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Chapter 12 – Reesha’s Deal Pt. 1

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 829 words

“I’m sorry for entering like this but I did knock.”


“Just call me Reesha.”

Schenna humbly responded due to how surprised she was, while Reesha who seemed to be in control of the situation approached both of them.

After all, she was a member of the group that defeated the Demon King, as well as one of the founders of Priden. Schenna had only seen one of the members in an audience back when she was in Hashel, but to have one as a neighbor right now was beyond her imagination.

“I came here to talk business today! Are you guys aware of the empty space over at the commercial district?”

“Not me, I just recently came over to Priden. How about you Kishana?”

“Yeah I do know about it, but do you know each other?”

As Schenna explained the whole situation to both Kishana and Reesha, Kishana was absolutely astonished.

Reesha cleared up her throat and got the conversation going again.

“What do you guys think about opening a restaurant over there? There’s no need to think about any hard details, just the idea. For reincarnated individuals like you, it should be awesome since the two of you are not from here, the dishes you can prepare are bound to be innovative!”

Kishana was even more surprised after having her identity seen through since Reesha knew she was a reincarnated person.

Reesha took out some documents from her bag and showed it to them.

“This is a document required to enter the guild ‘Holy Bow of the Forest’. If you sign this, we can get you the free spot, cover the cost for the building and hook you up with 3,000 gold coins.”

“3,000 gold coins!?!? But, we don’t have any special cooking skills…”

“The pickles Kishana made and the pasta that Schenna cooked were quite incredible in my opinion.”

“Besides, both you and this town would benefit from your cooperation in the restaurant, rather than having Schenna doing monster-hunting right? I’ll be waiting for a reply within the next week, and I hope it’s a good one!”

Reesha patted both of them on the shoulder and took off.

The idea of opening a restaurant is really attractive, however, just the thought of not living up to the expectations is a bit intimidating.

‘Just to pay back the loan I would have to kill 30 daemons for that…’

“So… Reesha-san was one of the heroes and she knew about us being reincarnated into this world?”

“Yeah, she heard our conversation all the way back from the stall.”

Kishana thought of Reesha as the sweet neighbor next door. She was the one who helped Kishana with everything when she got to Priden.

Now that she thought about it, Dark Elves and the Elves had been living in a big pile of grudges for many years.

“I told you before that the Dark Elves were in hostile terms with both Humans and Elves right? This is a place made by the hero party for every race to be able to live in neutrality and peace, however, not everyone is like that. I lied to you Schenna.”

The lie was about her telling Schenna that she didn’t want to take part in monster subjugation.

She had tried to find parties for it before, but people wouldn’t accept her as a Dark Elf.
Even if she tried to find one, she would be assigned to the most dangerous roles, often putting her life at risk and receiving less money than everyone else.

Schenna felt bad for her and was angry at all those who had been unfair towards her, she clenched her fists1 tight and continued listening to her story.

“I could endure it until that point since I knew in those parties, there were people who had their relatives killed by Dark Elves. But one day, I partied up with three other male humans as a scout. The monsters we had to kill were deep down a cave and we successfully completed the mission but… I was raped by them.”2

“Kishana… it’s okay if you want to stop talking about it. I understand very well why you don’t want to take part in monster subjugation.”

“Sorry for lying to you… I didn’t want to talk about this to anyone but between best friends, I want there to be no secrets!”

For someone who dreamed of living a whole new life in this ‘peaceful’ area, that treatment had been far too cruel. Luckily, a party led by Reesha who was hunting different monsters nearby happened to come across her and saved her life.

Schenna hugged Kishana with conviction and said;

“As a knight, I’ll protect you from now on. And about the restaurant.. let’s both give it a try!”

“Thanks, that really makes me happy. As long as you’re with me I don’t mind.”

The two of them signed the document and with that, the deal was sealed.


Chapter 11 – Life From Now On

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 460 words

After getting back home, both Schenna and Kishana sat at the table discussing the current situation and what to do in the future. Schenna brought up the subject regarding the lack of payment once more and told Kishana that she would help her out with any other similar problems in the future.

