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Chapter 13 – Reesha’s Deal Pt. 2

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 406 words

The two of them stood in front of Reesha’s apartment and knocked at the door.

“Oh? You guys came up with an answer quite quickly. Feel free to take a seat anywhere and come join me on my evening drink!”

Reesha closed the book she was reading and welcomed both of them.
She then took out ice from some sort of box, put some on the cups and poured in liquor.

“Just recently, an alchemist opened an alchemy store at the merchant district. Then they taught me a way of drinking called ‘on the rocks’1. Quite a weird person, I must say. They also gave me this box that produces ice. Normally, you can really feel the alcohol burning your throat when drinking liquor, but as the ice melts, it makes the flavor of the drink way better and refreshing. It’s perfect for me since I enjoy drinking something as I read my books.”

Both of them were surprised by the box she took out, which seemed pretty much like a freezer.
With cold storage, the type of dishes they can make will expand quite a bit.

Next time, we should try and talk to that alchemist and see if we can get them2 to sell one to us.

For Schenna, who couldn’t drink much, and Kishana, who was a heavy drinker, the liquor with ice was much easier to drink and way more enjoyable.
Schenna then spoke to Reesha about alcoholic drinks purely out of curiosity.

“Do you like drinking Reesha-san?”

“I do, in moderation. Just to the point of getting tipsy so that I can forget about some bad things”

“Bad things?”

“Did you find it unexpected? Everyone has some worries that they can’t really share with others. Drinking is just one way of venting.”

Reesha drank the liquor on the rocks from the glass in a single gulp.
What she was hiding was probably related to things that happened during her battles before becoming a ‘hero’.
She then checked the documents, took out a bag with 3,000 gold coins from the back of the shelf and put it on top of the table.

“I would like to once again welcome you both to the ‘Holy Bow of the Forest’! Kishana-kun is still part of the ‘Sword of the Goddess” but don’t worry, I’ll take care of the guild transfer.”

Schenna and Kishana then expressed their gratitude to Reesha and officially became a part of the guild.



  1. Zzonkedd: She talks about this method of drinking called rock which is quite an odd word to use, we have to see what to do about this.

    Silva: I’m not a drinker, but a really quick research tells me it could be a reference to non-alcoholic drink. So maybe it’s something along the line of distilling the alcohol before drinking?

  2. Zzonkked: The alchemist’s gender still unknown
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