Chapter 33 – The Young Man from the Drug Store

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 878 words

In the afternoon, a large number of adventurers began to flood the streets. After putting up the menu in the restaurant, Schenna decided to head outside and give a quick look at the other restaurants.

“I’ll be going out to check the situations of other restaurants. Also while I’m at it, I’ll see if I can find some extra cookware to buy.”

“You know, it’s good to go out and gather information but ever since you came here you barely had any fun, so feel free to just go out and relax.”

Kishana was worried about Schenna not having time for herself and tried to convince her to have some fun.

In comparison to the capital of Hashel, the fortress of Shalteux had way more merchants and adventurers.1

Just the fact that it was a country founded by the heroes’ party, it naturally attracted a lot of people from every region to come and visit. Some even decided to come and live here, all of which helped towards the growth of the country. Ever since they started the restaurant business, Reesha had always been extremely helpful towards them. However, not everyone was like her, people like Karyu also existed, which didn’t make their lives any easier.

The main street of the commercial district was packed with restaurants that offered freshly baked pizza and bread, along with others that had typical foodstuff found from all of the five great powers. What was especially famous in Shalteux was food made with marine products from Schenna’s hometown, Hashel.

Upon entering the backstreet, she saw a lot of stores from various guilds with their billboard on display, all of which were crowded with adventurers. In the guild that Schenna belongs to, Holy Bow, there were far more merchants than adventurers, and many of the members could be seen trying to get good deals.

As she crossed the backstreet from start to end, she then headed back to the center of the commercial district when a young man from a stall called her over.

“Hey miss! Would you happen to be interested in some restorative medicine?”

It seemed like the young man was a traveling merchant who had stopped by the city.
The stall’s table was covered in cloth with a bunch of bottles containing liquid lined up on top, as he explained the effects to Schenna.

“Oh wait, just one second. This medicine here is really good for sword wound!”
“Why are you recommending me that one?”

Schenna thought of just ignoring him and move on, but as she was quite intrigued by how the young man managed to find out about her wounds, despite the fact that she was dressed casually just like any other girl in the city.

The young man answered her question without any concern.

“I’ve been doing this business for quite a long time now, visiting various places and meeting all sorts of people, so figuring out someone’s unique characteristic just comes as second nature to me. Just by simply taking a look at your hand, I can tell that you hold a sword on a daily basis due to the callus, so assuming you’re either a Knight or a Swordsman I just recommended the obvious.”

Schenna’s hands did indeed have calluses from holding the sword very often.

His ability to instantly figure it out was incredible, but she felt like there was something suspicious about him.

Schenna then took out the money from her purse to pay for the medicine while intensively staring at the young man.

“Alright. I’ll take the medicine then.”

“Thank you very much! Having such a beautiful young lady staring at me sure makes me blush, haha… As a symbol of my appreciation, take this extra medicine.”

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The young man grabbed two bottles of medicine as he received the payment from Schenna.
She thought she was imagining things as the young man let out an innocent smile.

“I’ll be opening a restaurant in the commercial district very soon, so please do come and pay a visit.”

“Oh is that so? If I’ll get to eat some delicious food made by you, then I’ll be sure to stop by the restaurant!”

Schenna picked up the wrapped bottles and took out a paper from her purse that contained the address of the restaurant, then gave it to the young man.

After cutting through the central plaza, Karyu could be seen heading towards Schenna’s direction along with a few guards.

She tried to avoid him by sticking to the sidewalk, but Karyu saw her and called her name.

“You… You’re that knight from Hashel aren’t you? What are you doing here?”

“Shopping. Also, I’m not a Hashel knight anymore, excuse me.”

“Wait. There’s something I want to talk to you about. Mind coming along with me to the administrative district?”

Karyu grabbed Schenna by the arm and dragged her along while the guards surrounded her.
Schenna knew that if she were to resist, she would get in trouble for refusing to obey their orders so she decided to just go without causing any unnecessary problems.

“Alright, take her!”

The guards tied Schenna up making her look like a criminal, then took her to the floor where the prison cells were located. 2


  1. There seems to be some confusion here, so let me clarify it again:

    Hashel is a kingdom located to the north of Halcentius continent, and Shalteux is a fortress in Priden, a neutral country founded by the five heroes and is located to the south of Hashel.

  2. Confused Silva.

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