“Kishana, how have you managed to live until now?”

“Carrying medicinal plants for the merchant guild and offering fortune-telling to visitors and adventurers.”

“How about taking out monsters? It obviously comes with danger but the reward is quite big!”

“… I’m sorry, but I don’t want my life to be built around killing so I can’t accept those quests.”

“Oh, that’s right… you even came all the way here to escape that.”

As Kishana heard Schenna talk about killing monsters, she went silent.
She had abandoned her hometown and her race for the simple fact that she couldn’t stand the fact everything revolved around killing, and Schenna who then invited her for monster subjugation felt like she was being very inconsiderate, so she reflected on it.

“I’ll handle the monster subjugation by myself, don’t worry. You can take care of the domestic work, that way we’re both contributing.”

There are various types of monsters. Obviously, the one that yields the highest rewards are the tougher ones, luckily I have enough training to deal with the strong ones.

The reward for each one is pretty much set in the stone:
Daemons being worth a hundred gold coins, Griffons being 60 gold coins, Ogres 30, and Orcs 10.

Depending on who ordered the elimination of the monsters, there may be particular requests that involve getting more rewards so it’s quite a popular job.

Schenna had defeated Griffons with the help of her subordinates, along with soloing Orcs, so getting money this way for a living should be just fine, however, Kishana was against it.

“I can’t let you do that! What if something bad were to happen, like getting injured while fighting? I wouldn’t be able to live afterward due to the regret of letting you do that.”

“Don’t worry, I trust my skills. On top of that, if something worse were to happen I was well trained and have enough knowledge to deal with the situation.”

“Please… I can’t stand the thought of you being gone!”

Kishana jumped on Schenna’s chest with her eyes filled with tears.
Other than defeating monsters, there’s nothing else that pays as much, the alternatives were to provide medicinal herbs, ores, and equipment, but Schenna didn’t have the skills for it.

“If that’s the case, I have the perfect job for both of you!”

They were surprised by the voice that came from the front door, but it turned out to be Reesha, their neighbor.


Chapter 10 – Hot Springs Pt. 2

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 640 words

Back when they were doing construction work at the residential district, they dug up hot springs which were opened to the public. Digging up hot springs in this world is quite rare, therefore people from everywhere come here to enjoy them.

The hot springs were split for both men and women. Meanwhile, Kishana was pulling Schenna into the women’s dressing room against her will.

“It seems like no one else is around, so it seems like we have the place all to ourselves.”

“Wait Kishana, I really can’t…”

“I understand how you feel. But imagine if you were to enter the men’s side, wouldn’t it turn into a panic fest?”

“Well you’re not wrong but, I just can’t get rid of this sense of guilt.”

“Don’t worry about it, I come here often and eventually got used to it. And so will you, I swear.”

Kishana stood in front of Schenna completely naked, which somehow encouraged her to go in as well.

Back in Schenna’s childhood, she had bathed with her younger sisters on several occasions, but to Kouta, a highschool student, the stimulus was just too intense.

From her younger sister’s perspective, she was just a very shy girl. Additionally, when she entered the knight corps, she was the only female so she had no problems at all when taking a bath.

In front of her was the open-air hot spring, it was way bigger than she had imagined. The atmosphere gave off a very pleasant feeling and there was an amazing view to the outside. The men and women were divided into two sides, voices of men who had entered before them could be heard from the other side.

They then took a quick shower and entered the hot springs right after.

“So, doesn’t it feel good?”

“Yeah, it’s my first time visiting hot springs in this world.”

Schenna was in a really good mood as the effect was felt straight away, her weary body gradually became more relaxed.

Kishana stood next to Schenna as she enjoyed immersing her beautiful brown skin and long vertical ears in the hot water. After a while, Kishana looked at the sky and spoke to Schenna with a serious tone.

“Originally, we probably would be enjoying the huge bath at our school trip destination in our previous life, wouldn’t we.”

“Yeah… you’re right. To think I would ever get into hot springs with my best friend who turned into a Dark Elf, things sure took a weird turn.”

