Chapter 26 – The Second Understanding Person

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 785 words

Reesha promised to return the next day in order to interrogate Luthors and headed back to the administrative district.

Schenna approached Luthors, fully intending to lend her a hand, but Luthors interrupted.

“It’s okay, I can walk.”

“You’re still recovering so don’t push yourself too much. Are you hungry by any chance? If you have any appetite I can make something for you to eat!”

“Um…. thank you. If you could make something warm I’d gladly take it.”

“Understood. Rest in bed while I make it for you okay?”

After confirming that Luthors was lying on the bed, Schenna headed downstairs to take a look at the remaining ingredients to see what she could make.

Considering it was for a sick person, she wanted to make sure it was not only warm but also something easy to digest.

Based on her past life’s experiences, her intuition was telling her to make rice porridge along with some vegetables, but sadly she didn’t have any rice.

She decided to make consomme soup for the time being.

Slicing the onions in very thin layers, adding water and stock powder into the pot before boiling it. Then she added the sliced onion into the soup and made sure the fire was passing properly. Finally, she poured the soup to a bowl with some minced parsley spread on top.

“I’m back! Also, I came across something unusual while shopping.”

Kishana had just returned from shopping with all kinds of vegetables and meat filling her shopping bag.

“It’s rice yo. It seems that the elves know how to cultivate rice, but it doesn’t appear on the market all that much since bread is the staple food in this world.”

“Perfect timing! Could you make some rice porridge?”

“Sure thing, did she wake up? I’ll take care of making the rice porridge, you can go ahead and give her the soup now if you want.”

Elves are known for their long pointy ears and their longevity. They are recognized as a race blessed by the forest for their high dexterity and are usually friendly towards the other races. The elves specialize in both magic and agriculture. The only exception were dark elves. Both elves and dark elves have been hostile towards each other for more than a hundred years. Sareenea, for example, doesn’t really care about the relationship between both races, but seeing Reesha and Kishana together is always quite an odd combination.

Luthors praised Schenna for her various talents after drinking the soup she had made for her.

“The soup you prepared for me is really delicious. Having knowledge in both cooking and swordsmanship is quite impressive!”

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“Thanks for the compliment, I’m glad you enjoyed it but it’s not that big of a deal. Just wait a bit while Kishana finishes making the rice porridge”

“Kishana… Are you talking about the dark elf that was standing next to you?”

“Yeah, she’s the one who removed the poison from your body.”

“… I don’t mean to talk bad stuff about anyone but you should consider not getting along with dark elves.”

Apparently, Luthors had killed countless dark elves who were trying to kill her as she ran away from Gafenna.

The poison was inflicted from a big fight with multiple dark elves.

Dark elves were a race protected by darkness, with the characteristic dark skin color.
A race that excelled at scouting and gathering information, as well as the assassin squad working for Gafenna.

Rumors say that they are also able to disguise themselves as elves and carry out close range assassinations on members of the royalty or influential noble families.

Luthors, who knew very well about their treacherous nature, was most likely worried about Schenna’s safety.

“Kishana is an old friend of mine. You might not believe this but… can you just hear me out?”

“I made an oath to you, therefore I’ll listen to anything.”

Schenna proceeded to tell her about everyone coming from a different world with their memories intact, along with the ordeals of their current lives until now.

“I know it sounds crazy, and it would only be natural to think of me as someone who’s not right in the head after what I just said.”

“In the past, I have read up on some first-class magic that could only be used by extremely powerful magicians. Additionally, I don’t think you would have a reason to lie, so I believe you, Schenna.”

“… You do!?”

“Yes, all the things you have experienced until now make your words easy to believe. Please forgive me for insulting your best friend.”

Luthors bowed down to Schenna after feeling bad for insulting her friend and didn’t doubt a single thing about her story.


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