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Female Knight & Dark Elf – Chapter 50

It was Christmas, so some friends and I looked for old cartoons celebrating it.
Did you know there’s a He-mana and She-ra Christmas Special?

Silva’s dropping in with a bombastic announcement:
We are dropping Female Knight & Dark Elf!

Yes, we are dropping it, but not so soon. Before we go into that, however, I’ll explain why we are dropping it. First, we don’t get nearly as many views as we’d hoped for. Meaning, it doesn’t generate enough revenues. Second, not enough support on Patreon so I am basically still paying for the translation of this project from my own pocket. Along with the lack of views, this is basically a deficit.

And that’s why, we’re dropping Female Knight & Dark Elf for another Gender Bender project, but since we still have a few rare Patrons that supported Knight & Elf, I’ve asked for their opinion and we’ve all come to agree that we should pick up a new series indeed. There are some, however, who still wished to see the continuation of Female Knight & Dark Elf, so I made a compromise. We will continue to translate Female Knight & Dark Elf until chapter 100 before picking up the new series, and after that, I will have the translator focus on the new series while providing at least 1~3 chapters of Knight & Elf monthly based on his availability.

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Chapter 48: Serving

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Aurum English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 673 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Schenna darted after Sareenea and somehow managed to bring her back. She tried to explain what had happened while hiding the true identity of the Demon King, Reesha also helped to dispel her doubts.

“I’m only a noob with magic, but I can’t tell the two of them apart at all.”

In the meantime, the Demon King —still taking Schenna’s appearance— had changed into the clothes Kishana prepared for him. Saying he was one of Reesha’s friends was enough to convince Sareenea as she compared him to Schenna.

“I’m Grana Festo. I’ll be in your service from now on.”

Reesha had told him to use that name.
That was one more safety measure to avoid more people knowing his true identity.
And to avoid other countries from knowing the Demon King was still alive, Schenna and the other two decided to only treat him as Reesha’s friend.

In a low voice, Schenna asked Grana.
“Grana, are you going to look like that for the whole day?”

“I originally wanted to look like myself…but… I get embarrassed really easily, so I’ll be like this for today.”

As soon as he said that, Reesha glanced at him as if signaling him to avoid doing anything that could be tied to his identity.
Noticing that, Schenna decided to stop inquiring about his appearance and set on her task to open the restaurant.

Reesha and Grana would be in charge of taking orders and serving.
The seats on the tables and counter were all numbered, so all the orders taken had the seat number and the chosen menu on them, which then would be carried to the kitchen and then served when done.

“Well, try serving Sareenea as an example.”

Schenna decided to treat her first customer, Sareenea, as an example and made Reesha take her order.

“Welcome. Can I take your order?”

As was expected from her status as the supervisor of the administrative district, she behaved perfectly.
As Sareenea looked through the menu, she decided to order something rather peculiar.

“Could you get me a gyudon? The beef with a lot of broth, but not a lot of beef and a bunch of green onions.”

Reesha took note of it, first table, gyudon with a lot of broth, less beef, a lot of green onions.
Kishana received the order then and began preparing it, then when it was done Reesha served it.

“Sorry for the wait. Here’s the gyudon. Would you like anything else to go with it?”
“…No. Thank you.”

For Sareenea, ordering a meal the way she used to in her past life while being served by someone from a different world left a strong impression in her as she stared almost in adoration at Reesha’s conflicted face, but she didn’t muster a single word.

“Would you want one of our signature pancakes for dessert?”

Then, smiling without a single concern, Reesha encouraged her to order pancakes.

Normally, a waiter did not have a need to pressure a client so much, but Reesha’s tone was so convincing Sareenea ordered them while holding her stomach. Luthors prepared the pancakes just the way she had learned to before, then they were served to Sareenea, who after stuffing her cheeks with them was only able to eat half of them. She then left the payment for her meal and returned to her workshop.

After that, Schenna took her role as the manager and went to give Reesha a warning.

“Reesha-san, please don’t do what you did in the end with other customers…”
“Yes, I know. Grana-kun, you also shouldn’t do anything like that.”

Grana had been closely watching how Reesha interacted with the client to learn how to treat customers himself and seemed to understand why he should not copy what Reesha did in the end.

Throughout the morning, many female adventurers came, attracted by the pancakes and crepes. Reesha and Grana were able to serve them all without problems even though all the tables were occupied most of the time.


Chapter 47: The Demon King’s position

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 594 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The Demon King was supposed to have been slain by the Hero’s party.

“I can understand you’d doubt it. It’s true that the official story says the Demon King summoned by Gafenna was defeated, but in reality, what happened was that the summoning pact was rewritten, and the Demon King was summoned again with a harmless body.”

According to Reesha, the Demon King was a life-form similar to the gods of old legends, so there was no realistic way of defeating him. After battling against him, the Hero’s party succeeded in forming a second pact with him, then when the Demon King turned defenseless, they secretly transported him to a palace deep inside the fortress city of Shalteux.

“This is also kept a secret from the Five Grand Powers. Then again, the way they treated the Demon King was like they just summoned him to treat him like a weapon. Now he’s living a decent life in the palace.”
“But…couldn’t that potentially become the spark to ignite another war? Especially if the Grand Power of Rinsr were to know about that, they would have a reason to launch an attack on Priden.”

Schenna carefully tried to advice Reesha.