“I feel exactly the same as you. Being here with a beautiful female knight, that would an ultimate pleasure for the old me.”

“Is it different now?”

“As I told you before, I just got used to it. After being a woman for 18 years. my old self just starts disappearing, you know. At the beginning though, I would look at myself in the mirror and thought to myself that I was lucky to have such a good body.”

Schenna wondered if it really was like that.

For her, it was the opposite. At first, she felt guilty for even looking at the mirror and seeing her female body. As time passed, she eventually accepted that she was indeed a woman and would be living in that body. Looking at other naked women, getting confessed to, or any sort of talk about marriage were still far from acceptable though.

Kishana got out of the water and gave Schenna some advice.

“If you come here with me more often, you will get used to it in no time. Believe me, I’m experienced in that.”

“I’ll try my best to work on that…”

Schenna took a brief look at Kishana’s voluptuous breasts and went back underwater, blushing with an extremely red face. Then she ran for the dressing room filled with embarrassment.


Chapter 9 – Hot Springs Pt. 1

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 580 words

I made it based on the memories I still had from my previous life, however, I didn’t have much confidence in whether it would turn out good or not.

As Schenna takes a bite of the pasta, she had this nostalgic feeling.

“This flavor… It reminds me of the pasta my mom used to make.”

“Same here. It has this special “homemade” flavor that we always took for granted.”

It was nowhere near the pasta made by a chef, but it sure had the warm feeling of a homemade meal, which in itself was already awesome.

Kishana looked down and she put her hand on her chest as she was lost in the nostalgia of having meals with her family.

“…… It’s kinda sad that we didn’t even get to say goodbye to our families before we got reincarnated in this world, isn’t it.”


“I wonder if everyone is doing fine. Dying before your relatives… I bet it hurts them so much to the point they feel like we just abandoned them.”

“I feel the same. Sometimes I wish I could just let them know I’m doing well in a whole different world.”

The breakfast with their family that day was the last they had, before the plane crash.
We barely took to the air before the disaster happened and we got reborn into this world.

If there were any regrets they had in regards to their previous life, that would be dying before the family they left behind. It’s eating them from within knowing someone was still grieving for them in the previous world.

“I’m sorry. You went through all this trouble to treat me such a good meal and I’m just lingering on depressing things.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m looking forward to tasting your delicious homemade meal tomorrow Kishana.”

Schenna changed the topic somewhat forcefully and Kishana went along with it since she knew there was no point to carry on with the topic.

“….Oh yeah, leave it up to me! I’ll also get us some beverages.”

“You can skip that part, to be honest”

“Schenna, you’re always serious. I might be able to hear something interesting from you when you drink. The main point is to dig the secrets of lady knight, hehe.”

Sighed Schenna as she shrugs her shoulders, then eating the rest of the food on her plate.

Schenna stored the tableware and the frying pan back in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Kishana prepared a towel and fabric clothing for Schenna before inviting her to a certain place.

“There’s a place somewhat far from here with natural hot springs, let’s go there.”

“Hot springs!?”

“I can assure you the quality is top-notch, it drains all the fatigue from your body and heals the small cuts, you’ll see it for yourself when you get there.”

“Ughh.. can’t you go by yourself Kishana?”

Schenna blushed as she was clearly embarrassed to go with Kishana. Realizing what was going on in Schenna’s head, Kishana turned to her and said with an amazed tone;

“Hmm…. don’t tell me you’re afraid of going with me. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, we were the same sex in our previous lives and so are we now. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, right?”

“It’s… not like that…”

Kishana impatiently grabbed Schenna by her hand.

“Let’s just go, come on! I’ll wash your back too.”

Schenna was then dragged somewhat forcefully by Kishana and they headed towards the hot springs.


Chapter 8 – Menu Completed

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 623 words

First of all, let’s start with pasta.

She put the eggs on a glass bowl, added in a large spoon of olive oil and began to mix them together. On the other glass bowl, she put the flour with the right amount of salt, then adding the mixed eggs, blending everything together as it started to gain shape.

