Chapter 23 – Dark Knight Pt. 3

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 613 words

Due to Luthors’ immune system and the effectiveness of Kishana’s medicine, they managed to get the poison out of her body.

Meanwhile, Kishana began to prepare for breakfast, and Schenna looked after Luthors while reading a book.

Schenna began wondering about the incredible strength Gafenna possessed. Despite being poisoned, Luthors fought on the same level of skills and strength as Schenna. That being the case, it was no longer hard to believe that she had indeed fought the hero party and lived to tell the tale.

As the sunlight entered through the window, Luthors opened her eyes and glared at Schenna.

“… Why am I still alive?”

“I see you’re awake. We’re preparing breakfast so just hang on.”

“Respond! I’m a dark knight from Gafenna who tried to kill you!”

“You mean ex-dark knight, right? I don’t know anything about your situation but over here we treat everyone as equals. Here in Priden, we have all kinds of races living in peace with each other, it’s no place to pick a fight.”

As a knight from the country of Hashel, taking an enemy’s life was the right thing to do in this situation, but since she was no longer associated with them, she prioritized the rules of Priden and the promise she had made to Kishana (that she would protect her).

If Luthors refused to withdraw and insist on fighting, she would have to send Kishana over to either Reesha’s place or the administrative district where the guards are located.

Schenna didn’t have the power to win against her in battle, but it would buy them enough time for Reesha or the guards to arrive.

Luthors tried to stand up but slumped into Schenna’s breasts, as she was still feeling weak.

“I’m the one who pointed the sword at the heroes. On top of that, this is a country founded by the heroes themselves… I’m more than ready to accept my death.”

“If I was planning to kill you right from the start, I wouldn’t be trying to heal you here right now.”

“I’m a proud dark knight from Gafenna. To have my life spared like this would be beyond humiliating, I would much rather die! Ki… Kill me!”

As the bitter shout from Luthors resounded through the restaurant, Kishana ran upstairs.
Schenna slapped Luthors on the cheek and grabbed her collar in a fit of rage.

“Didn’t you come to this city to escape death and embrace hope!? I’m also a knight, so I can understand your feeling of fear when we fought each other.”

“What do you even know about me! Betrayed by the ruler (monarch), then having my older sister die as a sacrifice…”

As Luthors coughed in pain, Kishana made her drink the boiled herbs and carried her back to bed.

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“There are still some poison lingering in her body, she needs to rest or she won’t get better at all!”

“I’m sorry”

“I have your breakfast ready, let me get it for you—” Kishana said to Schenna.

Schenna reflected upon her action of bringing up emotional turmoil on a sick person.
Both Kishana and Schenna understood each other’s feelings, so without any more words spoken, Kishana went back downstairs.

Luthors had stopped her coughing fit and murmured to herself after calming down.

“Carla onee-san…..”

The image of the strong-willed dark knight was gone without a trace. Right now, she looked no different than a young girl trembling in fear while calling for her older sister.

What could have happened over at Gafenna?

In order to get the answer to that question, they had no choice but wait until Luthors was fully healed and talk to them about her situation.


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