If word came out that the supposedly defeated Demon King was sheltered in Priden, they would be considered heretics to be exterminated by Rinsr, which then would cause all the Five Great Powers to look at Priden as an enemy. For them it would be a justified cause, and also a chance to remove the Hero’s party from its stance, allowing them to expand their territories.

“Considering how ambitious the holy kingdom of Rinsr is, they wouldn’t hesitate to do that. But Priden is a neutral country, so even a harmless Demon King will be welcome here.”

Schenna painfully realized that being a neutral country where any race was welcome was like a double-edged sword, while it sounded like a splendid idea on paper, if anything went wrong, it could just as easily crumble down and be destroyed.

“Anyway, let’s stop with the disturbing stories here. We’re here to help with the restaurant after all.”
“I’m thankful for the help, but is it really okay for you to bring the Demon King?”

Schenna asked Reesha, her opinion representing that of Kishana and Luthors as well.

“I don’t want to treat him like an outcast, and I thought a change of scenery was needed to liven him up. And he can’t use any attacking magic in his current form, the new pact also forbids him of killing people.”
“Yup, that’s how it is. All I can use now is supportive and healing magic only. Things like this.”

The Demon King took Schenna’s hand and in an instant, his body changed into hers.

Due to the change, the clothes he was wearing were torn in some places and left him half-naked, and as he stood straight up in a magnificent pose, she did not know where to place her gaze on.

Considering he was a Demon King, his magic level was clearly high.
Just thinking of what would happen if he could use magic attacks made Schenna shiver.

“Excuse me. I know you’re opening today so I’ve come as your first custo-…”1

The owner of that familiar voice opened the front door, looking for breakfast.
When she laid eyes on a half-naked Schenna, her voice turned stiff and only said a short sentence.

“…Thanks for the treat.”

Then Sareenea gently closed the door and left the restaurant.


Chapter 46: Helper

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 737 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The next day, Schenna and Kishana finished the last preparations in the kitchen.

“You should go wake up Luthors soon.”
“Yeah… I really overdid it yesterday though. I didn’t think a single glass would knock her out.”

Kishana had drunk most of the wine, while Schenna and Luthors both had a single glass each.
Kishana normally had a strong change in behavior when drunk, but this time she had acted normally.
When Schenna recalled what happened the last night, she felt embarrassed to face Luthors.

“Luthors, I’m coming in.”

After knocking on the door, she went in. Luthors was standing in front of a mirror, looking at how the apron suited her.

“Good morning. I’m sorry for making you drink last night even though you said you weren’t used to it…”
“Ah, Schenna. Last night was fun. I only mentioned I was bad with it after you served me, so I don’t mind. Though lamentably my memories of everything that happened after I drank are too fuzzy and I can’t remember anything. I only hope I didn’t end up doing something really weird…”
“Don’t worry about that! I’m not too good with alcohol myself, so I understand how you feel.”

Since she didn’t seem to recall anything of what had happened, Schenna felt a bit reassured for the moment.

Her plan had only been to liven up the celebration with alcohol, but when she found out Luthors was a lightweight, it only turned awkward. If this had been her past life, it could have been seen as an abusive boss forcefully making his worker drink.

“You mentioned something about you two being old men if you were still alive in your past world? That was something only reincarnated people could say and it was really funny.”
“If a regular person who didn’t know anything about it heard you, they’d be really creeped out though.”

If she had not met Kishana, she probably would have never told anyone about her reincarnation. Then her life would have been spent with her hunting monsters, or become an adventurer, or maybe even a mercenary. A completely different path from the one her life had taken now.

“But then am I actually an old man or a girl… That doesn’t bother you?”
“Something like that isn’t a reason that would make me hate you or Kishana. Everyone has a thing or two they hide.”
“Then there’s something you hide from me too?”
“Heheh…that’s a secret.”

A meaningful smile spread on her lips. Schenna took her hand and led her downstairs to group up with Kishana. Schenna was still doubtful if Luthors really did forget what she had said the night before though.

Once she confirmed they were all present, she gave a few words as the manager.

“Today marks the date for the opening of our restaurant. This is my first time managing a business like this, so there will be many things I might struggle with, but if we all work together I believe we can succeed. Let’s work hard!”

After that, she bowed while Kishana and Luthors started clapping.

“That’s a good-spirited tone I hear. It suits the personality of a manager.”

Reesha had entered through the front door with a boy following after her. Schenna lightly bowed to her as well and thanked her.

“Thank you so much for coming to help us today. Is that…your child Reesha-san?”
“I see you’ve gotten better at joking after meeting Sareenea. He’s another helper for the restaurant.”

Reesha then introduced everyone to the boy, and when he saw Luthors, he spoke instinctively.

“Oh… I recognize only one of them, from a long time ago. One of the Dark Knights of Gafenna.”

The boy apparently knew who Luthors was, but she only tilted her head in puzzlement, unable to remember anything.

“I don’t remember ever meeting a child. Who are you?”

It was possible the boy had heard stories about Luthors before, but the way he spoke had given the impression he had known her from long ago.

“Well, you probably can’t tell with this body. Maybe you would know me if I said I’m the Demon King you worked together with to try to defeat the Heroes before?”

The boy claiming to be the Demon King peered into Luthors eyes as if communicating through them and Luthors took half a step back as her face turned pale.