After it was solid enough, she took it off and placed it on top of the table and mixed it with her fingers. To conserve its texture, she wrapped it around with a cloth towel and let it be there for about an hour.

Up next was the tomato sauce.

After removing the tomato’s stem and peeling it off, she put it inside a glass container filled with water from the well in the residential district, lit it up with her fire magic and boiled it.
After having it boil for a bit, she picked it up to cut it into small slices and put it back in.
She then cut the garlic in very thin layers, put it on an iron fry pan, added some olive oil and once again used her magic to light up the fire carefully so that it wouldn’t burn.

As the scent of the ingredients reached her nose, she mixed in the onions cut in slices with the tomato and added some salt and pepper.

The sound of the front door opening was heard and Kishana was back home.

“Woah, I smell the sweet scent of tomato.”

“Welcome back! Today is my turn to treat you to a wonderful meal, just wait.”

“Getting a meal made by a woman for you sure feels good, even knowing that in reality, it was made by my best male friend from our previous life, haha. Just by having someone to greet me this way already feels like the whole room is somewhat giving away a better feeling.”

Kishana took a seat at the table, supporting her face with both hands while staring at Schenna.

Meanwhile, Schenna who was looking over the food cooking, decided to talk to Kishana about the lack of payment for the rent.

“So today… the landlord came here to collect the money that you owed him. A lot happened and I managed to deal with the situation, but if the same were to happen again you know we’re in trouble right? I signed a contract to live with you from today onwards so I’ll help you out.”

“Oh… I’m so sorry, I promise I’ll get you the money back. To think I made my best friend pay up for what I owe, I’m really the worst…”

“Don’t blame yourself like that! I also got here in order to run away from my problems so, let’s just make the best out of the situation and help each other.”

Schenna pulled out the towel and extended the flour even further, with a thickness of around two millimeters and kept pulling it until it became thin enough.

After she was done with hand-pulled noodles, she proceeded to boil it. As the noodles floated all the way up, she poured them onto a plate and covered them with the tomato sauce which was the final touch.

“Sorry to keep you waiting! Tomato sauce pasta, I hope you enjoy it!”

“Pasta!? I never thought I would see this plate in this world.”

“Remember I had made this before in our cooking class? I know I somewhat messed up here and there in terms of quantities but try to enjoy it.”

“Oh yeah now that you mention it, I do remember you making it.”

Schenna joined Kishana at the table with the plate of pasta and both of them started digging in.


Chapter 7 – Tonight’s Menu

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 639 words

To show Kishana some gratitude for the clothing and food, Schenna decided she would take care of all the cooking for tonight.

For that she first needed to go shopping and finish the residential contract, since sharing a room would be cheaper, and it would avoid the same situation as she had gone through before.

The citadel of Shalteux was divided into the administrative district, the commercial district, and the three residential districts.

Schenna attached a robe to the top of the chainmail armor, then left the residential area as she headed towards the administrative district.

The residential area was designed for every species to be able to live in peace.
Luxurious buildings surround the middle part of the city, the rent for those buildings are naturally extremely expensive. The further the house is from the center, the cheaper it gets. In Kishana’s case, her rent is quite low due to the fact that she lives far from the center.

In the administrative district, it’s mostly just government offices, and where people can find places to rent and take care of the paperwork. Both the courthouse and the guard station are located in this district as well.

To get the resident certificate, people need to visit the residence department and fill in the required forms in order to be able to live here.

Back when Schenna was still part of the knight corps, she did more than just swing her sword around. As the commanding officer, she had to take care of reports both for her higher ranks and lower ranks so she was well used to filling in paperwork.

Comparing the title of a commanding officer to something in the previous world would be something akin to a company worker, in a position that requires passing information from the boss to the personnel and the other way round, not the most enjoyable job, but it is unavoidable.

Schenna sat on a chair while waiting for the application to be passed, and got called by the receptionist after a while.

“There are no problems with the documents. We also have permission from the landlord to share the room with Ms. Kishana Ustey, here is the resident certificate.
These identification documents can also be used to register at the merchants guild so please, do make sure you keep them safe and don’t lose them”

“Thank you very much”

Schenna thanked the receptionist, then had a sense of relief as soon as she got her hands on both the certificate and the documents.

