I went and made these nutritional supplements, please use them.”

When Reesha came to see Schenna off, she was worried about her condition and brought some supplements.

“Thanks so much, I heard from Luthors that you were keeping an eye out for us last night.”
“This happened because of our ineptitude. This much is to be expected under the circumstances.”

Reesha was still the same as usual despite staying vigilant all night.
According to Luthors, she was keeping watch on the entire Administration District, the stamina and concentration required are beyond the norm. Thankfully she was even able to find out that Schenna was passed out on the floor of an isolation cell yesterday using the detection skills unique to the Elves.
After Schenna’s group gave their thanks to Reesha and turned to head back to the restaurant, Reesha remembered something important.

“I almost forgot to mention, this isn’t much of an apology, but I don’t think you’ll have enough hands on deck on the restaurant’s opening day, so you can expect me and someone else to be there to help out.”
“Huh!? But what about your work here in the administration district?”
“I took the day off so it’s fine. And I’m doing this because I want to, so don’t hold back from bossing me around, I’ll do everything I can to help.”

No matter how much Schenna didn’t like the idea of constantly becoming indebted to Reesha, she knew the work at the restaurant would be too much to turn down her offer.
Upon returning to the restaurant the group was met with a bunch of elves barging in with a large piece of luggage.
Schenna quickly told the elves where to place the refrigerator and signed the receipt for it.
Kishana prepared some iced herbal tea to entertain the group as thanks for their hard work.

“Thank you for taking the time to come first thing this morning. Here’s a chilled drink, please enjoy.”

She put some mint into a teapot and let it steep in the hot water that was poured in for a few minutes, she then poured it into glasses with some ice. After which, she told the contractors to sweeten it with sugar or honey to their own preference, the elves returned home satisfied.

Luthors immediately went to try out the refrigerator. She used a Dark Core to power it on and it immediately started filling up with cool air.

“It works! Looks like we’ll be able to use it to safely store ingredients.”

Kishana started to get giddy as she went and high-fived Luthors and Schenna.
On top of preserving ingredients, you could use a refrigerator as part of the cooking process to prep food, and knowing this had her on cloud nine.

“Usually she acts very mature, but she does have this kind of side to her huh?”
“This is how she always used to be though.”

Kishana had always seemed like a mature dark elf to Luthors, but according to Schenna, this is how she really was.


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