Next would be a visit to the merchant district so that she could get all the ingredients she needed for tonight’s dinner.

In the merchants’ district, there were guilds from every nation of the continent of Halcentius,
from “Sword of the Goddess” to “Ancient Archives” and much more. All these big companies had a representative here, along with the merchant guild being in charge of passing on requests from both individuals and organizations to adventurers.

Alright so I already have the dish planned out, all I need is to gather all the necessary ingredients.

“First of all, I want to get some strong flour, next up are some eggs, salt, and olive oil…. or not. Guess I’ll have to use a different kind of oil.”

As she looked around with the main ingredients in mind, she instantly came across the flour for making bread. She soon got her hands on eggs and salt, as well as olive oil despite having very few shops that sold it.

“Seek and you shall find right. Lastly comes the sauce, shouldn’t be hard to find.”

The remaining ingredients were tomatoes, onions, garlic, and pepper but these were everywhere.

“There we go, we’re having tomato sauce pasta for dinner!”1

Schenna enthusiastically headed back to the residential district to prepare the meal.


[Female Knight and Dark Elf] Chapter 6 – 10

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Chapter 6 – The Elf’s True Colors

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 477 words

The Elf handed a bag filled with coins to the landlord, which he checked thoroughly to see if the right amount was there.

After that, he warned Schenna that the punishment for these payment failures is quite high.

“I’ll leave for today but make sure you warn Kishana that I want the payment every single month from now on”

The landlord held the bag filled with gold coins tightly and left.
Schenna proceeds to hand over the armor to the Elf as she thanked her for the help in that tight situation.

“Uhm… Thanks for saving me there!”

“It’s okay, I owe it to my neighbor1 anyways. Moreover, I’m more interested in you two. Could it be that both of you are reincarnated?”


Schenna’s head was filled with panic as her identity was abruptly seen through so easily by the Elf.

Which reminds me, she seems to be the Elf that has opened an ornament stall right next to Kishana’s. I was so excited about being reunited with my best friend that I missed a lot of things around me.

“Right after you declined my neighbor’s fortune-telling, things became a bit weird. All of a sudden both of you began talking in a very manly way. I was only able to confirm it last night though. I’m sorry but I made use of my sharp hearing to listen to the conversation.”

The elf returned the armor to Schenna who still couldn’t hide her surprised face.

“You can have this back. I heard it’s worth way more than just a hundred gold coins”

“Ugh… Do you really believe us when we say we’re from another world and reborn here?”

The elf let out a burst of bold laughter, went behind Schenna and grabbed her breasts.

“Wha- ! Why are you grabbing my breasts all of a sudden!?”

“This is just my way of acknowledging you as a reincarnated individual. You’re such a cutie, would be a shame if I didn’t get to hear your adorable scream as I fondle your boobs, right? Kouta-kun.”

When she called Schenna by her previous life’s name, she remembered she had not introduced herself yet.

“Sorry, my bad. I got to rub your breasts before even introducing myself. My name is Reesha Karyu, a pleasure to meet you.”

“Reesha…… wait it can’t be!”

That name was not unfamiliar to Schenna. Reesha Karyu was one of the heroes who had taken part in the foundation of the neutral nation.

Meanwhile, Reesha was already at the front door of her house without Schenna even noticing. She opened the door and entered while giving Schenna a smile that gave the impression that she was making fun of her.2

As for Schenna, after getting her breasts fondled she felt like she had run out of strength and just sat there on the floor.


Chapter 5 – Rent Payment

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 826 words

Schenna remembered all that happened, the wine bottle going empty, the conversation they had while they downed the bottle and then, she fell asleep.

She woke up to find herself in a bunk bed, covered with a blanket with quite a headache. On the bright side, however, she wasn’t feeling nauseous. While taking a look around in search of Kishana, she noticed that the person in question was nowhere to be seen.

Schenna got up from the bed to find a cup filled with water, along with a letter left right next to it.

“Good morning. I had a lot of fun yesterday drinking and talking to you once again. I need to finish up work so Schenna, just rest well until I come back”

It would seem like Kishana had left for work. Schenna felt slightly better as she drank the cup of water that Kishana had left for her, and then noticed something quite serious about her body.

She had been stripped off of her Knight armor, which was placed on top of the bed and changed into chainmail armor. Right next to her pillow, Kishana had left folded underwear with quite a good airflow.

Since their lives in the previous world, Kishana had always been good at taking care of people so she was naturally good at making friends. All of that just to die and be reborn in a different world. This time Schenna wanted to make sure she lived a good life, so she was willing to help her with whatever she could.

She enjoyed the view from the window as the sunshine shone brightly through along with a gentle breeze, without a single cloud in the sky.

The northern part of the kingdom of Hashel and Priden were blessed with an excellent climate, making it very rare for the crops to ever die out.

There were reports of damage caused by the attack of unique monsters from another world, which was dealt with fast after the feudal lord from the province reinforced the area and the knight corps were dispatched from the main country.

Schenna had also been dispatched to these provinces before. This was often a chance for her comrades to step away from the knight career but to Schenna, it was just a good opportunity to get stronger. Which, in the end, only brought her trouble since she gave away a very good impression to the leader of the knight corps, pretty much the reason why her life started going downhill… but then again, that’s how she got to meet Kishana so it might have not been that bad.

At the same time she took a deep breath of fresh air, someone seemed to be knocking on the door.

She thought it could be an acquaintance of Kishana coming over to visit so she went ahead to welcome the person.

Standing in front of the door was a muscular man.

“Excuse me. Oh? Is Kishana-san not around?”

“She is currently not home, however, if you wish so I could pass on a message”

“I’m the landlord of this house and she still has to pay for half a year of rent. It’s time we settle this out since it’s been dragging for too long. Also, I’m renting out this place for one person only so you’re not living here right?”

While in shock, Schenna denied living there but the man kept staring in doubt.
The unexpected debt of half a year of rent caught her by surprise and worried about her situation.

“Please wait a little bit. I’ll cover her debt.”

Schenna brought the knight armor that was on her bed and handed it over to the landlord.

“This knight armor is used officially in the northern part of Hashel, a unique kind of armor enchanted with magic. Selling this will get you a good few hundred gold coins”

“No, that’s not how it works here! I want the money in hand and that’s it, if there’s none then I’ll have both of you out of here!”

“Well then, at least give me a while to sell the armor and hand you the money.”

“You’re just saying that and planning to run away right!? In the contract, it’s well explicit that this room is for one person only, she already broke it so I’ll simply report this to the authorities!”

I can’t pay with my armor, and the money I brought for the trip is not anywhere near enough to pay for it.

Schenna kept trying to convince him but he wasn’t listening at all and began heading towards the guard’s station.

“If you’re okay with it, I would like to offer you a few hundred gold coins for that piece of armor.”

Said the Elf, who happened to overhear the conversation, as she broke her way into the dispute. She was the Elf with an ornament stall right next to where Kishana had her fortune-telling stall.


Chapter 4 – Beverage Accompanied Chat

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 766 words

After both of them finished washing the plates and putting everything back in its place, Kishana took out her special wine and poured a cup for each.

“Time for the essential beverage that comes after dinner”

“Hey, we’re both 18 and underage… nevermind, these rules were only binding us on our previous world, not here right”

“That’s right! A toast to our reunion! The night has just begun so I’ll have you accompany me for quite a while, get ready”

Kishana lifted her arm while holding the cup for the toast followed by Schenna, filling the air with a good quality wine smell that tickled their noses.

Schenna had drunk with her Knight Unit before, but she was weak to alcohol so every time she could she would keep her distance.

This time it was different though, it was both recommended and offered by her best friend who she had just reunited with so she didn’t mind at all and drank as if it was nothing.

“Drinking rather fast, aren’t you. Alright, let’s do what fate prohibited us from doing and continue our high school trip. I… I mean I, back then was in love with Fukuhara Shizue from our class”1

Surprised by the confession out of nowhere, Schenna sat there with her eyes wide open.
Fukuhara Shizue was a girl who used to accompany both Kouta and Yasuhiro on the way to school. She was a quiet girl who didn’t stand out much as far as I remember, but to hear her name here and now was completely unexpected.
Yasuhiro was dating Takajou Saki at the time so I didn’t expect him to have someone else in mind at all.

“I broke up with Saki right before the school trip. I tried dating her after she confessed to me but we just weren’t made for each other. I didn’t talk much to Fukuhara-san either but I just had this feeling whenever I looked at her in school, she seemed to be a good and honest person”

“You’re not even shy! So, do you regret not being able to confess to her in the end?”

“I guess I do regret it a bit… But it’s not that easy to confess to a girl you really like out of the blue you know? Well, I lost my chance anyways after so much hesitation. I bet she would be surprised if I were to confess to her with my current appearance heh”

The dark elf’s expression changed into a somewhat sad face as she stared into the mirror.
Kishana who had a tomato-like red face finished her entire cup in a single gulp and sat on Schenna’s lap with an evil smile.2

“This time is Schenna’s turn! I already finished my speech so, don’t you dare tell me you have nothing to say!”

“You drank too much already…”

“Hey hey, don’t try to avoid the topic. Or should I move on and do ‘whatever’ I want to you?”

Said the attractive dark elf as she bit the knight’s chin.
Schenna couldn’t handle it anymore and just gave in as Kishana approached her lips to kiss her.

“I’ll say it okay!!! Kashiyama Madoka from our class”

“Kashiyama… Oh, that Kashiyama! I mean she was quite attractive but she was just as weird”

Kashiyama Madoka was a girl blessed with both beauty and intelligence, however she would take out her phone in the middle of the class just to take care of her market share and FX3 transactions, skip every single gym class by using her period as an excuse, basically what the teachers considered to be a problematic kid.

Kouta had asked her once in his previous life why she kept on doing all those things that just brought her trouble, as to what she firmly replied: “I do whatever gets me money, everything else is irrelevant.”

“Even though she behaved like that, I’ve always thought she had some sort of sense of duty or something to it. She ended up skipping the school trip so she avoided the disaster of the place crashing… I wonder if she’s doing well over at our previous world”

“So… you say you were in love with her?”

“It’s because I loved her that I asked her why she kept doing those things! I was simply attracted to her appearance, even at night when I sleep I could never forget about her. Wasn’t this enough of a reply!”

By the end of this conversation, Kishana was already sobering up and tried to cheer Schenna up by saying “don’t mind4“, leaving her even more confused.


Chapter 3 – Chatting over Meal

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 646 words

Schenna was well aware that no one would believe her if she were to ever open up and say that she was actually once a boy and was reborn in this world. However, just the existence of the female dark elf that was standing right in front of her was enough to put her mind at ease, as she patted Schenna in the back and listened to her.

“I really did try my best, but it was just so harsh and scary! The fear of living in this world and being denied of my own identity as Kouta while being Kouta… If that’s even the correct way to describe what I felt. I hated being recognized as Schenna Urablatt by everyone.
All I wanted was to scream out loud for everyone to hear that the ‘me’ from my previous life was still alive!”

“Yeah, I understand you perfectly. Kouta does in fact still exist inside Schenna Urablatt. Just like Yasuhiro… still exists in Kishana Ustey. It’s just something that only we can understand, other people would never be able to.”

If God does exist, then why did things turn out this way.
If only the memories had not remained, there would be no need for them to suffer.
But then again, only because those memories were still there, the two best friends were able to meet each other once again.

“I think there must be a meaning for being reborn in a different world. Then it’s up to both of us to find that meaning”

“… Yeah”

“Alright! I’m getting hungry, time to make something delicious for dinner”

Kishana headed to the kitchen and took out the smoking meat along with some vegetables from a bin and began cooking.

She was already used to cook for herself so she had this utility belt around her waist, from which she took a knife out and began cutting the meat. She then placed it on the iron fry pan and lit up the stove with magic that came out of her finger, thus beginning the cooking process.

As she finished distributing the food on the plates, she added the finishing touch with the herbs that she was raising at her place.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I added some pickles so feel free to take a bite!”

“It’s got a really good smell and looks delicious, plus it’s been a while since I ate pickles.”

“I just recently started trying making them, however, it doesn’t compare to what we had in Japan at all. So far this is the best I could do, taking into account that I’m learning by myself by trial and error.”

Schenna promptly tried out the pickles and they were indeed pretty good, however like Kishana had said already, they were no comparison to the ones they had in Japan.

Still, she had put all her effort into making the pickles so Schenna couldn’t afford to be stingy about it, so she kept thanking her over and over.

“It’s delicious! There’s nothing that can beat food made with passion, that’s for sure!”

“Ugh, I’m not quite sure if I should take that as a compliment. I sort of feel like I’m forcing you to say that after telling you I had been trying my best lately to make them so you can eat me instead if you want”

Schenna’s face turned red and she tried looking away as Kishana slightly flashed out her breasts and closed the distance between them.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean it that way! I’m begging you, don’t pull those jokes on me”

“Hahah, such an adorable reaction as usual.”

Showing off a teasing smile, Kishana headed back to her seat.
There’s no other dinner that compares to how fun this one was.
Schenna kept thinking if only it was possible to stay like that forever, nothing would make her happier.


Chapter 2 – Reunion Between the Two Best Friends

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 566 words

After they passed through a narrow back street with no signs of people around, they entered a building made of simple stone brick. It was a two-floor building with a total of twenty rooms being lent out.

The room that the dark elf led Schenna to was the one on the corner of the second floor and had her sit at the living room’s table.

“Welcome to my house, Kouta-kun! I know it’s not that big but I hope you don’t mind”

“Hey… let’s stop calling each other by our old names? It kind of brings this feeling of melancholy.”

“… Okay. After all, it has already been eighteen years since we were reborn right, might as well introduce myself again! My name is Kishana Ustey”

“I’m Schenna Urablatt. Being able to meet my best friend in another world after that tragic incident really makes me happy”

“Although our appearance is nowhere near what it was before”

As Schenna and Kishana exchanged a handshake, a spark of memories from the previous life got to them, reminding both of the good times they spent together, all the sweat from the football club activities, and spending their holidays together playing, talking about pretty much anything in the very close friendship they had.

“But Schenna, with those looks and that long silver hair, I bet you’re quite popular amongst men aren’t you”

“I couldn’t stand that anymore, that’s the reason why I left everything behind and decided to come here”

Kishana listened carefully as Schenna talked about the troublesome life she had lived so far in this world.

“With that serious personality of yours, you sure have been carrying quite some heavy responsibilities in this life. On top of not being able to return to our previous world, living as Schenna Urablatt… Are you sure you’re ready to start a new life here and live by yourself?”

“How about you?”

“At first I was just as lost and confused. As you may already know it’s common sense in this world for dark elves and elves to be on bad terms with humans right? Back in my hometown where I was born, people would pile up corpses just for training, teach how to create poisonous mixtures and ways to deceive men. That’s pretty much why I ran away and ended up here. After that, I’ve just been living as a normal woman… I feel like my life as Kishana Ustey began here. I may be poor but way better than having a life over at a place where piling up corpses is considered daily life.

“I’m sorry.. Made you remember some horrible things. Compared to the way you have been living here I feel like I was blessed instead”

Tears fell from Schenna’s eyes.

That crybaby personality is something she inherited from her previous life, said Kishana with as she laughed.

“The usual crybaby I see haha. I’m… I’m okay1. Unlike our previous life, my gender might not be the same, I might not even be the same race anymore but still being able to talk to my best friend like in the good old times is more than I can ask for. Schenna Urablatt’s life can start right here, it’s never late. And in order for that to happen, I’ll help in what I can!”

Schenna hugged Kishana’s chest tightly, letting out all the emotions that had been piling up.